Cyberpunk 2077 Leak May Reveal Plans For 10 Free DLCs & 3 Paid Expansions 

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YongYea 17 päivää sitten
Assuming the leak is true, it'll probably be a while before we see some of this stuff given CDPR's focus on fixing the base game. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT Scout - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
Josh Starks
Josh Starks 14 päivää sitten
How can a game, a masterpiece that “lived up to the hype” have launch woes, Yong? Methinks you’re just spineless.
conor etuk
conor etuk 16 päivää sitten
@Ash Roskell Well to be honest, FIplace is a open platform. I even use the not interested option, but the algorithm keep messing with me. I am someone who still owns Cyberpunk. When somebody says "comment down below and let me know what you think?" It sounds like his asking for opinions. And to answer your question, replying to you.🥱Also to call someone out on their B.S./hypocrisy etc. If you don't think optimism is another way of saying, favoritism. I feel sorry for you, and maybe you should stop buying in to all of that merchandise/bullshit. 10 DLCs! Tell me this video isn't clickbait🤥🧐?
K.G.Whiz 16 päivää sitten
You refer to there being a gem under all the garbage for cyberpunk then dismiss other games that were still more finished mechanically anyways. Such a baffling view. Not sure why people play favorites with developers. If from software or Nintendo dropped a product like this or witcher 3's launch I would've jumped ship immediately.
Sticky 16 päivää sitten
@Jonathan Jackdaw Khan Yong is in an abusive relationship with CDPR, everything started good, then the change happened and now Yong believes if he stays around long enough everyone will see the good he sees in them The only other guess is Yongs a stan
Sticky 16 päivää sitten
@Ash Roskell come on Ash, surely you have something to say back to me, after all I just asked if you spit or swallow
James 5 tuntia sitten
What happened YongYea? getting into bed with clickbaits?
FZJanimated 2 päivää sitten
no matter what kind of content they add the game, is not going to fix the atrocious story, the awful stereotypes and the bland gameplay
White Wolf
White Wolf 3 päivää sitten
Maybe the Neck Deep unlock the 6. skill tree?
Bennie Escobar
Bennie Escobar 7 päivää sitten
Too soon, man... the Fallout 76 apologists at least waited 2 years before crawling out of their hole and claiming “the game was good now.”
Ferrous Wheel
Ferrous Wheel 8 päivää sitten
They have balls to charge more after ripping so many people off.
EclecticBread NCircus
EclecticBread NCircus 9 päivää sitten
I haven't bought it since I have a Steam wishlist a mile long, but by the time I get to more recent games, I think this will be a great game.
Easyflux 9 päivää sitten
Body Shops might be a vehicle customization dlc.
Mike Heffner
Mike Heffner 9 päivää sitten
Do people even try to play this game anymore?!
Knight in Space
Knight in Space 9 päivää sitten
*Finally, I can ascend from flesh into a katana-wielding chrome deity...it's all I ever asked for...*
Chandler JC
Chandler JC 10 päivää sitten
Not buying any dlc until the game is 10x better then what we got. If that never happens oh well saving me some money
Letskillpeople 00
Letskillpeople 00 10 päivää sitten
Anyone stop and think that maybe these supposedly 10 dlc were just content ripped from the game due to deadline and shit show development?
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 10 päivää sitten
Disastrous Launch ? I played though the game twice got every ending minimal problems the vane has one of the best story modes I've ever played but okay lets go with "Disastrous" ...I'm on Series X btw
Taunt Titan
Taunt Titan 10 päivää sitten
After this whole fiasco I refuse to play this game again I've always said you get one shot to release a game in the best state possible no second chances
DauntingKitty 11 päivää sitten
This guy talks like he’s trying to meet a word count for an essay lmao
CaptainStarkiller 11 päivää sitten
Hopefully we see a No Mans Sky type resurgence for CP2077, it is a great but heavily flawed game.
lu 12 päivää sitten
More promises. I'll comeback to this game 2-3 years from now, because they promised a load of stuff that's not in the game. There's nothing that makes me believe they'll deliver all of that for free.
L M 12 päivää sitten
IDK, i played witcher once , did the sotry and uninstaled...cyberpunk the same way... no matter what content they add i dont see the game improving that much :\ the problem with this games is the endings...after that u get redundant gameplay or u uninstall the game, players need more game changer options to make it worth repeat the game or a side game mode where the game continue with you own toon rather than V story with corpo and gang wars with possibility of multiplayer 2-3 co-op hardcore missions :P, this game is based on table top ...... it should be more than this straight forward one direction plot.
Seedless 12 päivää sitten
Can't wait to pick up the Ultimate edition with all DLCs for 20 bucks in a few years. GPUs will probably be cheap enough that I can play this at full settings.
James Gratz
James Gratz 13 päivää sitten
Yong: “after its disastrous launch” Also yong: overhyped the game for months and game it a misleading glowing review, then claimed he did not know about the broken mess of a game it was,
luka stojanovic
luka stojanovic 10 päivää sitten
Honestly, I think it's unfair to chastise him for this. People assblasted that gamespot girl for her criticisms of the game but when Yong sugarcoats his review to avoid that same fate, people still get upset. There's no winning with you people.
Point Man
Point Man 13 päivää sitten
"Ah, the openworld!" - yongyea, 2020
Adel Deutsch
Adel Deutsch 13 päivää sitten
Despite all the issues , Cyberpunk is my favorite game for all time . There’s too much to like there . I simply love ❤️ it .
REBEL COMICS 13 päivää sitten
lol I still hold out for mutliplayer, yes yes I know long time away if it ever happens
Veloxy 12 päivää sitten
Annnd it’s gone..
JudgedByDawn 12 päivää sitten
Its basically been scrapped from what ive gathered. They seem to want to implement online features in to the games instead of making a online standalone game.
XXX XZ 13 päivää sitten
I will support them.
XXX XZ 13 päivää sitten
@Shadow Knight I'm hoping not. If it is, it'll seriously push me into complete piracy.
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 13 päivää sitten
Lol Ur Making a big mistake They're tricking u
Blue Rose
Blue Rose 13 päivää sitten
DLC for a boring and broken game. How great...
Cheesy-Hamburger 14 päivää sitten
I wanted to make nomad man who're character with a cyber arm I'm disappointed we only got 5 romances. I hope the body dlc let's me have an arm of metal and more romances.
SirRainis 14 päivää sitten
These days everything is a ''leak'' Someone should be fired for all these security issues that happen, but as we know this is done on purpose. It's not a leak, but unofficial information to raise interest with no accountability if they underdeliver. Call it as it is.
MRSketch09 14 päivää sitten
This sounds like some legit guesses.
Josh Starks
Josh Starks 14 päivää sitten
How much of Yong’s storage unit do you think is full of T-shirt’s with CyberPunk font on them? My man banked BIG on it living up to all that hype he, well, hyped up.
Sheppardsg1 14 päivää sitten
n witcher 4 confirmed teased on cd red fb page
ibervang 14 päivää sitten
I still haven't finished the game. I don't really want to spend more money on the game. I regret buying the game through GoG, as they shouldn't have gotten all the money from this garbage they released. I think there are quests i can't finish. I have 2 of those psycho mission on my map, even though i have finished them. I have the messages from the woman you talk to about it. So i wonder if i can finish the quest that requires you to finish them all
kalesmart1 14 päivää sitten
Give them another 4 years and they'll get it right, there's probably new consoles by then lol
Azur the Dragon
Azur the Dragon 14 päivää sitten
Liar as always....oh the sweet sweet CDPR money....
Johnny Wallace
Johnny Wallace 14 päivää sitten
What I wanted to hear Yong, Thanks for laying this out in a way that I can follow. You get a medal.
IBradFrazer 14 päivää sitten
I bet the 3 paid DLC's will be a lot bigger than the 10 free DLC.
E 14 päivää sitten
I call bullshit only b/c every update so far has been to fix the game. They haven’t pulled a No Man’s Sky, so I won’t trust Cyberpunk devs right now until they’re done fixing the base game. But it’s still broken!
Migs Penaco
Migs Penaco 15 päivää sitten
Aqworlds had the right idea with clothes imo. Just make them completely aesthetic, just buy enhancements to your clothes to uit your class, and you can wear a knight's armor while being a mage
Dion R
Dion R 15 päivää sitten
CD Projekt Red shouldn't be charging any money at all, because the entire game is damaged goods!
Birdy Hi Merman
Birdy Hi Merman 15 päivää sitten
What if the relic might have to do with Jackie. Like maybe in the Crystal palace there was another relic we decided to try and klep it and give it to Jackie. This would obviously require Arasaka stealing Jackie's body. Just a thought.
Feng Yang
Feng Yang 15 päivää sitten
Yongyea back on the cyberpunk hype 😂
kilyk21 15 päivää sitten
3 paid. They 'e mama gonna pay again for that game. When the game is still a mess they are thinking about dlc and working on dlc when they should be fking fixing this game. I still havent finish it because of the state and i play on ps5. So fu ck you cd!!!!!!
King Zelos
King Zelos 15 päivää sitten
Every time I hear news about Cyberpunk it hurts me more and more. All of these things that are being added should have been a day one thing. Hopefully I can play the complete game in 2022.
Ryan Boutr
Ryan Boutr 15 päivää sitten
I will never put a single cent into any paid extra anything for this game....forget it
Filium 15 päivää sitten
Honestly they could have 100 free dlc and I’m still not giving them any money
Chad Farmer
Chad Farmer 15 päivää sitten
Nope! No more buying dlc for shit games i shouldn't have pre-ordered. Shit I'd rather waste my money on cosmetic mtx at least you know what you're getting. Burned for the last time.
MuMu124 15 päivää sitten
They shouldn't make anything paid until they deliver what they promised...that's just insane they have the audacity to have anything paid at all
nginx 404_not_found
nginx 404_not_found 15 päivää sitten
I don't trust like that
John Mc
John Mc 15 päivää sitten
CDPR should file for bankruptcy at this stage & Martin Lewinsky needs to go to prison for fraud.
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 15 päivää sitten
Its Marcin Iwinski
classy kenny.
classy kenny. 15 päivää sitten
They’re not fixing the game, more so finishing it lol
Explicit Anthony
Explicit Anthony 15 päivää sitten
I wish rockstar made this game
Carl Dial
Carl Dial 15 päivää sitten
They have the balls to ask for more money?
Crispy Ghoul
Crispy Ghoul 15 päivää sitten
can't wait to buy the whole thing for 5$ in a sale a few years from now
Steve Luna
Steve Luna 15 päivää sitten
And now the multiplayer is gone, seriously we need to stop thw hype so games like Ciberbug won't be made
Gabriel Phillips
Gabriel Phillips 15 päivää sitten
They need to add 3rd person view if we are getting all those body dlc or what’s the point. I don’t even shop at the stores in the game now for clothing because you can’t see it on V anyway so I don’t buy anything. If I could see my character and how he or she looks then yes I would buy clothes for V. Like all the car buying missions didn’t do them. V doesn’t have a garage to see them on display so why buy them all. 3rd person is needed badly.
Gabriel Phillips
Gabriel Phillips 15 päivää sitten
If they add everything they advertise the game to be before launch then it can be close to good as possible. I like the game and storyline despite all the bugs and glitches was a great game to me. 3 ep sound great but it has to be finished and fixed hopefully before release. But the game looks like it has a bright future. They fixed a lot with the new patch. But more is needed before ep.
The Cones
The Cones 15 päivää sitten
Lmmfao cyberpunk
Rob Vallozzi
Rob Vallozzi 15 päivää sitten
I really hope this game comes to be what we all wanted
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 15 päivää sitten
No thanks... uninstalled and will never install again
Lukas harmon
Lukas harmon 15 päivää sitten
all i want is the previewed character creator. thats it.
Lecterfan 15 päivää sitten
The game will be awesome, dont think they can top TW3 because that was the best game ever made (even with the flaws Roach for ex) period.
The Cones
The Cones 15 päivää sitten
cosmosofinfinity 15 päivää sitten
Pretty sure Skyrim was in a worse state when it came out, and people seem to forgive and forget when it comes to that game
Arszene 15 päivää sitten
It's not always about the bugs it's about the missing features, ugh I'm so tired meeting people like you i had to reply like this
The Cones
The Cones 15 päivää sitten
Fielt penn
Fielt penn 15 päivää sitten
It shouldn't be called free dlcs, call it patches. Especially if it's just adding stuff that were supposed to be in the base game in the first place, smh.
SpecialWeek 15 päivää sitten
I'll get the game in a year, I just got borderlands 3 i been having a blast. No bugs, no crashes. After shadow of the tomb raider i learn my lesson
Solid5moke 15 päivää sitten
They should make it all free. This game is so weak on content that expansions aren't worth paying for. Why pay for a few more days of gameplay when the game has zero replay value.
CapAnson12345 15 päivää sitten
As long as they're bug free.
Anaki Chen
Anaki Chen 15 päivää sitten
I took my copy to Best Buy for trade in today...they are not taking it back. I can't believe I only played a game made by CDPR only once.....I still revisit Witcher 3 from time to time...crazy how much of a let down Cyberpunk is sigh.
nathan peters
nathan peters 15 päivää sitten
They can keep it. They took the good fun shit out. Thinking they where making game beter.. Bye bye cybershit.....
Sara Hammons
Sara Hammons 15 päivää sitten
The game still has a long way to go before even being functional, let alone getting DLCs.
Muh Ikhsan
Muh Ikhsan 15 päivää sitten
I definetly uninstall Valhalla for Cyberpunk... IF ALL DLC ALREADY RELEASED
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 15 päivää sitten
Nobody cares.
Coleman Henderson
Coleman Henderson 15 päivää sitten
it sounds good, i think these DLC will happen at least i hope with the new patch i've got hope again still a ways to go. but would love to see these DLC and what they bring to CP 2077
Brad Huddleson
Brad Huddleson 15 päivää sitten
They could give me 200 expansions and I'd still feel ripped off
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 15 päivää sitten
I think I'd like this game A LOT if all these DLCs came out, paid and free... And that's what's annoying, just release that as the full game to begin with. I hate buying a game that's basically early testing
Paige Xbox gamer 2000
Paige Xbox gamer 2000 15 päivää sitten
Congratulations on 1 million Subscribers
Michael Lester
Michael Lester 15 päivää sitten
Yo, I mean did anyone here play skyrim at launch? Like I really think it's not that bad compared to that at all 😅
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha
Waluigi Wah Ha Ha 15 päivää sitten
Who even still cares about that game?
R.E.X 15 päivää sitten
People still play this game?
Arszene 15 päivää sitten
Maybe blind people still played it because sane people like us knows that the game is not replayable, just load the save before the final choice and there u go 🤣, also the post endgame gameplay is boring af
Parallax Odyssey
Parallax Odyssey 15 päivää sitten
I just want a damn new game+
GaRbAgE 15 päivää sitten
ones a turd always a turd
Gonkdoeshype 15 päivää sitten
gonna rebeat cyberpunk when the new dlc comes out and when i get a new cpu
HahnBB 15 päivää sitten
They still want money for expansions ? We should be paid to download them ! Also, Update 1.2 is still buggy. Wt f
Gavin Hershberger
Gavin Hershberger 15 päivää sitten
Something this game needs is an option to have showcased gear and stuff, so you can make an outfit, yet equip different gear to effect your stats, so you dont look stupid near the end of the game. Also, the game beeds to have equipable
Gavin Hershberger
Gavin Hershberger 15 päivää sitten
Trauma team gear
Knusperkeks 15 päivää sitten
Why would I buy this trash? Fuck Bethesda. Ah wait. It was CD Projekt Red this time. Sorry, it's instinct at this point.
Andrew Ryder
Andrew Ryder 15 päivää sitten
I'd rather have a stable framerate than any of this shit.
lolz 15 päivää sitten
Here’s to hoping it’ll finally be complete.
Jason Reiyn
Jason Reiyn 16 päivää sitten
The area on the character stat screen that is added once you get the Relic now has it's name on it, though still does nothing, as far as I know. The Relic expansion may provide some functionality to that box.
Blue Esper
Blue Esper 16 päivää sitten
Yeah, I am also hoping to see Cyberpunks 2077 true potential!
Snoogen11 16 päivää sitten
Still waiting on new game plus. This game has that issue where: you get cool shit, but by the time you actually get it, there is no one left to use it on. New game plus would solve that.
Enrique Belli
Enrique Belli 16 päivää sitten
I will assume all of this to be a lie to create no expectation to my self and be happy if they happen.
Maubray Mzoma
Maubray Mzoma 16 päivää sitten
Looking forward to this.
The Cones
The Cones 15 päivää sitten
Jaydeep Brar
Jaydeep Brar 16 päivää sitten
So wild, based on the names of the DLC, its like watching a game be developed in real time lol. All of that stuff was an expectation for the base game haha
Krzysztof Kapliński
Krzysztof Kapliński 16 päivää sitten
Nobody cares. CD Projekt is trash
David Slaughter
David Slaughter 16 päivää sitten
The game still runs like ass even with 1.2. I don't see myself wanting to play anymore of it unless they actually get it finished and running
dallen33 16 päivää sitten
Despite the game being a bit of a let down, I actually quite liked it and I have to say I'm still looking forward to it, although I am aware of the irony in that statement when it's already been released, goes to show how much of a fuckup CDPR did
TheKingSlayer745 16 päivää sitten
If I could get a chance to talk to all those FIplacers who played the demo of the game back in 2020 and said that it’s one of the best things they have experienced. I wanna ask them Wha’happened?
Brunon Kowalski
Brunon Kowalski 16 päivää sitten
I wouldn't play that game even for free.
Alpha Draconis 989
Alpha Draconis 989 16 päivää sitten
I do truly hope the hardworking grassroots devs at CDPR can turn this around and do a ‘No Mans Sky’ reversal, but, as the premature launch was driven by mindless corporate greed, rather than well-meaning naivety, the company needs to purge its upper echelons to put this behind them.
ΛLIΞИ GΞИOTYPΞ 16 päivää sitten
They should at least give one of those paid DLC's for FREE to all the people who preordered
Arszene 15 päivää sitten
*should have been free for anyone who bought the base game
Yon Niebe
Yon Niebe 16 päivää sitten
Cyber who?
Lorne 16 päivää sitten
Any paid expansion is an absolute joke, they should all be free 100%
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