Artifact Becomes The Next Anthem, Valve Kills 2.0 Overhaul, Ends All Development On Failed Game 

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YongYea Uukausi sitten
Marvel's Avengers doesn't seem too far off from the same fate as Anthem and Artifact... SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - HaDe Game - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT Scout - Theron Webb - Yue
Lennox Tristen
Lennox Tristen 24 päivää sitten
@Leighton Braylon Checking it out now. Looks great so far.
Leighton Braylon
Leighton Braylon 24 päivää sitten
I dont know if anyone cares but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD
Lumi Kløvstad
Lumi Kløvstad Uukausi sitten
Talk about a... TRIPLE A industry, eh?
MsSharondenadel Uukausi sitten
I don't care if that Marvel game disapear, i just feel sorry that Square enix eidos had a failure again, they're often on the edge and i think it doesn't encourage them to take more risks to deliver ambitious projects in the future ( just like how they abandonned the legacy of kain saga, twice )
Aaron Basham
Aaron Basham Uukausi sitten
@WhatsappVideos Danny chill
Zeal warrior Gaming
Zeal warrior Gaming 3 päivää sitten
If Half Life 3 was made and already announced, then maybe this game would of done better.
ToaKoran 12 päivää sitten
It feels like ever since No Man's Sky managed to pull a remarkable save after being slammed, the developer practically ousting himself into solitude afterwards only to bring the game back into the state it should have been on release, all these other companies think they can get away with that, too. No Man's Sky didn't get away without scratches, many players that were there from the beginning still never came back due to feeling betrayed by the false advertisement, even if the game is everything it promised, and more, now. No Man's Sky is just lucky that people were still willing to give it a chance, and that word spread like wild fire. But Hello Games isn't a triple-A company, they were an indie that made huge mistakes, so seeing them pull back is something people did want, they wanted to root for the indie, and when they did it was a good thing to see for most. These huge companies that should already know better, and have been in the industry more than long enough that we expect better of them, they have no excuse. Nobody believes any excuses they make because every excuse made is written, and handed by their overseer. Besides, nobody wants these micro-transaction games, anyhow, people are sick of them, and these two failures are also indicative of that. Or so I hope. People had very good will for Hello Games, but nobody will give excuses to triple-A, and they also won't for every indie, either. Patience, and trust are lower than they've ever been these days, especially in the games industry, so they need to pull their heads out of their ass, and stop believing the mentality Todd spewed out that one time about how it doesn't matter how a game releases, but what it'll become. Complete rubbish.
KaiserShep 23 päivää sitten
I honestly thought Artifact was still being produced for some reason.
FuckMSM MSMislies
FuckMSM MSMislies 27 päivää sitten
I love watching big companies projects fail when they are literally just cash grabs.
tyraelpl 27 päivää sitten
I wanna coin a new term: artifact got anthemed 😂
KoMaHu3λM 28 päivää sitten
keeping those algorithms happy...
Bradley Fly
Bradley Fly 29 päivää sitten
No wonder it died. Their first game in years, people were excited for some sort of announcement and it ended up being nothing more than a fucking DOTA card game
Chode Master ᛉ
Chode Master ᛉ Uukausi sitten
I bought the game, sold all the cards and made 5 dollars.
Zorgdub Uukausi sitten
I remember Artifact! I was certain it had been shut down months ago, though...
ZoeperJ Uukausi sitten
You‘d almost say that these “live service” games aren’t all what distributers say they are cracked up to be comparimg it with single player games 🤔🤔
Mura Casardis
Mura Casardis Uukausi sitten
Garrett Crowl
Garrett Crowl Uukausi sitten
They just needed real community events. Playerbase left because there wasn't much to do but play for fun with friends. No promos or weekend events. It's a shame because I actually liked the game. Reminded me of the old Star Wars TCG where you had to win in 2/3 of the arenas (land, air, and hero).
Carpathian Hermit
Carpathian Hermit Uukausi sitten
After the cyber punk shilling and your god awful fluff piece of a review i've lost all trust in you wong no. You got no tegridy yong, you just mockingbird the bandwagon of the day.
Iglix Uukausi sitten
Valve is not triple A developer. Valve can be at best AA developer because they can not count to three
BrokenMessiah Uukausi sitten
Anthem could have atleast went f2p
Ashtyn Heike
Ashtyn Heike Uukausi sitten
Call of duty should be next
Member having fun?
Member having fun? Uukausi sitten
8:22 Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Half-Life: "We get those numbers TODAY, even occasionally get a thousand players a few times each year...oh and each of us got a 2.0"
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 Uukausi sitten
There was a DOTA card game?
TheEightfoldPath Uukausi sitten
I’d wish the games industry would realize that this isn’t like the fashion industry. A genre isn’t popular by itself, usually a developer comes with a nice concept that makes the genre popular by itself, trying to cash in by making a competing product is almost set to failure as it was the popular game that brought in the players, not the game that got released two years after the fact. Why not try to innovate instead of cashing in on fotm? Why not make new franchises and see what’s sticking instead of making sequel after sequel and spending exorbitant amount of money and expecting a tenfold return when the original was made at a fraction of the cost? Fuck me, the games industry is so deluded on what’s really important.. but that’s what you get when businessmen and investors try to run the show.
Immortal_Wins Uukausi sitten
Yong should just get a whiteboard with tallies for dead live service games at this point
Jesse King
Jesse King Uukausi sitten
Seeing Artifact: :D Seeing the subtitle: The DOTA Trading Card Game :(
The Cure For Insomnia
The Cure For Insomnia Uukausi sitten
I promise you, I have NEVER heard of this game until the moment I read your title. Literally nothing of it. Crazy.
Nelson Sham
Nelson Sham Uukausi sitten
Maybe they truly want the game dead? well god darn it that I don't know this game exist and all lmao
Karot ConCarne
Karot ConCarne Uukausi sitten
How can it be the "next anthem" if it came before..? It's like calling Warhammer 40k the next Starcraft.
Bogatyr247 Uukausi sitten
The business model is what killed this game. As soon as they announced how it was going to be monetized what little interest in it existed evaporated.
Marko Dolic
Marko Dolic Uukausi sitten
Lots of card games start good like Hearthstone with random mechanics (which caused some rly fun games and diverse deck building) but they devolve as time goes on. Usually due to e-sports. Artifact was one of those games. It was quite bad from start.
Norman Readdis
Norman Readdis Uukausi sitten
I hope people did the same for FFVII battle royale
FreddySmartBear Uukausi sitten
Ironic that tf2 still has a player base
John Mccain
John Mccain Uukausi sitten
Well Gabe can't count to 3.....
zilean timeciper
zilean timeciper Uukausi sitten
Artifact:"we havent gotten any info on updates or any communication from valve about the current problems" Tf2,half life,left 4 dead, portal: first time Dota2,csgo: is this a joke im to updated and cared for to understand
Guiep Uukausi sitten
I feel like you are unfairly grouping Valve with developers who genuinely didn't give a shit about their games. After all, as one developer put it, Valve was in something of a dark age, during which Artifact was developed. They have since realised the ineffectiveness of the company model (with developers being able to switch from project to project on their own, which led to no projects being finished) and ever since the reform they've managed to finish Half-Life: Alyx. They fully admitted the mistakes they've done and owned up to them, and my guess is is that they just wanted to keep Artifact around for the couple people who did care. It's not a case of 'When will these people learn', but rather 'These people learned but this mistake is still around to see'.
StronkiVods Uukausi sitten
I still wish that Battleborn had actually just released as a free to play game. I genuinely loved it, but sadly it died because they made it free to play way too late.
Jake M
Jake M Uukausi sitten
You know its dead when Artifact (the game being talked bout) has been replaced below the description by Anthem (also dead) for recommended games.
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR Uukausi sitten
9:59 Honestly, thinking about it; I believe that they're listening to Todd Howard saying "It's not about how you launch." and the fact that 'No Man's Sky' made up for its lack. And even though Hello Games fully earns their stripes (really, they did better than a company like CDPR with way less experience and resources), that's a unique exception and not the rule, it just shouldn't be the norm. - But I think companies do look at cases like that, and perhaps how something like "Fallout 76" is still around despite all of its problems, and they just think it's the way to go. - They're really just grasping to have their monetizable product, which I can't blame them for, but it's just not something people really want or enjoy. - Though, Valve also knows there's a market for singleplayer-games. They didn't make "Alyx" because they thought "singleplayer adventure games are dead". On the contrary, they made some of the best in the past of course. Though, they kinda limited that title by making it VR-only. Which I also can't blame them for trying, it's not like it failed in that sense. - But they need to move on and just make another accessible and substantial adventure-game. They missed the boat on a "Left 4 Dead 3" now that the original creators are making a separate kind of spiritual successor. They could potentially make a "Team Fortress 3", though "TF2" is unique and solid enough in its own right to keep on living (and they've already set up shop within that game as well). But a "Half-Life 3" could still be possible. Oh, and a "Portal 3", which they could/should make something special of. Not only the singleplayer-campaign, but go beyond the cooperative move, perhaps bigger or implement a new mode. - Of course, there's always the option to come up with (acquire) a new IP, but who am I kidding... - They have plenty of options and so much power that they refuse to use. They have nothing to lose but some pocket-change...
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR Uukausi sitten
Man, developers and publishers have to make a lot of "tough decisions"... It's a hard life.
Jesse Greathouse
Jesse Greathouse Uukausi sitten
The fact that Artifact had even planned a 2.0 is kind of astonishing. Artifact of was a colossal failure.
Keln Uukausi sitten
Wanna bet that without the shitty business model, people might actually play the game?
Lionel Whiskerknot
Lionel Whiskerknot Uukausi sitten
I think we need to increase the lawsuits for games released unfinished.
ryan bambi
ryan bambi Uukausi sitten
Very different than anthem, because with artifact no one wanted it ever
DarkhorseSJ Uukausi sitten
Makes you realise how much grit Hello Games have got. They've spent YEARS updating their game for free. 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and beyond. Complete redemption. I'd be more than happy to buy another Hello Games product on launch at this point, because they have shown their ability to provide post launch support is legendary.
Mage Strat
Mage Strat Uukausi sitten
Western publishers - especially those that lead the Avengers product since it's Square Enix - should really study how difficult (but possible!) it is to bring a live service back to life by learning everything they can about 1.0->3.0 Final Fantasy XIV
Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown Uukausi sitten
Oddly enough the player base rose a bit after it went free. Foundry version is pretty good now
Brakiri Uukausi sitten
So the same disease that plagues other "AAA" publishers..arrogance, incompentence, greed. AIG, 2008 anyone?
Kaose T
Kaose T Uukausi sitten
I give it a year before anthem servers shut down. Artifact i give 2.
Soye'kin The Hideaway
Soye'kin The Hideaway Uukausi sitten
There was never a big-market for cards-game, period, and they are typically just not the game that attract the biggest passing audience either. Just look at the twitch and anyone should immediately know it. The fact they think they can have full control of the cards in their game WHILE have a p2p cards market, just liike an actual TCG, is insanity.The whole reason TCG worked was because the company literally had no control over the cards they already printed and sold, which is why they will have values between players. What's the point to trade cards with players if the status of those cards will be changed as the company pleased? Not to mention they even placed a levy on the trade itself. Just absolute greed came from valve. It's not a suprise the game dead like that. It was never a really fine game to begin with, and the absolute greed of valve is just the frost on tip.
Max/rose Fox anime
Max/rose Fox anime Uukausi sitten
I never heard of this but when he said it a card game was like oh I see y lol
Yanis Korzhkov
Yanis Korzhkov Uukausi sitten
The easiest solution for Valve was to make original Artifact Free to Play and refund the ones who bought it. Cards could be either earned by playing or by buying.
Yanis Korzhkov
Yanis Korzhkov Uukausi sitten
Give Artifact to some fans, who will take care of the game and develop it further
Jose Echevarria
Jose Echevarria Uukausi sitten
It's sad because it actually had potential
NobleWish Uukausi sitten
This game was super Dead on Arrival. People literally booed when they revealed that shit on the big screen.
kryticaldv Uukausi sitten
This was the most hilariously bad idea ever, and easily the most needlessly complicated and confusing gameplay that I think will ever live in a card game
CekoJuna Uukausi sitten
Looks like the game is on the road to being an Artifact.
Malidictus Uukausi sitten
Valve's what? Hold on... "Artifact is a digital collectible card game developed and published by Valve..." Oh. Oh, right! They did release like, a DotA 2 card game at one point, didn't they? I... had completely forgotten about that. Did it get any kind of development or, like... Player base? Because I don't recall hearing quite literally anything about since it was announced in... 2018, I guess, says Wikipedia?
Adren Jones
Adren Jones Uukausi sitten
"decided to make this a premium game" Yeah, thats the ONLY reason this game exists.
Ace Town
Ace Town Uukausi sitten
Hopefully with the success of Alyx, Valve can focus on more new things that we actually want!
SpeedingOffence Uukausi sitten
They should have ceased development on this game before they released it.
Oligoden Uukausi sitten
Man, fans were hyping this game up like no tomorrow and swore by its longevity. Hilarious.
evilsponge Uukausi sitten
Title should be game devs realize they can't patch their way into a good game
neutralentr0py Uukausi sitten
This was the first time I’d head of this game didn’t miss much
TheUltimatrixUser Uukausi sitten
I forgot waht Anthem even is.
Vasilis Venom Papadopoulos
Hey Yong. Why did you not make a video with the games they come back from the doom? To remind people there is always a hope. 😊
Tats Uukausi sitten
Paul Bryant
Paul Bryant Uukausi sitten
These dumbos need to do left 4 dead 3
JLConawayII Uukausi sitten
Avengers and Cyberjunk 76 will be next. The entire gaming industry seems to be collapsing under the weight of its own bullshit.
Chiel Voswijk
Chiel Voswijk Uukausi sitten
Gotta give them points for being very blunt by admitting it is a failed game. They didn't try to dress it up or blamed the pandemic like Bioware did. Just "we tried, we failed, here is the game for free and have fun!". Guessing it is cause they are a private company that doesn't have to put on a fake smile to nosy shareholders.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson Uukausi sitten
Very disappointed ... you didn't play video showing the disappointed crowd at the announcement of this game.
Sion Forgeblast
Sion Forgeblast Uukausi sitten
Valve "how do you kill a game? cancel all updates on it and let it rot" Team Fortress 2 "you know, you could be making money off of m..." Valve "LALALALALALALA YOU DIED 10 YEARS AGO, WE DON'T HEAR YOU!!! LALALALALALA"
Member having fun?
Member having fun? Uukausi sitten
Half Life, made 22 years ago and still has more players than Artifact: "H-Hello? It's cold and dark and you said I could meet my new brother Half-Life 2 soon!" Valve: "Oh right... Well Alyx was a success so... into the hole Half-Life 2" Half-Life: "B-but I still get a thousand players on averageeeeeeeee!" *thump*
Scarecr0wn Uukausi sitten
Gosh I am so glad Bungie sticked to Destiny, GTFOed from Activision and doing well.
NonBilly Bardy
NonBilly Bardy Uukausi sitten
I really liked Artifact, but it's HARD. Plus, it has a high skill ceiling that can randomly drop out on you with all the rng. Considering strategy, acommodating all the rng requires a ton more brain power and my smooth-brain burned out after a month.
Straightcherry D.
Straightcherry D. Uukausi sitten
Did it really have a AAA budget I wonder.
mike fox
mike fox Uukausi sitten
killed? why is it still online at this time?
DM Wanderer
DM Wanderer Uukausi sitten
I hope Valve bankrupts and dies. If they want money so badly then the answer is simple, everyone is telling them the answer. Their choices are do nothing, waste money, or do what everyone has been waiting for.
Megumin Uukausi sitten
At least it lasted way more than Anthem
V six
V six Uukausi sitten
The name Valve only screams HL3, nothing else....they focusing on dumb crap always....and dodging the real deal
TheAwesomeBastard Uukausi sitten
Artifact was trash from the start since it heavy relied on the stupid marketplace, plus wanted too much money to play. marketplace inventory makes you a target for hackers and scum. why play a game that attracts people that just try to rip you off all the time?
Me Tube
Me Tube Uukausi sitten
That’s what happens when you follow the trends instead of making something innovative.
TherealWinston Uukausi sitten
so appearently Valve can't just release a game with a 3 in the title, they also can't release one with a 2 in it now
J Norton
J Norton Uukausi sitten
What is the point of "Collector's edition" cards unless they are OP. This game is deluding its payers if they actually believe there is "worth in the game"; if nobody is playing a multi-player game, it's dead. Bury it Jim. Want my respect? Refund all purchases to the customers.
itzalion Uukausi sitten
Ded games tell to tales.
bakamund Uukausi sitten
Yong talks about Artifact like it was an Anthem blunder. Those devs are still in Valve no? It's not a studio that Valve bought over unlike EA. It's not insidious as how you make it out to be... Click-bait Title, just be up front if you wanna make a video as such.
Justin Hutchens
Justin Hutchens Uukausi sitten
what were they thinking charging people 20$ to even try the game and given all 1 free deck so no barrier to entry
Lee Butterworth
Lee Butterworth Uukausi sitten
As Jim Sterling says, "Don't buy a game on the "Promise" of what's to come." Live service games need to go away. Make the game, finish it... Then sell it.
Kittsuera Uukausi sitten
oh no, i bought that when it came out... and... nothing of value was lost... any ways.
Chicken Little
Chicken Little Uukausi sitten
Valve and Steam are overrated (16 year acc). Valve doesn’t reward loyal customers.
Ruberto Bulberto
Ruberto Bulberto Uukausi sitten
Nobody wanted this game to begin with.
Bart Korol
Bart Korol Uukausi sitten
8:25 well even when it is free, they said there is no development going forward, so you can check it out, but sinking time into it is not worth since the future for the game has ended. Unless they wanted to see if there was still an interest so that they can potentially continue some work or leave it open as work in progress, who knows.
CMDR_ Eszytheghost
CMDR_ Eszytheghost Uukausi sitten
Only reason I know of artifact is because on the artifact page of twitch it was just straight up porn
FellTheSky Uukausi sitten
They should release the source code, there are many people in the community willing to fix their mess. Dont left the project to rot into oblivion.
SMSFF7 Uukausi sitten
Nothing of value was lost. Was a bad idea TBH, though maybe because I just don't care for card games.
raven anarchy
raven anarchy Uukausi sitten
I still remember the first public reaction
MarvinMonroe Uukausi sitten
I spent over 5k $ on this game I demand a refund
mactony4 Uukausi sitten
Artifact is like The Silence in Doctor Who, you forget about them as soon as you stop looking at it.
DSFARGEG00 Uukausi sitten
Good riddance.
Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins Uukausi sitten
What's Artifact
Exxel Setijadi
Exxel Setijadi Uukausi sitten
it may be a bad game, but i gotta say the graphics and animations are cool too bad good graphics can't save a bad game
Thomas Synths
Thomas Synths Uukausi sitten
About time.
Retroware Uukausi sitten
I'm so sick and tired of these AAA developers just making """live services""" just to have them fall on their face when it doesn't work out. How about just make good games? Huh? Why does everything need to be a multiplayer fuckfest when all I want to do nowadays is just sit down, and play myself some good old half life? Remember that gabe? Remember half-life? Yeah, can we go back to those days?
Bourbon Cask
Bourbon Cask Uukausi sitten
Stop pre-ordering games. Make these clowns earn every nickle.
SteveGames Uukausi sitten
I forgot this was a thing.
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