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Eric Dee
Eric Dee 9 minuuttia sitten
This can’t be real life what the actual fuck
Sureber Ferber
Sureber Ferber 13 minuuttia sitten
Gamer's new relationship with Actiblizz: FUK'em!
ben’s channel
ben’s channel 22 minuuttia sitten
What goes around comes around. The best dish is karma served fucking raw.
hatred is power
hatred is power 24 minuuttia sitten
These C.E.O need to face penalized treatment with arrest and massive personal fines not paid by these companies with so much money that it doesn't hurt them personally. But these people should be personally held financial liability that shit would stop really quick when they are responsible for paying these massive fines and not some massive company with billions to burn. But when it happens to kotic personally watch how quick that shit drys up
Sulfurian5267 26 minuuttia sitten
After hearing the work culture some who walked out are probably just trying to save their own ass. "I was a shitty person but now I see the error of my ways and walked out"
Unnana 30 minuuttia sitten
It'll take about 7.5 years if you spend 8 hours a day playing, which is the "reasonable maximum" if you account for a regular 40 hour work week and 8 hours of sleep a day, and that's still excluding showering, eating, cleaning, and anything else.
XL B the Demigod
XL B the Demigod 34 minuuttia sitten
The higher ups need to go
Munro Craig-Hallam
Munro Craig-Hallam 36 minuuttia sitten
I hope the company disappears - at least EA learned from their mistakes. Blizzard is just a money grabbing trash thieve company that makes games designed to rob you. TRASH!
peter 44 minuuttia sitten
i only got 1 problem with YonYea said that there where 2000 blizzard employee's that did the walk out that's a LIE in the poto i can count to 123. people. i hate people that picks a random number and pulls it out of their ass.
Proxy5 44 minuuttia sitten
Wow Blizzard, what a trash company to have these type of policies, discrimination and work environment.
afrosamurai3847 49 minuuttia sitten
Okay..the suite name and the messages are in bad taste but but are there any records of foul play in the suite? Victim testimonies or the like as it stands now I'm just seeing guys that never grew out of their frat phase and while obnoxious in how they act it's not illegal to be a conceited jerk or to make a bad joke in naming the room as such.
abo waled
abo waled 57 minuuttia sitten
Bobby is nice man if you know him well he work hard and wake up early to work and he got abuse in yacht club for being humble and gentlman aslo he deservie pay rise
Verum Similis
Verum Similis 59 minuuttia sitten
this is the Usa. not a workers paradise. Unions are dying out, corporations rule the land. but everyone knew that right?
B noza
B noza Tunti sitten
They do look like the typical incel
Micolash Kage
Micolash Kage Tunti sitten
What the actual fuck ...
Crazywolfman Tunti sitten
I was looking forward to overwatch 2 but I can't support this what Hurts is that the cod players alone will keep them going cause there so brain washed until cod players wake up Activision will continue to be like this
Burning Flag
Burning Flag Tunti sitten
Here's my issue. Hudson has also been lead on some of EA/Biowares worst games in recent years. Now maybe that was down to other people in charge. But color me cautious until i play something.
Edward Morrison
Edward Morrison Tunti sitten
I'd like to be optimistic but frankly the talent pool has been drained and management are still the same with the same financial outlook. Blizzard were the titans of gaming industry with a gold standard in quality. Now its about deadlines, demands and shareholders. I just don't see any real change as realistic. Fluff pieces, a policy change, middlemanagement scapegoating followed by business as usual. Best I think we can hope for is the remaining talent to leave and set up there own companies.
Smuggly McWeed
Smuggly McWeed Tunti sitten
What the actual f*ck. This is lowest of low and makes the industry look bad.
MissCandiDandi Tunti sitten
Blizzard just need to put down the fucking shovels, because at this point they're digging a damn canyon 🤣🤣 I hope they all get absolutely ripped apart. They deserve every ounce of negative light being shone on them.
Vigilant Clips
Vigilant Clips 2 tuntia sitten
STEP 1 *Avoiding a Microsoft lawsuit*
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele 2 tuntia sitten
But as I said before. Most of the complaints are. I am being hit on by these dorks. Get them to stop. Can't. They can't sexually harass you. They are allowed to make passes all day long and you can simply keep repeating no. To me, you're simply defaming some people based on a inside joke from 2013. You're not allowed to be annoyed that ugly guys like you. It's not your works job to make them not talk to you.
Shanzul Whiteglintt
Shanzul Whiteglintt 2 tuntia sitten
HR defends the company not very much the people working for the company although it might seem like it. It's a I am here to help you so you dont let anyone else know and it gets out there.
Bradley Winn
Bradley Winn 2 tuntia sitten
Im just shattered, heartbroken and so, so, fucking angry. Blizzard has been apart of me since orcs and humans, wow got me through suicide and made life long friendships i never would have made outside that shared interest, i even started to study in hopes of making it to irvine one day, but in the last 5 or so years, hell maybe longer, the closer i got to current and ex employees soured me so hard, and now to find out just how deep and long the rot has been going on during the years i was blindly being a spokesperson that blizzard was the shining example of what we could be without the EAs activisions etc, that blizzards focus while waning, was due to the old guard leaving and activisions poison seeping in, but no, it was there all along, i feel physically ill thinking of all the people this company, this industry has made human wreckage of, if i was a weaker man id advocate castration of these people, but these folks are stunted adult man children who while should be held accountable and punished, dont deserve physical violence, but just barely. That is the example that needs to be set, the line in the sand, what we hold ourselves to, for the seriousness of what they have done, and how serious it is. I hope the fines and payouts given to those wronged in this suit bankrupt this company to the point of being shuttered, this brand has been, just tsrnished beyond repair and something better needs to be build over its corpse with the ideals on that plaque that they claimed to hold up. That is not only the only honourable thing to do, it is the RIGHT thing to do
AgeDrain 2 tuntia sitten
He reminds my of the guy at the club who’s go to pickup line is “Hi, I make $10,000 a week”.
djnato10 2 tuntia sitten
I didn't really read into the accusations until today. I was sick to my stomach with the reports that have come forward. I spent the two minutes I needed to give my stand up against these assholes and uninstalled CoD and Bnet. They have no place on my system any longer and unless there is any real change, they will never sit comfortably on my SSD ever again. Thanks for the coverage you are doing on this, it was overwhelming as hell to try read it all today; you really sped the process up for me.
Cinnamon Panda
Cinnamon Panda 2 tuntia sitten
TF2 and TF2 fans suffering together
Connor H
Connor H 2 tuntia sitten
I really hope the devs can find a job with better working conditions and better pay. They deserve it after this shit
BackwardsCombatable 3 tuntia sitten
Here's the actual reason why pre-orders are SO important for these companies: they give real numbers behind their projected sales. They start with pre-orders, then estimate how many they will lose by the time the release date hits, and extrapolate how many post-release sales they'll get based on those numbers and previous game sales. They build ALL their projections off of pre-order numbers because those are the first real numbers they get. Before that they only have guesses and estimates based on other released games. The pre-order numbers are the first indicators of how well a game will do, and to get those before the game comes out lets them do risk management (how much more should they invest, will delays result in a substantial increase in sales, is this game breaking bug actually going to affect their bottom line, that kind of thing). I think it's all incredibly stupid but also most people on the business side of these companies are pretty stupid too so it tracks.
P. H. Illip
P. H. Illip 3 tuntia sitten
8:59 Nope. There should NOT be regulation in the games industry. If you get government in your games, it will NOT get out.
Jesus Lugo
Jesus Lugo 3 tuntia sitten
I never got to play it.. and it looked so good. Fucking assholes
BuhnanaNutBred 3 tuntia sitten
I can’t think of a harder job in the world than being Blizzards lawyer.
ユユユユ 3 tuntia sitten
Bobby Kotick probably lies on his arse all day doing nothing while his cronies at Blizzard harass and assault women, and all while earning 30 million per year. What a life.
Metatron's Cube
Metatron's Cube 3 tuntia sitten
Hitting on women now an offense?
Rob Russells
Rob Russells 3 tuntia sitten
10 million PlayStation 5’s sold in spite of your ramblings. Business first.
FourTwenty Hellions
FourTwenty Hellions 4 tuntia sitten
What in the FUCK IS THIS
Blue Night
Blue Night 4 tuntia sitten
Mandatory arbitration clauses should be illegal. You should never be forced to sign away your own rights and how this is enforceable boggles the mind
acountddd 4 tuntia sitten
I remember the day Activision merged with Blizzard, promising Blizzard would not be influenced by Activision at all. The poisoning of Blizzard started on that day.
Richard Crowley
Richard Crowley 4 tuntia sitten
Where is the evidence? It's a class-action suit. Class-actions need no evidence and always destroy things; they never fix things.
Chompazz 4 tuntia sitten
LMAO 2 ppl in my discord is defending blizzard n being like oh they could lie n u cant believe wht ppl say. the amount of ppl that been speaking out u know this isnt a lie
Add Yourname
Add Yourname 4 tuntia sitten
ArchonMaglias 4 tuntia sitten
For those of you who are coming back to this video to comment about how the statements made here haven't aged well, I have something to say. Warframe has had it's share of bad decisions and wildly inconsistent updates over the course of it's eight year lifespan but one thing that's remained consistent is the relationship of the developers and the community. DE is one of only a few game devs who actively communicate with their community, and respond quickly to player feedback. An update will come out that's.....less than satisfactory and DE will usually turn around and work to fix player concerns relatively quickly, sometimes they miss the mark, but they're always open to constructive criticism. Bungie on the other hand has proven time and time again they're almost completely oblivious to their playerbase. Remember the TWAB that mentioned transmog's implementation? A system so tone deaf to community wants and desires that it caused a huge uproar. Bungie doesn't listen to us, they don't respond to player feedback, and they certainly don't try to fix problems they create ASAP. They sit back and watch how people react, and then decide of it's within their best financial interest to address the concerns. Sometimes they do good, but more often than not, they completely ignore the cries of their community. The points made in this video still stand.
amateur match
amateur match 4 tuntia sitten
The biggest virtue signallers always seemed to have the most skeletons
TANK1xEMK 4 tuntia sitten
ok so, just purely based off the information provided by yong here, the cosby suite was a thing in 2013 and earlier. but cosby sex allegations didnt come out til 2014 in a comedy sketch that went viral, and the very first allegation lawsuit didnt happen til 2015, so how could the cosby suite be a reference to rape when none of that was public knowledge til atleast a year after these pictures were taken?
UmbranElegance 4 tuntia sitten
Beloved? Not even close. Maybe if they could make a decent game without broken controls or stupidly sadistic difficulty. Seems like if its not a copy paste remake, they only know how to suck all the fun out of it.
S J 4 tuntia sitten
All the guys hating on it are all kids and don't understand how far games have come and you all bitching about it enjoy it guys I came from the pacman days I will play it and like at as division 2 graphics is fucking mind blowing and this game looks great
James Waddell III
James Waddell III 4 tuntia sitten
What kills me is that Bill Cosby just got out on a technically and I don’t see anything happening to the offenders or the leadership beyond a fine for Activision/Blizzard which they have a slush fund to pay off, and then subsequently use that as an excuse to lay off the very people who make the games we and they love.
Absence Of Will
Absence Of Will 4 tuntia sitten
" reprehensible " lmfao
Absence Of Will
Absence Of Will 4 tuntia sitten
" Cosby Suit " lmfao
Lucas S
Lucas S 4 tuntia sitten
Mam the HR is not there to protect the employee, it's there to protect the company, ppl should learn this
DR explosion
DR explosion 4 tuntia sitten
one year later and still no spider man and its a dead game so xbox wins
drag b
drag b 4 tuntia sitten
Blizzard also just hired union busting lawyers to help themselves
D B 4 tuntia sitten
The new content starts at timecode 5:58 ☝️
MrJara1018 5 tuntia sitten
Throw theeee booooook
Seabee 5 tuntia sitten
The worst thing about the lawsuit is hearing about it every damn day.
Stefan Stoeckel
Stefan Stoeckel 5 tuntia sitten
As they showed with Warcraft and Diablo, they are just evil scum who are not afraid of anything against customers but abuse your own staff, man that shoots the bird... I hope for the executives i will never meet any of Them.
Jettugi 5 tuntia sitten
Job description at Blizzard be like: Must have at least 25 years of virginity
Baie Rogers
Baie Rogers 5 tuntia sitten
I'd like to believe that these leaks and reports will result in actual change within the company (and, potentially, the industry as a whole). Unfortunately, seeing how this type of culture has (up until recently) been either ignored or celebrated by other major executives, share-holders, and employees across multiple industries... *sighs* :(
MsMissX 5 tuntia sitten
I am glad to see so many people is saying it is a disgusting and horribly way to act. Let us unite. It is not okay. NOT OKAY.
Randy Flores
Randy Flores 5 tuntia sitten
New documents came out where a former ex blizzard employee pleaded guilty in 2018 to planting cameras under toilets ... Only a matter of time for more such documents to become public and expose even more vile shit
Jessica Hughes
Jessica Hughes 5 tuntia sitten
Another generic copy pasted arena battle game with set classes. These games are made for whales to buy mtx in so they can look cool while they die. None of these games are good. Everyone who plays them is a detriment to human progress.
Booper 5 tuntia sitten
Unfortunately, they will just relist them when they are allowed to. Sucks.
HCUhardcoreUnited 5 tuntia sitten
The facts are distorted. Ok that must mean some of it is true. If you are going to lie, try harder next time.
agirlyman 5 tuntia sitten
Makes me crave some puddin pops!
benjiskitts 5 tuntia sitten
Is this going to affect Diablo2 resurrection release date ?
hiotsobo 5 tuntia sitten
Don’t worry everyone will forget about activision/ blizzard whenever Diablo 2 remastered and the new COD comes out. They’re gonna break record sales because people truly don’t care
Nicholas Cone
Nicholas Cone 5 tuntia sitten
Wait a minute? That group chat where the guy said “you mis-spelled fuck” was actually posted by them to Facebook?
RCC Kurono
RCC Kurono 5 tuntia sitten
nice pajas mentales xD
Arcexey 5 tuntia sitten
i'm going to write a better apology on the spot within 30 seconds "we the blizzard management, including me, fucked up and are 100% guilty. our policies treated women like utter garbage, we basically stole money from them by denying them higher wages while using their talent. this created a horrible workplace environment even for non women and obviously it has affected our games. we have made several response so far and seems the overwhelming comments go towards them being 0/10, corporate responses. so we will delete all those and try again, sorry. if we said our games were great, yet we created an unworkable workplace enviornment, then we were actually lying and our games weren't as good. it seems people keep talking about the quality of games going down because of real money purchases. we management don't want to leave, we like our salaries and positions and will do whatever we can to stay in power, please. we will make a deal with you, let us stay here but we will forever delete all real money stores in all our games, permanently. "
over9000owls 5 tuntia sitten
That cosby suite picture I believe is from 2013 blizzcon which was before any accusations came out against cosby so this is kinda of crazy to act as if its any sort of scandalous thing for them to be taking pictures with a big portrait of him
SearchingStranger 5 tuntia sitten
Every day, I wake up wondering, "Oh boy, what did Activision Blizzard fuck up today? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ"
the super good boy kids ?
AJ Draws
AJ Draws 5 tuntia sitten
I just have a sneaking suspicion that some Blizzard rep is going to try and contact you to try to get you to stop doing contact on them. Don't ever stop being you Yong. I was still trying to figure you out when I first subscribed. but now I feel that you and some select others on this platform are what Batman is to Gotham. FIplace needs you guys and your no bullshit content methods.
alejandro merino
alejandro merino 5 tuntia sitten
Those executives and "leaders" are a fucking disgrace
Valor Dogma
Valor Dogma 5 tuntia sitten
Boycotting activision and blizzard
Folktimye 6 tuntia sitten
Everything = roblox