Bandai Namco E3 2021 Showcase Live Reaction With YongYea 

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YongYea Uukausi sitten
A 1 game E3 showcase... that's... one way to go about it.
jose ramiro reynoso ruiz
.....Nintendo did the same thing in 2016.
M Nunez
M Nunez Uukausi sitten
I saw what you did there....
DA Uukausi sitten
At least there is a game, Yong. Look at Take Two and Capcom...
Brayton Rogers
Brayton Rogers Uukausi sitten
@Francesco Corsini Where did they warn? I saw nothing on the E3 site or Twitch or FIplace or anywhere else I would have watched it. Even the FIplace video titles say "Bandai Namco Showcase" which is clearly NOT what this is.
Brayton Rogers
Brayton Rogers Uukausi sitten
@BeepEx Yeah I saw some of a super-repetitive "explanation" trailer of Scarlet Nexus on that, as well as some Tales of Arise, and I thought, "Why aren't they showing this as part of the showcase?" and then it got to the "showcase" and I was like... What the heck happened? Am I watching the wrong thing?
Neon Rainbow
Neon Rainbow Uukausi sitten
To be honest i just watch for yong react
Bangcat Uukausi sitten
Nier Sighted. Comment of the stream.
Bangcat Uukausi sitten
Cringie Ninja. Good way to start one's experience. >.>
paul p
paul p Uukausi sitten
Y por es te apprecio compa Yong. Since I saw a video en Español I'm like this my G.
Benjamin Burbary
Benjamin Burbary Uukausi sitten
YONG, we miiight be getting Silent Hill, where are you!?
John Pen
John Pen Uukausi sitten
E3 more like E1...
David C
David C Uukausi sitten
Bandai Namco Entertainment America Can we please get Shizuma Hoshigaki's hidden mist member outfits for Male and Female created characters.And instead of a Demon wind shuriken could we get a command for the circle button wear we throw the spinning Kiba blades at our oponent and it returns to us like what Buntun does in the Anime ?
MeowRaa Roar
MeowRaa Roar Uukausi sitten
two "yong out" for the price of one
3DMaster Uukausi sitten
"Next game!?" WTF, what other games are there in this series of "dark pictures", I've never heard of it before.
Dread Inside
Dread Inside Uukausi sitten
What is your thought on the recent theories of the upcoming new Silent Hill game? I would like you to talk about it and address the issue from your standpoint Mr Yongyea.
Cheeky Mik
Cheeky Mik Uukausi sitten
Live reaction with Yong: Mute, mute, I put it on mute, more mute... think 've missed my station, getting off now :(
Nick Hall
Nick Hall Uukausi sitten
I love how "chaos" has just turned into something as natural as clearing your throat. Well done Yong
Barney Uukausi sitten
Tyler Uukausi sitten
I honestly thought i missed the event or they somehow didnt show it. What a waste
M.Grey Uukausi sitten
this is so trash,honestly just let e3 die already
kenneth kujala
kenneth kujala Uukausi sitten
why no Elden Ring, Tales of Arise and and other games from Bandai Namco in Bandai Namco E3
GloriousTigerEye Uukausi sitten
I think the name house of ashes is a reference to the House of Dust. The house of dust is the first written description of hell. In the house of dust the residents are covered in feathers and eat clay while being watched over by mysterious being. It was featured in the oldest story the Epic of Gilgamesh which dates back to Akkad and Mesopotamia
AleeWiksa Uukausi sitten
E3 was horrible and it was already bad before, from big event it became shadow of it and I don't think it's in any manner related to pandemic, it's just lack of organization, all the schedules and such were messy, stretching the event to 4 days was even more distasteful, it should have been easily 1-2 days and thats about it. I felt bad taking time off from my work to watch this. Besides a lot of conferences had tons of filler content talking about things no one really cares about (at least players don't), the only decent conferences were Nintendo's and Microsoft obviously. Microsoft being clear winner due to what they have shown.
Nakatomi Uk
Nakatomi Uk Uukausi sitten
And would have had they cheeky to charge for this E3 event if it ended up like this I would be pissed, what the f was that at the start with Ninja
Maxim Newman
Maxim Newman Uukausi sitten
This sums up E3 to me. Lacklustre. I don’t really think the event is needed, if all they show is stuff like this. Just show us stuff when you are ready, and do not waste our time.
Ai Esports
Ai Esports Uukausi sitten
Majoras Arbok
Majoras Arbok Uukausi sitten
RIP Digimon Survive
Simon H
Simon H Uukausi sitten
I hope the developers will have time to make some good games before the new consoles and graphic cards are finally sold in stores
speedy duck
speedy duck Uukausi sitten
@YongYea PLEASE STOP TALKING WHEN THE PROGRAM IS ALREADY BEGUN, Jesus! Its very annoying when we couldn't underatand what the guys at the stage are saying, when your mouth is still yapping.
G Flo
G Flo Uukausi sitten
I'm pretty sure nobody gives a shit about useless banter between those hosts, when the majority of his audience only cares about one thing... which is the games. If you prefer to be bored to death listening to whatever the hell they're saying from start to finish, watch it alone ffs.
FactsHurtU Uukausi sitten
Xbox had a very good showcase and everyone else stepped on a rusty nail, felt flat on their face onto a pointy rock.
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos Uukausi sitten
Yeah I think the Xbox-Bethesda showcase was the only good thing but overall E3 was awful
Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I Uukausi sitten
Lol at people who actually hope for something worthwhile this E3. I thought everyone agreed that E3 is dead back in 2020.
R Uukausi sitten
@YongYea Hey Yong, might be worth doing a vid on the lack of Stadia at E3, Just noticed out of the 380+ games mentioned at E3, only 15 are coming to Stadia :P
Nolidior Uukausi sitten
Bandai Namco E3 showcase only shown 1 game... xD
EcchiRevenge Uukausi sitten
13:17 - the spy guy from The Expanse?
geoffroy thiebaut
geoffroy thiebaut Uukausi sitten
I didnt see you comment the take 2 conference ? Thats strange because you did all the other ? And no "big" youtuber speak about it too... Strange...
geoffroy thiebaut
geoffroy thiebaut Uukausi sitten
@Eduardo Campos i saw after but he could if still speak about it Just to say how bullshit this is. His voice could count instead of Just not cover it
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos Uukausi sitten
Look on the "COMMUNITY" tab on his channel, he explained
The Freedy Show
The Freedy Show Uukausi sitten
So they are making nothing else? Really? WOW what a massive letdown. House of Ashes? More like House of Nothing!
stapuft Uukausi sitten
where is the audio? all we can hear is you.
Ultgamer cw
Ultgamer cw Uukausi sitten
Gearbox, Capcom, Bandai Namco and perhaps Ubisoft should not have done there showcases this year.
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson Uukausi sitten
I came to this video looking for CHAOS.
LConfig Uukausi sitten
The chaos meme is growing more and more satirical layers. It must be stopped!
Pyopyo Nyo
Pyopyo Nyo Uukausi sitten
Wow how underwhelming...
Chisaten Uukausi sitten
This was so disappointing that it was confusing! I couldn't understand why Tales of Arise wasn't mentioned and only some western game was shown. Why the **** did they do this to us?
Generson Bryantheart
Generson Bryantheart Uukausi sitten
ikr. did they thought people outside Japan only interested in Dark Picture Anthology?
Nael Mohammed
Nael Mohammed Uukausi sitten
One game? Thats the Bandai Namco "event"? One fucking game?
Sean Lewis
Sean Lewis Uukausi sitten
glad i didnt waste time in watching this live. what a shame. Microsoft dominated this year
Domomonster o
Domomonster o Uukausi sitten
Bandai does not know wtf a e3 game event is. What a bunch of morons. Such a wasted opportunity.
BlazinNSoul Uukausi sitten
E3 is going the way of the Tokyo game show lol. DOA now will probably be a standard affair. R.I.P. E3 💀
Agent Squirrel
Agent Squirrel Uukausi sitten
Whats with the cringe cgi chic in the beginning?
Liam Kennedy
Liam Kennedy Uukausi sitten
Thank God I didn't tune into this one
Matt Stansbeary
Matt Stansbeary Uukausi sitten
I'm looking forward to House of Ashes but yeah Bandai Namco should of said this is a Video about that instead of making people think there was more.
Wykydtron Uukausi sitten
After that Take Two Zoom meeting TedTalk, every showcase is ten times better.
bhargava pothakamuri
bhargava pothakamuri Uukausi sitten
They need to use Twitter.
Generson Bryantheart
Generson Bryantheart Uukausi sitten
Bandai Namco choose to show Elden Ring on Summer Game Fest instead on their own E3. This is weird.
Cave Canem
Cave Canem Uukausi sitten
Let me guess, No Ace combat 8?
epicwolf Uukausi sitten
No wonder Sony doesnt want anything to do with the snooze fest called E3 2021
lord hexeda
lord hexeda Uukausi sitten
Never taking none of these lame game dev's serious again
Crowborn Uukausi sitten
New Blood's total 8 minutes on E3 were better than anything any triple A publisher showed. And New Blood is 7 guys on a shed
Toxicdermy Illunary
Toxicdermy Illunary Uukausi sitten
Dang wished they show more of Elden Ring and Blue Protocol
Basicallyabush Uukausi sitten
Paper Luigi
Paper Luigi Uukausi sitten
We all agree that Nintendo wins E3 with Xbox being a close second, right?
THN Uukausi sitten
Not even demon slayer game was showed and the game come this year
Homu-Zombie [Beholder of the Pengfessional]
Man, out of all the E3, I was waiting for Bandai Namco the most because of their upcoming titles, specifically anything on Digimon Survive. (their other games would be nice too.) Now, i really don't like Dark Picture games but i was gonna endure the boring talk if it meant we would get new info or recaps on other games but no... that's all it was. Before watching this "E3 showcase", i was on a high from the Nintendo E3 (specifically SMT5). And when i found out it was just House of Ashes AFTER putting up with all that non-gameplay, that just took all that excitement out of me. I guess that goes for alot of this year's E3, I don't think anyone could save it this year but damn did a few try...
SoulessYokai Uukausi sitten
Billy Jolly
Billy Jolly Uukausi sitten
😴 honestly yong somthing feels disappointing with E3.... if people like it that's good. I dont have feelings for this E3, the games are alright but they are not sticking out. Streaming, online, fortnite, coperate, developers. The ingrediate of gaming has lost me. Except Guardians of the Galaxy, that made me smile with fresh take, somthing orginal. I'm waiting for a 2003 E3 like conference. Good graphics isnt the end result....
Xaphnir Uukausi sitten
They really need to release a Xenosaga remaster.
Ronald Rodríguez
Ronald Rodríguez Uukausi sitten
This is the most dissapointing E3 of all.
Magic25 Uukausi sitten
I was hoping for little nightmares 2 dlc, but instead I was disappointed. Oh well, e3 still showed alot of good looking games that I'm looking forward for.
JustHellbound420 Uukausi sitten
@Magic25 yeah it might be a while. I don't know if they even have a studio to continue it.
Magic25 Uukausi sitten
@JustHellbound420 I already know that. But I'm pretty sure bandai said that they would be taking it over from their.
JustHellbound420 Uukausi sitten
You will also be disappointed to hear that Tarsier Studios has decided to no longer work on the little nightmares series. They announced it a while back after little nightmares 2 released. Sad because it's actually my favorite game series.
GrizzledTanker Uukausi sitten
Battlefield: The Descent
CGP Uukausi sitten
CodeMiko is kinda annoying...ngl lol. She's hot irl, and she knows it...but she's really annoying. Actually, it's kinda in a fun way. She can be pretty entertaining...but I really don't like to watch anything but her short youtube stories.
Angelus Darkmost
Angelus Darkmost Uukausi sitten
Nothing to really look forward from E3
ArkhanNightman Uukausi sitten
I'm here to kill Chaos.
AAO_DiMeZ Uukausi sitten
How will we defeat the CHAOS of E3 showing no games! This CHAOS needs to stop! CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS
Guardian Tree
Guardian Tree Uukausi sitten
Nintendo definitely stole the show.
Kagaya Ureumono
Kagaya Ureumono Uukausi sitten
Chaos: someone hates me but he should really hate bugs
Kano Uukausi sitten
Take 2s conference can not be topped
Edward Sutherland
Edward Sutherland Uukausi sitten
Bruh, when i see Bandai Namco, i expect anime games, not call of duty 😑 still no news on digimon survive...
Grand Oblivion
Grand Oblivion Uukausi sitten
Not even Xenoverse 2 news?! Man this shit WACK AS FUCK!
Juan Maidana
Juan Maidana Uukausi sitten
If we base solely on the number of games shown... this is the absolute WORST presentation, and NO, the fact that they let you know beforehand doesn't excuse them. This could have just been a video on youtube.. NOT AN E3 SHOWCASE... Who decided on this, CHAOS?
shadow hell
shadow hell Uukausi sitten
So is this it or is there another stream? Just wanted to know if the whole e3 is over and I got 1 game to look forward to this year
Terrazine Uukausi sitten
Didn't bother to watch, didn't miss out on anything. Wow
Ivan Soedjono
Ivan Soedjono Uukausi sitten
This showcase makes Capcom's showcase look good
BINARYGOD Uukausi sitten
Jeff K ok because of you know what - MS great - Nintendo Solid - the others being shit does not matter. (the PC Gamer show had some damn good indies in it BTW). Stop with "this was soooo bad", because what you might as well just say is "I am a pathetic PS fanboy".
OGmrjam0 Uukausi sitten
IGN and GameSpot ruined E3.
samzilla567 Uukausi sitten
I'm sure if Bandai put this as the "Dark Pictures Showcase" No one would have watched this. Gotta sucker people in, somehow.
Fotis Uukausi sitten
Did i miss anything????? OMG i didn't miss anything :(
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman Uukausi sitten
That was awful.
Ghostly Uukausi sitten
Wait........ THAT WAS ONE GAME?! THAT'S IT!?
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Uukausi sitten
I'm still waiting for season 2 of demon Slayers but the movies already out, when I was up in Manhattan going to see The Quiet Place 2 I saw demon slayers I would call it the boat movie of it. I truly hope that season 2 is it going to be made soon.
Joe Uukausi sitten
Gearbox is the only one happy with this conference
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Uukausi sitten
😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩. it's a low moment for this presentation.
Ryong84 Uukausi sitten
bandai namco the focus interactive of japan
cosmosofinfinity Uukausi sitten
How can the publisher of Elden Ring not do anything with Elden Ring on their own damn show?
Johnny Jets
Johnny Jets Uukausi sitten
I mean they came out and tweeted they would only show this one game here so that should have been expected.
X Uukausi sitten
@Johnny Jets My "hopes" for their conference were long gone by the time we got around to it because this whole E3 has been garbage. And I don't care if they did say in advance so to speak that they were showing one game. That's not worth having an E3 conference for all by itself.
Johnny Jets
Johnny Jets Uukausi sitten
@X they can do whatever they want man lol. All i am saying is they let people know through social media what was up. It is not their fault you got your hopes up.
X Uukausi sitten
@Johnny Jets Whatever. They could have shown the showcase before E3, or after and not even bother streaming it today.
Peace & Quiet
Peace & Quiet Uukausi sitten
@Johnny Jets lol ok
Johnny Jets
Johnny Jets Uukausi sitten
@Peace & Quiet ok lol
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Uukausi sitten
Anything else Beyond this?
Matt Something
Matt Something Uukausi sitten
Xbox won for me when they showed me 27 games I don’t have to buy.
apex_XD Uukausi sitten
why would they even fucking have a conference, if they dont have anything to show. Sony were the only ones smart enough to pull out of this year's e3
WarriYahTruth Uukausi sitten
That Elden ring trailer was Garbage. Gameplay means show .3-.5 second clips constantly changing mixed with in game cut scenes.🤡🤡. I made a post on social media that there better be gameplay at E3. This is why I said that....if they showed the game it would've looked bad. Not even 5-10 minutes..... EMBARRASSING
AIvaro Uukausi sitten
Sony was right to skip this shit lmaooo
NoRoom4commies 0
NoRoom4commies 0 Uukausi sitten
E3 sucked ballsack this E3
m b
m b Uukausi sitten
Well that was a waste of time only Nintendo got some hype going
MySplatterhouse Uukausi sitten
What in the world!?!? ONE GAME!?!?! 😵😵
Senshi00 Uukausi sitten
Wow, they don’t give a shit about showing anything
Marlo Aleman
Marlo Aleman Uukausi sitten
They just show the flash of a single game I've had no potential to expect from that developer to generate fan interest
Paul smith
Paul smith Uukausi sitten
Summer game fest did more for Bandai, than Bandai
Mixantropaz Uukausi sitten
Can you imagine traveling across the country to visit E3. Pay money for tickets, hotels, food etc. And this being the E3 you get???
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