Disastrous Marvel's Avengers Bug Leaks IP Addresses & Doxxes PS5 Streamers And Players 

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- Joseph Lavoie
- Charlie Galvin
- Devon B
- Jonathan Ball
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- Sarano
- skyrimfan14
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- Gerardo Andrade
- Joe Hunt
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- Peter Vrba
- Shepard Gaming
- Time Dragonlord
- BattleBladeWar
- The Brothers Tiegs
- Theron Webb
- Yue








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YongYea Uukausi sitten
A weapon to surpass Fallout 76. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Joseph Lavoie [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Nathan Roll - Sarano - skyrimfan14 - Solomon J. Twiggs [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
King Smurf
King Smurf Uukausi sitten
Spiderman expansion is the only thing that can save this game black panther won't do much
Platinumcoated Uukausi sitten
@YongYea all your source links in the description are broken because they're cut off
Wandering Exo
Wandering Exo Uukausi sitten
cosmosofinfinity Uukausi sitten
Yong, you put the wrong sources in the description. Those are the Dead Space ones.
_LevelUp!_ Uukausi sitten
@joethetimelord Not even star citizen can defeat dreamworld
Superluigi881 16 päivää sitten
This game is a car crash in slow motion. All I can do is watch in awe.
Aurora Gaming
Aurora Gaming 16 päivää sitten
At least no one streamed their IP because no one streams Marvel Avengers
Jukseri 18 päivää sitten
dead game tho (said this on a twitch stream and got instantly banned lol)
PHX-Sisko 20 päivää sitten
They just brought back "The Red Room" for Black Widow's movie launch. Great, except it sucks. It's boring and the reward is a garbage nameplate still. Skins are still overpriced ($14 for one skin is insane, even for a F2P game). The peak players on Steam was 916 today - for a AAA game on the same day a Marvel movie launches - that's fucking embarrassing.
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera 22 päivää sitten
Bruh if you're playing this and dare to stream it you deserve to get hacked... lmao
meh 22 päivää sitten
Well, if you're stupid enough to play Marvels avengers. You get stupid prizes.
Coke Weasel
Coke Weasel 23 päivää sitten
This should be the final straw for whoever's still playing this shit. Nah who am I kidding, some people like being dominated🤷🏻‍♂️
Undisputed Exclusive
Undisputed Exclusive 24 päivää sitten
That’s what they get for making Spiderman a PS exclusive on this game 😂
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord 25 päivää sitten
Plot twist: square enix is intentionally trying to drive away players. Square is bleeding money trying to keep the game online and paying devs to work on updates, so by releasing terrible updates and making everyone hatw the game, they can shut down all support and focus on making a half decent game. But hey, that's just a theory, A GA-
Vokul Marcus
Vokul Marcus 26 päivää sitten
Bruhhhh if you're not PewDiePie who caresssss.
Santtu Kähkönen
Santtu Kähkönen 26 päivää sitten
Luckily there are no legit streamers playing this garbage game anyway
william mcneil
william mcneil 27 päivää sitten
there is no way, things can get worse, oh wait, things got worse :P
meowmix808 29 päivää sitten
Like people were streaming this game anyways. This game will have more traffic on Twitch than ever because of this news. This is great PR for the game since any PR is great for this game.
Vanity V
Vanity V Uukausi sitten
I've never seen a game that wants to fail so badly!
Destroyermcw 626
Destroyermcw 626 Uukausi sitten
Only PlayStation
M64bros 25 päivää sitten
Tokyo! Uukausi sitten
I don't wanna be that guy but... Does this actually affect anybody? I would understand if anyone could see your IP if you were on pc and it was just out there. But this is on PS5. And really only applies to streamers who are showing their screens, who most likely already know about this. There doesn't really seem to be any reason to shut down the servers when less than 1% of the player base has a chance of showing their IP to like 2 people.
Luiz Fernando Abdala
Luiz Fernando Abdala Uukausi sitten
All the 300 steam players and 100 ps5 must be warned!
General Gorilla
General Gorilla Uukausi sitten
Marvel's Avengers is proof why games as a service is failure.
Nelson Nelsonson
Nelson Nelsonson Uukausi sitten
Lol @ first reply "thats not doxxxing"
The GratefulGamer
The GratefulGamer Uukausi sitten
No sympathy for suckers supporting this game in the first place. The reviews were there. Pre-Order idiots going learn eventually. Probably...Maybe??
MyDownTime Uukausi sitten
I find it weird after the failure of the Avengers game they are now making a Guardians of the Galaxy game that looks pretty much like an Avengers DLC. I really wanted to get Avengers too but when Destiny players I follow said the grind was too much and not worth it that was my indicator not to get the game. Maybe the Guardians game will be better but seeing as they really haven't listened to the Avengers player base I have my doubts. However, maybe we should be looking at Disney because Avengers is all too similar to Battlefront 2 in terms of lack of content and unreasonable grinding. It's just missing the "surprise mechanics" so maybe there's some sort of catch when Disney licenses out their property.
Matthew K
Matthew K 18 päivää sitten
Destiny players said the grind was too much? The grind in Destiny can be unreal too
Big Beat Manifesto
Big Beat Manifesto Uukausi sitten
this is like Fallout 76, A shitball rolling down a steep hill haha
JezzmanGAMES Uukausi sitten
Another one for the list of "games I never had the intention of buying, but that does provide lots of entertainment through Yong videos". Right next to anthem, culling 2, Fallout 76 and more.
Iamthebaguette Uukausi sitten
the first string of number is most probably the unique profile ID used by playstation. It's not very important info. It's mostly use for online requirement and profile inventory
I Dropped 40 on your team
Damn i literary just started playing this game agian never finished campain
Sgt Baker
Sgt Baker Uukausi sitten
My 2¢ is that I think "Cyael" is "Kyle".
Edie Sellers
Edie Sellers Uukausi sitten
Why are ALL the sources now 404??? Did this whole story get cleansed from reality?
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva Uukausi sitten
I think it's safe to say that, at this point, the gaming industry is the most amateurish business in the market.
Diligent One-Six
Diligent One-Six Uukausi sitten
Just Bunker Bust this Game. It's dead and it's suffering.
TheCrazyhusky Uukausi sitten
It has me questioning, Why are people still playing this game? The game has been disaster after disaster. At some point you just have to walk away.
Alex Uukausi sitten
Someone's getting fired over this.
Givens Raymond
Givens Raymond Uukausi sitten
Your probably not gonna need this but his name is pronounced Kyeal, not syeal
Josh Foust Community
Josh Foust Community Uukausi sitten
I don't know that IP addresses being leaked can be ssoo dangerous! Hheeck, I don't even know what an IP address wwwaass, ssoo II juusst learned something new!
MrDjBigZ Uukausi sitten
if we say you share a shot on PS5 then you are the idiot for you can see the data on it
MrDjBigZ Uukausi sitten
would be nice if a game show your IP as a choose
MrDjBigZ Uukausi sitten
fine if it leaks steamers IP, i hate livesteams
Chad Morton
Chad Morton Uukausi sitten
People are creep af these days. They threaten Devs, example the lady Dev at God of War. They "swat" gamers. You know some weirdo creep will try and find that hot content creator they like and stalk them.
adham adyatma
adham adyatma Uukausi sitten
Marvel Avengers with 16 times the microtransactions and bugs
ACCP Uukausi sitten
Not saying it’s okay but having your IP address usually does nothing anyways ...
Tony Handal
Tony Handal Uukausi sitten
Your video's title is so clickbait. It is not a big deal unless you're streaming. Which almost nobody does.
Apolyon, the Soul-Render
Steaming Marvel's Avengers OMEGALUL
Pete Saguy
Pete Saguy Uukausi sitten
Punishment for supporting a shitty game lol
The Noble Rot
The Noble Rot Uukausi sitten
God, what happened to square and cdpr. Great devs have fallen from grace.
Required Particular
Required Particular Uukausi sitten
Lesson: use a VPN. This is the second garbage game promised to be grand which has leaked information. It’s likely to happen again and again.
Jean Greff
Jean Greff Uukausi sitten
Remember everyone Square Enix cancelled another Deus Ex game for THIS
Gary Williams
Gary Williams Uukausi sitten
Okay, lets discuss this - firstly, NordVPN is not a good place to go for information about what people can do with an IP. They are selling a solution to hide your IP so they are talking up the issues. Secondly, the IP doesn't show your physical address. At best it'll be a location near your address which isn't good at all I'll admit but you're still talking about many houses, etc. Thirdly - thousands of ports? Well yes, 65.535 for TCP and 65,535 for UDP. Scanning an IP and finding open ports is something that already exists. Just look at Shodan. By default your should have a router that keeps your internal traffic internal via NAT. Finally, installing malware needs you to either visit a malicious page or potentially for a hacker to gain a significant foothold into your machine and if they have that then malware is not the top concern. DDOS can be fired at any IP at anytime. What would be the value of a hacker DDOS'ing a gamer? Simply not going to happen. Using your IP for malicious activity? HAHAHA, damn that's golden. If cybercriminals wanted to mask their IP then they can: 1. Use a machine in the cloud and use THAT IP (spammers do). 2. Use nordvpn and use their end point IP's for that sort of thing. In short, this is a known thing. The chances of getting framed for something like this are vanishingly small.
GIChiyo Uukausi sitten
....."Marvel's Avengers" *laugh track plays*
Carlos Gandarilla
Carlos Gandarilla Uukausi sitten
I liked watching your videos but it seems like of lately you seem to rant on minor or non issues and tend to blow a lot of things out of proportion…. Do you know how many apps/programs/websites share/show your IP address???….
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells Uukausi sitten
Step 1: Take down the game. Step 2: Blacklist Crystal Dynamics from the industry. Step 3: Relax and play something else.
gingergreek Uukausi sitten
If you're a ps5 owner and you bought this game, you deserve your info leaked LOL
King Smurf
King Smurf Uukausi sitten
Only thing that can save this game is spiderman
elolugo Uukausi sitten
Pc players are not reporting this issue because the 30 of them are still sleeping
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells Uukausi sitten
Thirty? That's generous! 😁
Eleanor Greywolfe
Eleanor Greywolfe Uukausi sitten
The sheer incompetency from this dev team is nothing short of astonishing, they consistently fucked up everything they've put out with this game. It's not funny anymore and stopped being funny a while ago, now it's just sad.
kaintkk Uukausi sitten
at least , there was not a lot of ip leak since there was not many gamer playing it... :D
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Uukausi sitten
Easy enough that a guy playing cod without it can use your info to look it up. Marvels is just letting them skip a step.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Uukausi sitten
This really could've been a vpn ad. That's how you avoid it. By having one of them. Otherwise it's easy to get anyhow. Not marvels avengers easy but fairly easy nonetheless.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Uukausi sitten
If you've ever had a particular close COD match against the old mouth breathing try real hards virtually. And then your internet has gone haywire. They have doxxed you for beating them both at life and now virtually.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Uukausi sitten
Overblown again. The most that can happen is you got ddoxed. Same thing can, will and usually does happen if you start to beat a particularly TRY HARD team on COD when you weren't supposed to do that.
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Uukausi sitten
The team all miked up and cooperating immensely. The team that has the zones color and number labeled. Yeah. They keep their ddoxing pc close by in case the lag switch can't bring them back. Continue to play avengers or not lose at COD. Unless you have a VPN, you gonna get dooxed every once in a while.
Hydro Cannons
Hydro Cannons Uukausi sitten
They only gave a unique roleplaying opportunity as Tony Stark giving away his address and daring the Mandarin to come get him.
Low Standards Gaming
Low Standards Gaming Uukausi sitten
Like....how the fuck does something like this even happen? How is this a thing? I'd actually be more shocked if it was anyone else that pulled it off though.
TheRedRaccoonDog Uukausi sitten
Maybe don't play Marvel's Avengers at all because it's not a good game anyways.
gasmaskn1nja Uukausi sitten
Oh no! 13 people are at risk!
Raphael Heredia
Raphael Heredia Uukausi sitten
Christopher Burge
Christopher Burge Uukausi sitten
People are still playing this figured it go the way of anthem by now
Dev For Fun
Dev For Fun Uukausi sitten
spiderman is causing this bug
Xfixiateher Uukausi sitten
Public ips are not a security risk... They're called public ips for a reason you can't do anything with them... Most if not all of them will not link back to geological location... Unless you're fully open your nat traversal/firewall and you have services with open ports that are exploitable then this is an over reaction Nordvpn business is in selling a vpn, ofcourse they're going fear monger and 90% of users don't need worry about any of this let alone use a VPN for "security".
durp son
durp son Uukausi sitten
This is their fault for continuing to play this crap
Andy Warren
Andy Warren Uukausi sitten
Ahhhh Marvel’s Avengers. The gift that keeps on giving. 🤣😩🤬
EPPY ! Uukausi sitten
The ppl playing this game should just stop playing it.i really dont know why they are still playing it.its very boring,very fake and very repetitive and not fun and adding this is just the cherry on top of how shit it is.they need to stop playing it and let the game die.
Phagelives Uukausi sitten
all the more reason to stop supporting this game.
Xidphel Uukausi sitten
THE COSMIC CUBE CAN DO ANYTHING Can it hide my IP address?
CG Sec
CG Sec Uukausi sitten
This is a bad bug, and it should not have been displayed. But your IP address is hardly sensitive information. Every website and internet application you visit can see your IP. Plenty of programs even let you see the IP of other users for transparency reasons, such as IRC. The best someone can do with this information is tell what city you are in.
くんマフムード Uukausi sitten
proves this game was put together with duct tape, imagine the sheer incompetence when a company as big as Square fucks up this badly.
Tenshi F
Tenshi F Uukausi sitten
As I study Cyber Security currently, yea... an IP address that is open out there can create a lot of problems. Sooooooo, on top of security reasons, I wouldn't recommend playing this game.
hardkore360 Uukausi sitten
next the PS5 UI will spit out next weeks winning LOTTERY numbers, stay tuned folks!!
ObsidionshadowX Uukausi sitten
Jesus, how.. just.. how.. these companies who manipulate the development process really need to just frack off, games like this would be far and between and the same would be said of pissed of gamers. Also, security would be better if they hadn't been forced to make a grinding hot mess.
Vogonp 42
Vogonp 42 Uukausi sitten
Luckily, nobody is really playing the game anyway.
Heather Harrison
Heather Harrison Uukausi sitten
Sometimes, I wonder why I keep watching videos about online multiplayer games since I only play single player games, but I see a title like this and I just have to find out what is going on. Maybe I enjoy a good train wreck, and this part of the industry has been providing an endless stream of them lately. Fallout 76 has been strangely quiet, so I suppose another game had to step in and fill the void. Marvel's Avengers has been just about as good, but it hasn't quite topped the moldy helmet yet. I feel sorry for the people who enjoy these games - it must suck having something that is a big part of your life go from disaster to disaster. Also, I hope nobody has been hurt by this bug - this is a bad one that isn't funny at all because of the harm it can cause. My only suggestion is to stay away from this game - at least until the bug is fixed, but given this game's history, it is probably safest to set it aside for good and find something else to play.
Johnny Flannigan
Johnny Flannigan Uukausi sitten
Damn, the 50 people who play avengers are gonna be pissed
This is a warning to the 3 people that still play that crap
3Rayfire Uukausi sitten
Bruh, why does Yong look exhausted in the first frame?
ChrisK_04 Uukausi sitten
Why tf people even playing this shit anymore
Markus Uukausi sitten
Always run a VPN on your home router.
tyraelpl Uukausi sitten
What a steaming pile of horsesh... This game should kick it already. People, stop playing this thing! It doesnt deserve your time, truly!
Nimfix Uukausi sitten
You can't do very much with just an IP, it gives a rough estimate where someone lives but never truly acurate. And on top of that you don't keep the same IP forever. Unplug your router for atleast half an hour (or look up your IP lease time) and plug router back in and voila got a new IP. Also ports are bound by certain protocols you just can't instal mallware through any port lmao. this is exaggerating really hard. Its not really news worthy. Everyone with a bit of effort can find your IP and your IP is always public. TL;DR This is nothing to panick about, IP is always public with a bit of effort, this is not Doxxing.
Baba O
Baba O Uukausi sitten
how trash is this game? yes
HuGgLe_BuNnY Uukausi sitten
Yxng Wavii
Yxng Wavii Uukausi sitten
I was wondering wtf that was 😂
Enn3rd Animates
Enn3rd Animates Uukausi sitten
kennyevilmonkey Uukausi sitten
Why are people still playing this?! I am honestly completely baffled as to why anyone would chose to continue playing this dumpster fire of a game.
Chawey Flora
Chawey Flora Uukausi sitten
"That's just a new feature! In the game, S.H.I.E.L.D. tracks you, the player, no matter where you are, giving a feeling of being tracked all the time." ~ Probably some spokesperson
Ricardo Belmont
Ricardo Belmont Uukausi sitten
I took preemptive action...by never picking it up. Jokes aside this is ridiculous.
FranchyZ4L Uukausi sitten
Yong Yea, Cyael surprise suprise keep up that negativity, i hope you getting paid enough from this crap. Its easy money on YT when you sell your soul.
James J.
James J. Uukausi sitten
Just when you thought Anthem was rock bottom... I guess there's not a worst game award segment without some competition... I still think Fallout 76 tops it though. That's the low bar.
Vega Gameplayz
Vega Gameplayz Uukausi sitten
I can’t express how disappointed I am that this game sucks this bad. Really wanted it to be good but every single time I hear about this game it sucks.
Crafter Gamer
Crafter Gamer Uukausi sitten
How just how the hell do they fuck up this much.
Tarn Uukausi sitten
This game is simply cursed.
Okaifern Uukausi sitten
Last thing for this Avengers game is to just delete itself.
Robin Batchelor
Robin Batchelor Uukausi sitten
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Didn't buy this piece of shit game and still got my entertainment. Just like Fallout 76! =D
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