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Callum Faulkner
Callum Faulkner 6 tuntia sitten
Ha ha so every PS4 owner that was hating on Xbox all this time now has gone back to daddy Sony asking why they ripped them off
JohnnyX262 6 tuntia sitten
Every game i spent money on PS3 was a mistake, seems like PS4. Meanwhile the Xbox i refused to go with would have protected those same purchases and made them still playable had i purchased those same games on Xbox 360
Takahashi nani ni shimasu ka?
What made the ps2 stand out was the blockbuster hits filled with smaller games in between. There are so many different people with different tastes out there that does not care for a lot of the blockbuster games and they are usually of a higher age rating and price. A lot of kids simply gawk at the games as their parents do not buy them or have no idea they exist in the first place because they do not know where to look. The ps4 sold close to ps2 numbers yes but that also comes with the fact there are more gamers nowadays and more people in the world. Parents buy consoles more often because they grew up wanting or owning one themselves. By betting on big blockbusters instead of kid friendly games and cheaper titles they will just build up a future backlog for the kids when they grow up and can finally buy the games they never could. If they look back at old games they are cheap and sony sees little revenue. Either way it is delay for the kids to grow up. Sony is basically hoping indies and other studios pick up their slack which is odd. They got big ips and are not using them enough.
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes 6 tuntia sitten
Mobile is big in Japan. Most people prefer pc or consoles.
Kitty phillips
Kitty phillips 6 tuntia sitten
they made that design flaw purpously as to force players to use new gen like ps say ps6 or so on later on and to do away with phisical copies of games as they want to go to purely downloads of games! witch i think is wrong!. as well as is their plan to phase out consoles and go only to their games being only for pc! at some point i have this from insider info!.
asdasdasd 6 tuntia sitten
I think mobile gaming could be a great path to console gaming for casuals We got Grid Autosport on mobile and its really good i feel if sony would port their PS3 games on mobile ( and pc pretty please ) for a couple of bucks it would be a nice Rockstar like strategy
Bad4You 6 tuntia sitten
I have ps3 sitting and collecting dust , I havent turned it on for like 3-4 years , how hard it is to jailbrake it ?
JohnnyX262 7 tuntia sitten
Fun fact, last night I couldn't play Metal Gear solid 4 on PS Now. I tried 3 times and got an error message that the game is not available. Hopefully thats just temporary so I am trying again today after work.
CornishDinosaur 7 tuntia sitten
Considering Jim Ryan’s opinion on old games, I’d almost believe he WANTED this “flaw”.
Sword On Stoneheart
Sword On Stoneheart 7 tuntia sitten
They should give a refund to all ps4 owners.
tzane123 7 tuntia sitten
is sony gonna become the next konami ?
Odéon 7 tuntia sitten
Sony is like the last fight scene in Tenet, where you see a team with colored armbands moving backwards being obliterated in a minefield before the devices explode. It's goofy and sadly fun from a normal straightforward in time moving person, like a passionate gamer or someone who grew up with the og Sony PlayStation, aka the one, 2 and 3, before the move in California 2016.
Badabing Bodaboom
Badabing Bodaboom 7 tuntia sitten
This is bad
Levi 7 tuntia sitten
Wait a sec, wtf will happen to my precious BloodBorne? T-T
Snakes On The Square
Snakes On The Square 7 tuntia sitten
Phil Spencer is really saving gaming right now. what a wacky world we live in
Kyle Seselee
Kyle Seselee 7 tuntia sitten
Welp, I'm having second thoughts on the PlayStation brand now ...
Robert Falcon
Robert Falcon 7 tuntia sitten
I've passed on the last several Assassin's Creed games because of mechanics like this. The last one I picked up was Black Flag, and at the rate things are going it'll likely be the last one I ever play. That being said, Ubisoft is doing a lot to make my decision making process easier. I can keep them in the "PASS" category for the foreseeable future, which will help my wallet tremendously.
Witty Euphemism
Witty Euphemism 7 tuntia sitten
Glad to see Sony upping their time from the PS3 release having no games, all the way to actively avoiding making games after the PS5 release.
DPM 7 tuntia sitten
They may as well consider rebranding as Sonami
Miss Quark
Miss Quark 7 tuntia sitten
It's okay, let these dev team regroup and move to the Switch or XBox. Soyny is dead for all I care.
Panda 7 tuntia sitten
God of war gacha incoming
ChaoticHeroGames 7 tuntia sitten
Hey, anyone remember PlayStation Mobile? It basically put mobile games on the Vita & PlayStation TV and pretty unceremoniously shut down for which basically screwed anyone who'd bought anything off of it and didn't have the games downloaded(I bought one game off of it). In retrospect what's going on now was predictable. If something doesn't make cash it'll eventually be dropped like a ton of bricks.
M.D New
M.D New 7 tuntia sitten
it feels they are planning for decline instead of growth
RotcodFox 7 tuntia sitten
I guess this is why we haven't gotten a new Sly Cooper game, despite Sly 4 being my favorite game in the series
remi9Xer 7 tuntia sitten
That new Xbox is looking sexy right now
Mitch cornerXstone
Mitch cornerXstone 7 tuntia sitten
Why don't you just stop spreading the same misinterpretation on every youtube video that started with some false claims by Jason whatever the fuck his last name is. Sony is not doing well indeed but is bullshit that Days gone 2 was rejected. Also, bringing titles to mobile, what, people think will be like the same exact game for consoles? What is the fucking problem really.
RiceScum 7 tuntia sitten
average sony fan vs average microsoft enjoyer
VolatileLyle 7 tuntia sitten
Seems like history is repeating itself to some extent. The success of the PS2 lead Sony to mess up the PS3 generation (for the most part) and now the success of the PS4 is leading them to mess up the PS5 gen. This all comes down to greed
Sir Gent
Sir Gent 7 tuntia sitten
Can we protest for Jim Ryan to step down and replace him with someone who actually cares about gaming like Shuhei Yoshida and Shawn Layden
Sunbleached Angel
Sunbleached Angel 7 tuntia sitten
Image being a console gamer
Christian Hanish
Christian Hanish 7 tuntia sitten
That's what they wanted in the first place
Jordick 7 tuntia sitten
So now its Sony's turn to fall to the sweet temptation of easy money mobile market. This plague keeps claiming these big companies one by one, until there's nothing left but mobile games. =/ If only people would stop spending money on mobile games, but I guess it's the inevitable future. =(
Millenium-Mige 7 tuntia sitten
My guess is that this is Playstation's way to stay relevant in Japan.
rollschuh2282 7 tuntia sitten
aren´t the PC ports of horizon and days gone listed on steam under "playstation mobile"? maybe that listing includes PC ports aswell
James Nunn
James Nunn 7 tuntia sitten
Wake me up when the playstation bashing is over
Toni 7 tuntia sitten
I will stop and I will not buy more games from playstation. This is a very serious problem. And I will not buy PS5 and future consoles from Sony. Sony you have to fix this problem! I will tell all my friends who owns PS4 and PS5 so they are informed about this matter.
Disciple of Christ
Disciple of Christ 7 tuntia sitten
you've got a piece of fuzz on your shirt on your right shoulder, yong.
tiatmat_ Wyrm
tiatmat_ Wyrm 7 tuntia sitten
when it came to sony things started going downhill around 2018 they made so many stupid decisions and now i dont even feel proud to own sony games or consoles anymore. in the future i might support nintendo and i'll also play games on pc. The final thing that killed my love for playstation was the whole cmos battery issue.
Bigblue3000 7 tuntia sitten
I feel a everyday layman could do better..
HeLi0nPrImE 7 tuntia sitten
Mobile gem: Pocket Tanks :)
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel 7 tuntia sitten
Why is ANYTHING on my ps4 battery powered?!?! Man...this is the last console i'm ever buying. Microsoft tried their strangling with the DRM scandal on the xbone (the reason i chose a ps4 in the first place). And who's to say they won't try that BS again? *Noone.* And now Sony is doing this. Or going to lef this happen. No more. I bought my first PC about a year ago. It seems that's the only sensible option To continue with, for the long term.
rob beresford
rob beresford 7 tuntia sitten
Mobil: mo bill, Mobile: mo bile, Mobile 'child's toy': mo bull.
Nick Nevco
Nick Nevco 7 tuntia sitten
Hope Sony does not follow Amazon games Idea make several games unrelease them
氏真しゅん 7 tuntia sitten
Sony is slowly becoming the next EA ever since they moved their HQ to America
Rafal Borowski
Rafal Borowski 7 tuntia sitten
Let me just ask this one simple question.... dafuq? ;)
GBuster 7 tuntia sitten
With regards to the monster hunter and manhunt bounties, the only thing patched was the multiplayer glitch/exploit that allowed a player on a team to acquire 10 legendaries instead of the normal one when turning in the 10 of either. The reward legendary for completing the 10 bounties of either hunt still works as intended, including on repeat quest runs. It's just that the exploit was fixed.
Kaz Da illest
Kaz Da illest 7 tuntia sitten
ya fuck a console, pc all day. console dont have WoW longeest running game for a reason. i may try ashes but imagine not having WoW id quit games, i do play switch when not by pc like everygood game for it but it meh. games have no longevity anymore
Maikeru 7 tuntia sitten
Blockbusters are usually boring compared to small experimental games. I pretty much only play indie games nowadays
DevilRedHD 7 tuntia sitten
Proof is in the pudding, make a service/launcher gamers can use and enjoy and you will see profits, "if you build it, they will come" So get good or tast mud..
Luca Storminger
Luca Storminger 7 tuntia sitten
I was thinking about buying a PS5 instead of an Xbox Series X, but after all this, I think I'ma stay with Xbox
Sascha Berger
Sascha Berger 7 tuntia sitten
Of course the normies will buy this shit and of course this will become a money printer...
Walter Malone
Walter Malone 7 tuntia sitten
Can someone tell Sony that April Fools' is only for the first day of the month? Please?
Leon Redfield
Leon Redfield 7 tuntia sitten
When was the last time Yong talked about something good?
Anders Hass
Anders Hass 7 tuntia sitten
Did you end up using the mic in the headset instead of a proper mic?
USyed 7 tuntia sitten
Bend is working on a new IP. Isn't that much better than working on a sequel ?
Si Stockbridge
Si Stockbridge 7 tuntia sitten
The focus of the company seems to have pivoted bigtime since they moved their HQ to California.
HunterBlood34 HunterBlood34
*me being glad that I moved to pc before everything related to Sony started going to sh*t*
Kelvin Aquino
Kelvin Aquino 7 tuntia sitten
Did EA/Ubisoft buy Sony out or something??
Theodore Lawrence Branford
I really want to know if this "playable build" was actually fake. Like they made a fake build of the game that they can present it while the real one is quite shitty.
Anders Hass
Anders Hass 8 tuntia sitten
I think of Xbox it just doesn't display time and day for when you got the achievement, so the Playstation could just do the same (if the innerclock isn't up to date).
Nico Bens
Nico Bens 8 tuntia sitten
Disgaea 1 is on mobile with no in app purchases. I can't wait for all 5 (and 6) release on mobile with no iap. Wait what is this? Disgaea RPG? Gatcha game? OH no!
Troy Kelly
Troy Kelly 8 tuntia sitten
Just bring them to PC, that way I don't have to deal with trying to buy a PS5 that's made out of fucking unobtanium!
apelike_smell 8 tuntia sitten
Is this some kind of late april fools joke?
Thanos Fonias
Thanos Fonias 8 tuntia sitten
The end is... near!
C R 8 tuntia sitten
Days Gone set up at the end made a potential sequel so much more interesting they had a chance to tell a really interesting story damn f
STEVEN REDDY 8 tuntia sitten
May SONY fall flat on the floor for what they are doing all hail xbox and the pc race
George Jones
George Jones 8 tuntia sitten
Sony now with more ads and micro-transactions. Remove ads from your Sony exclusive mobile games for $4.99! Alternatively, Xbox and Microsoft is moving the right direction for gaming. While Sony is going the wrong way. We really do live interesting times.
Geoff Watkinson
Geoff Watkinson 8 tuntia sitten
I own it as physical copy but I also still own the originals aswell
Chad Lancer
Chad Lancer 8 tuntia sitten
Days gone to the shops and never came back
Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand 8 tuntia sitten
The fuck they're shutting down Sony Japan? Holy shit that's really self-destructive... They are on top in terms of sales now but I don't think they'll stay there...
nemesis superhero
nemesis superhero 8 tuntia sitten
Go greedy
Yeolde GamerSteve
Yeolde GamerSteve 8 tuntia sitten
Okay, it's official now. Sony have lost their fucking mind.
JW 8 tuntia sitten
Sony need to be careful here. Slippery slope entered.
Robert Bornefeldt
Robert Bornefeldt 8 tuntia sitten
To me mobile games are just garbage and a real big waste of money 🥱😴 and are just boring Sony give it up? I don't think even Microsoft bothers much with mobile games either anyone else agree? 😀
Sony Only
Sony Only 8 tuntia sitten
WOW this is just terrible Jim and Herman need to go like yesterday
Pixelkoch 8 tuntia sitten
Sony: We dont make any Indie games anymore. But we make mobile games that are way less trouble to make and make way more money out of garbage. :/
Chonic 8 tuntia sitten
That 1% is Terraria and Minecraft. :D
John McEwan
John McEwan 8 tuntia sitten
Microsoft: Splashing the cash on the players. Sony : Grabbing the cash from the players.
I Am Fire Lord
I Am Fire Lord 8 tuntia sitten
Are you serious? Who gives a fuck about trophies, they literally add nothing to the game, they don't change the game, they are basically worthless. Who gives a fuck if you "got an achievement before you're supposed to" It's basically just a fucking checkmark on your account saying "I did a thing". Good to know that all my memories on the console and nostalgia of the console will eventually be nothing BUT the memories and nostalgia. Thank you sony, for putting in a security measure for something that doesn't fucking matter.
dojo45789 8 tuntia sitten
This wouldnt be an issue on ps5 in the farther future, right? They didnt shit the bed twice right?