Brazil Justice Launches Inquiry & Opens Process To Ban & Illegalize Loot Boxes 

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SOURCE 3: www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/technology-56614281
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SOURCE 5: esportsobserver.com/brazilian-justice-loot-boxes/
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YongYea 8 päivää sitten
Slowly but surely more countries are beginning to realize that gambling is in fact gambling. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT Scout - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
David Simonyan
David Simonyan 5 päivää sitten
@YongYea Two questions for you. What do you think will happen if instead of loot boxes game companies start selling overpowered guns/characters/player cards at their storefront for outrageous prices like over $1,000 per item? It will no longer be considered gambling cause you know exactly what you're getting but for an inflated price. Number 2: do you think game companies will ever make it literally impossible to unlock in-game items through gameplay and force us to pay real world currency for everything? For example, now in FIFA Ultimate Team you earn roughly 500 coins per game so do you think EA will ever stop giving us coins for playing games and force us to buy everything with real money? I would greatly appreciate your reply
Dalimil Lazan
Dalimil Lazan 6 päivää sitten
Garena is gaming platform for East Asian countries
bufnipa 6 päivää sitten
@alpha34098 hahahahahaha, as if not selling a game in Brasil has ever stopped us, it's just a game and expensive one at it, people woudn't be that mad about it. And for what is worth it's an ANCED cause over the whole country, so there will be an investigation made by PF (brasilian FBI) and it will be taken to the Supreme Court, the law already exists so this won't need the Congress or the President (thanks GOD), they will just say "hey this new thing falls under that old gamblig law" and that's it, of course not that fast or simple but it's almost a certanty!!
Flavio Campos
Flavio Campos 7 päivää sitten
Brazil is big market in numbers but our currency is not strong ... so we are " small". Problem here is not people not wanting to consume is that people can't consume because of prices. (and trust me the "torrent market" is huge in here). But if Brazil is saying hey this is bad... man.. this shit is bad, because in here... laws are fine but how things goes.. is "weird".
Bewildered Bodhisattva
Bewildered Bodhisattva 7 päivää sitten
Another sensational video from Chairman Yong. Bravo.
BeatmasterAC 4 tuntia sitten
back in the days: "I have finally unlocked all the Characters, Weapons, Tracks, Levels, Items, Secrets, etc..." now a days: "I have finally paid for all the Characters, Weapons, Tracks, Levels, Items, Secrets, etc..."
Jonathan Torres
Jonathan Torres 23 tuntia sitten
In countries where lootboxes are banned in TF2 you can still get crates but you cannot open them in the country.
epiphone casino
epiphone casino Päivä sitten
Dude I support this but how is Brazil gonna focus on games when they're doing worse with the pandemic, amazon is dying, and bolsonaro practically did a soft coup.
lyriC YT
lyriC YT Päivä sitten
About riot games, I don't really feel like I'm pressured on spending on gambling cosmetics on their games since it's much more worth buying them directly. Garena on the other hand though, they handle LoL on SEA countries and they have event tie-ins that do include predatory gambling.
Rafael Loschiavo
Rafael Loschiavo Päivä sitten
Just for reference a launching game cost here in Brasil is literally 1 third of the minimal wage given the high rate of taxes for everything you buy, but for games is specifically and absurdly high, so we definitely do not need spend more money with loot boxes, even so a lot of people go off their way to buy games that are already very expensive by themselves, for it is a very appreciated entertainment here.
Br Striker
Br Striker Päivä sitten
When it comes to money, the brazilian government doesn't joke around, just the alleyway of the Workplace Safety, there's a norm specifically for fines, and it can snowball really fast
Daniel Hao
Daniel Hao Päivä sitten
Good Job Brazil.
Super star 500
Super star 500 2 päivää sitten
The thing is that the game companies will just make a even worse system after they can’t do loot boxes anymore!
The Caretaker
The Caretaker 2 päivää sitten
The best kind of prize is a surprise, right EA?
LordVader1094 2 päivää sitten
Based Brazil
kevin henrique
kevin henrique 2 päivää sitten
The only good news coming out of brazil these days
icardias 2 päivää sitten
even one of the most corrupted justices in the world have a limit....
omegagilgamesh 2 päivää sitten
The best way to make 90% of the world make loot boxes illegal is to make the US declare them as totally legitimate and fair, then they'll know that they are dangerous and harmful, lol!
Sak Atack
Sak Atack 2 päivää sitten
Notice how Blizzard wasn't in that list, I think its because they do it best with overwatch, get one free every level or for doing event/quest stuff and if u want u can spend money but it's 100% cosmetics, nothing u need so just play, have fun, get free stuff and if u really wanna spend money then do it Even for events like Halloween when u level up u get a Halloween box and not a normal one like most games would do and make u pay for these cosmetics where Blizzard let's u try and get them for free Other companies need to take notes
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva 2 päivää sitten
This sounds like a pre-alert for corruption procedures, tbh. "We're gonna do this so if you're interested..."
omegagilgamesh 3 päivää sitten
So, if all 13 of those companies continued to sell loot boxes, that's a collective total of over 63 MILLION USD made PER WEEK! You think they'll use any of that to help the poor?
omegagilgamesh 3 päivää sitten
I was gonna say that this won't matter to EA because their GDP is higher than all of Brazil, then I decided to fact check that. Boy, was I wrong!
Chrisクリス 3 päivää sitten
Despite the world being in a bad situation people dieing people losing their jobs the $500 console price tag despite games being $70 They are still doing whatever they want Which Proves they don't care about nothing but the money in people's wallets
Bruno 3 päivää sitten
now we´re really going to brazil
Toga Fighter
Toga Fighter 3 päivää sitten
Thou shall not trust Zillie’s “Justice” System.
promajo 3 päivää sitten
Belgium despite being a small market have a bigger influence in the EU tahn you think being one of the founders and some other reasones involving the UK, Germany and France; it's just a matter of time before lootboxes are banned in the EU; and fines wont be as small either if you remember the plus 700 million dollar fine that microsoft had to pay for not letting you pich another browser
Andrea Rossi
Andrea Rossi 3 päivää sitten
FIplacers are obsessed with loot boxes
Kenshin 811
Kenshin 811 3 päivää sitten
how ironic is the country which ban and illegalize loot boxes is the one with good soccer's reputation.
Cesar A.
Cesar A. 3 päivää sitten
Prima Stanislaus
Prima Stanislaus 3 päivää sitten
Dunno if YoungYea will read this but this writing is interesting in terms of these kinds of subject, look up "Loot Boxes in Japan: Legal Analysis and Kompu Gacha Explained".
Omar Majeed
Omar Majeed 3 päivää sitten
"Brazil is a small market" HAHAHAHA
xanikar 3 päivää sitten
700k is pointless they make billions a year the fine is less than they make. It should be jail time and like 5 million a day. Which would truly dissuade them. Right now this is just the equivalent of a fly landing on yer cheeseburger lmao.
Gabriel Boorom
Gabriel Boorom 3 päivää sitten
Jokey Smurf was the inventor of the original loot box. Surprise!
wally4 golly
wally4 golly 3 päivää sitten
This guy is a super joy...
dirzy doo
dirzy doo 4 päivää sitten
Time to go to brazil
ANOUNYMOSGAMER 4 päivää sitten
Seriously, worldwide, this should already be implemented and not "talked about". These "surprise mechanics" are akin of slot machines no "ifs or buts", only one seeing these aren't are the ones exploiting these/letting these happen.
Ricky 4 päivää sitten
$700k a day is roughly $21.7m a month. $130m over 6 months
Von Hoenhine
Von Hoenhine 4 päivää sitten
Hell yeah, hope this doesn't just stop at the big companies. This kinda shit absolutely saturates the mobile market where they charge you upto 5$ for a roll/pull with the stupid pay 45$ for 10 rolls!(1 SSS guaranteed!) bs. This needs to be nipped before it becomes anymore cancerous to the industry.
G.W. 4 päivää sitten
Looks like lootboxes have gone to Brazil...
Sergio Vassari
Sergio Vassari 4 päivää sitten
Se é bom para o povo provavelmente não vai acontecer. Aqui, sabemos disso.
Crash Site
Crash Site 4 päivää sitten
Brasil “small market” lol Sorry, but that’s wrong.
Victor Velanga
Victor Velanga 4 päivää sitten
Knowing Brazil as I do, this is either: Not go any forward than this or they will tax the amount payed in 50% or more so they can profit from it. It has a small chance of happening, though.
Supercalifragil Istaphobic
Supercalifragil Istaphobic 4 päivää sitten
It's not a ban it's a surprise prohibition
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme 4 päivää sitten
The U.S. justice sucks.
Yuri Britz
Yuri Britz 4 päivää sitten
Brazil has a big gaming market
alex a
alex a 5 päivää sitten
one can not talk about fun when fighting gambling in video games, but this news does bring a smile on my face
Mo san
Mo san 5 päivää sitten
Genshin Impact: *haha money goes keqiiing*
no ah
no ah 5 päivää sitten
Finally the house of lords does something good
SnappyJon 5 päivää sitten
Well done Brazil. Much respect.
Anyone else see that this loot box ban in brazil is just going to make it to where companies are just going to pull out of brazil when it comes to marketing maybe even fully. Idk I just feel like this is salving nothing.
Anon 5 päivää sitten
They should also ban DRM
Wolfsmoke 5 päivää sitten
Happy about the regulation, but thumbs down because I just can't stand you
SkyWolfAlpha 5 päivää sitten
If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Game companies: it's a fun surprise! No. A Kinder Egg is a fun surprise. Finding $20 in your jacket pocket is a fun surprise. Grinding you have to pay for is not a fun surprise.
Mr. Spongecake
Mr. Spongecake 5 päivää sitten
It's not regulation. It's Surprise keeping-gambling-out-of-the-hands-of-kids.
THE16THPHANTOM 5 päivää sitten
i imagine FIFA lootboxes stings extra hard for Brazilians because football is life over there. i know i would be extra pissed off if my main game contained such insane gambling mechanics. but i'm not attacked to any gaming franchise at that level.
Red Spade
Red Spade 5 päivää sitten
If only china would do the same. The problem would have solved itself.
Yolopup 123
Yolopup 123 5 päivää sitten
The only way I will see loot boxes as gambling is if there are weapons and characters locked behind them, similarly to old Battlefront 2 and Call of Duty. Cosmetic only loot boxes aren't as harmful, especially like Overwatch.
Friendly Salad
Friendly Salad 5 päivää sitten
They are only surprise mechanics. SUPRISE your addicted!
2001laurance 5 päivää sitten
Riot as lootboxes??
Fernando Faria
Fernando Faria 5 päivää sitten
Brazil is a HUGE market (top 10 worldwide). Sadly, dont count on us to win this battle, justice in Brazil is slower than the continental drift.
David Simonyan
David Simonyan 5 päivää sitten
When is a big country gonna finally regulate loot boxes? The UK seemed promising, but we haven't heard anything from them since the fall of last year. If Brazil does something, EA will just stop selling FIFA Points there just like Belgium and The Netherlands and say it's non-material to their financial performance
John veris
John veris 5 päivää sitten
Goverments will used this not to end loot boxes but to end games especially more violent games.
GreyscaleTV 5 päivää sitten
I feel as though brazil has bigger issues
Cadetdude 5 päivää sitten
i dont see the us regulating lootr boxes anytime soon sadly as much as i would love to see that
Michael The Undead Mariachi
Michael The Undead Mariachi 5 päivää sitten
EA you're going to Brazil. Activision, you too. Ubisoft and Bethesda, you guys are THIS close to joining them
Omega Bright-Hawk
Omega Bright-Hawk 5 päivää sitten
Months ago the Brazillian Justice prohibited Sony from Banning Players. Simple as that. If they lose this one, it will be shameful.
Raphael Dias
Raphael Dias 5 päivää sitten
They should change the 72% tax on videogames.. It is obscenely expensive here.
Marvin The Martian
Marvin The Martian 5 päivää sitten
HAHA! Good!
Jolly Killer83
Jolly Killer83 5 päivää sitten
Feel like if things proceed and Loot Boxes are proven to be gambling, the companies should have to refund the $ earned by there shady practices! That might affect some change and make companies think more before they raw dog there customers again!
Stretched Almond
Stretched Almond 6 päivää sitten
Mini Isaac
Mini Isaac 6 päivää sitten
Yeah! Now ea is getting sent to brazil. If you know the meme...
mudbeast21 6 päivää sitten
The government just want's there kickback they don't care
Savlo Savage
Savlo Savage 6 päivää sitten
So dope this will destroy monetizing incomplete games … and make multiplayer fair and even
ronisin710 6 päivää sitten
Outlawing loot boxes is a vital step to getting corporations back in line and make it clear they are not above the law.
jordan saunders
jordan saunders 6 päivää sitten
@yongyea could you do a video explaining some of the memorabilia behind you? Great video ☺️👍
Leandro M.
Leandro M. 6 päivää sitten
Ah yes. Our people is dying and we desperately need vaccines while the government doesn't care about the pandemic and families are starving because this situation never seems to end. But banning loot boxes is nice too.
dragon man
dragon man 6 päivää sitten
Normaly i dont agree with boomers about anything gaming related but i agree with them about this
Ultimantis 6 päivää sitten
Garena is from Singapore
Avishek Saini
Avishek Saini 6 päivää sitten
All the companies will refuse to pay the fines, and the Brazilian authorities will not enforce it. They will most likely be bribed to look the other way. Brazil is high on piracy anyway because videogames are so unaffordable there, so all the companies will laugh it off and refuse to acknowledge this law since they are not a big gaming market (legal gaming I mean).
Kalil Illinois
Kalil Illinois 6 päivää sitten
Aye shit it's not every day you can say something positive about Brazil. Bom trabalho, porra
Yusei255 6 päivää sitten
restricting them is ok, but not outright ban them.
REKCEP 6 päivää sitten
The way things are going it, they may forbid Kinder Eggs too lol
Marko Zec
Marko Zec 6 päivää sitten
I am just waiting when and if countries like China and Russia ban them..... THAT will have effect. To be honest I really do not expect them to get banned in America anytime soon.
Carlos Diniz
Carlos Diniz 6 päivää sitten
It took so long. Gambling is not just illegal here. It's a felony.
Youhavetoguessit 6 päivää sitten
Yeeeeaa. Progress. One step at a time, we are getting there. Maybe devs will start making more good games now.
Darshan BK
Darshan BK 6 päivää sitten
I hope the next target is gacha
Aether 776
Aether 776 6 päivää sitten
I didn't even know of this lol
Felipe Pereira
Felipe Pereira 6 päivää sitten
God, I hate Brazil so much
Christ the way, truth, life
Christ the way, truth, life 6 päivää sitten
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Danny Morrow
Danny Morrow 6 päivää sitten
Europe is definitely a bigger market than america.
KelsConvos 6 päivää sitten
So does gacha games count such as Dokkan and 7ds
Hizhangouts 6 päivää sitten
Ea: "But the surprise mechanics!!!”
Siege 6 päivää sitten
High five Brazil. Hit em' where it hurts.
nightsage217 6 päivää sitten
of all countries, Brazil did it first?
M0D 6 päivää sitten
I am surprised that Brazil out of all of Latinamerica started this
ThatDarnSkag 6 päivää sitten
Unfortunately, it is way too easy for corporations to grease some palms and sway the leaders of a fascist government. We’ll see what happens with this legislation.
MrRez 6 päivää sitten
The current warning on video games are akin to putting 'May give you a slight cough" on a packet of smokes
barrelracer318 6 päivää sitten
FINALLY! A step in the right direction.
* Uszkera
* Uszkera 6 päivää sitten
Wow I am impressed about my country
Guigondi 6 päivää sitten
HUEzilians assembling to dislike lootboxes, o like it.
Bone Lonesome
Bone Lonesome 6 päivää sitten
What are publishers who have forgotten how to make real games going to do now? Go out of business I hope.
Jordan Cven
Jordan Cven 6 päivää sitten
shallendor 6 päivää sitten
"Loot Boxes" have been around since 93! The US said that playing for Ante is the only thing that was gambling, not the "loot boxes"! Playing for Ante could be prosecuted under the RICO act, not the "loot boxes"!
João Bertoncini
João Bertoncini 6 päivää sitten
By ANCED's own blog post the companies have the choice of keeping the loot boxes IF they admit in a disclaimer in game it's gambling.
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