EA Is Being Extorted By Hackers Who Are Slowly Leaking 780GB Stolen Data To Demand Ransom Money 

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YongYea 15 päivää sitten
Kinda like how EA execs like to extort players for money to have a good time with their games. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Joseph Lavoie [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Nathan Roll - Sarano - skyrimfan14 - Solomon J. Twiggs [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
Poeticmic 12 päivää sitten
@Raize Trevino To be honest mate I couldn't care less about what you do or don't regard as cringe. But you do raise a really good point about corporations killing people with consumption. And your right in that sense they are just as immoral. I suppose the difference regarding those companies is the social conditioning they subject people to, i.e adverts ect. Banksy has a famous quote about them taking the piss out of us and how they shape the world yet were not allowed to touch them. It's worth a google. I'm a minimalist, I would far rather a world where I'm not bombarded by adverts and sale psychology. But that's not realistic. So I pay attention to what they are doing so that I don't fall for their antics. The same way I come from the golden age of gaming when producers only used to care about making good games.
Raize Trevino
Raize Trevino 13 päivää sitten
@Poeticmic ea sucks so does every company i mean your so adamant about this what about the alchohol industry or fast food? That stuff literally kills people are you as passionate about that? At the end of the day its just video games and your holier than thou mentality is cringe to me.
Poeticmic 13 päivää sitten
@Raize Trevino I'm not knocking people for buying them, each to their own. Value is relative to each individual. But when there's underhanded sale psychology being utilised to manipulate peoples decisions were talking about some thing completely different. And that's exactly what is happening. Why would it seem cringe? It's far more cringe that your being so ignorant towards it. Which either means that your uninformed or you straight up fan boying for one of the single worst companies in existence I hope these hackers run EA in to the dirt where they belong. And further more I hope they release all of EA's code so that modders and hackers can shit all over all of their games. It's what EA deserve...
Raize Trevino
Raize Trevino 13 päivää sitten
@Poeticmic like look at this comment. Doesnt it seem kinda cringe to you? Uninformed fanbase? Intelligent conversation? Its just people enjoying a video game and choosing to buy stuff for the games they enjoy.
Raize Trevino
Raize Trevino 13 päivää sitten
@Poeticmic ea isnt forcing anyone to make these purchases and even if they make billions i dont see how that affects me. I mean you havent made a convincing arguement and stroked off your own ego and called me dumb. Sorry that just proves my point.
Mike Man
Mike Man 5 tuntia sitten
Idc fix titanfall 2
no noo
no noo Päivä sitten
EA will never disclose whether or not the data that was hacked or leaked was pertinent. Why spend money on online security when you can give your executives hundreds of millions of dollars.
SavageGreywolf Päivä sitten
sometimes two wrongs do make a right
Blighted Ashes
Blighted Ashes Päivä sitten
jack canox
jack canox Päivä sitten
I'm not saying they deserve it...but they deserve it.
Pilot jack Cooper
Pilot jack Cooper 2 päivää sitten
This is sick
Koetetsu Kageyoshi
Koetetsu Kageyoshi 2 päivää sitten
This sure got overshadowed by the blizzard crap-storm. But this is a long time coming for defiling the C&C series,
Lei Tregjok
Lei Tregjok 3 päivää sitten
It's called 'reclamation'.
Julian Reimer
Julian Reimer 3 päivää sitten
ElementVoidX 4 päivää sitten
oh no..... anyway EA is still a trash company that deserves everything that happens to them.
diGritz1 4 päivää sitten
They should sell the info back to EA using loot boxes and calling it Surprise Extortion mechanics.
bobocpe 4 päivää sitten
Ha ha🤣
Raúl Málaga
Raúl Málaga 4 päivää sitten
lolz 4 päivää sitten
Why does this feel so good even if it’s illegal?
ODESSARAMBO 5 päivää sitten
> Infiltrated Slack and pretended to be EA employees? > Meet the Spy theme starts playing
Master Erakius
Master Erakius 6 päivää sitten
These hackers aren’t extorting EA. They are merely making them earn their feeling of pride and accomplishment through surprise mechanics.
Cael Shannon
Cael Shannon 6 päivää sitten
Lol how'd you like them surprise mechanics EA? LOL called karma bi***.
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva 6 päivää sitten
Let's be real with this. EA doesnt give a grap about getting children addicted to gambling and will be worried about player data being stolen? Haha.
Satoru Riolu
Satoru Riolu 6 päivää sitten
It feels weird being with the hackers here. Of course they did all that for the money but the lack of response from EA and how that just won't change things really stings.
Save titanfall2
Save titanfall2 6 päivää sitten
Remember tittanfall 2 has been rendered unplayable this will spread every content creator start playing the campaign on the 31st to protest
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell 7 päivää sitten
*Damaging* x6 *paying off the law while breaking it in obvious ways*
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell 7 päivää sitten
emil engen
emil engen 7 päivää sitten
The hackers are really dumb if they think EA is going to give them money.
sieg mostang
sieg mostang 7 päivää sitten
Is that an issue though i mean they deserve it
Patrick Callahan
Patrick Callahan 7 päivää sitten
Thieves stealing from thieves… oh no
lovelessissimo 8 päivää sitten
Oh man. This is too good.
Chill Hard
Chill Hard 8 päivää sitten
"We have updated and made big improvements in our cyber security" - Somebody send Charlie out to Best Buy and buy all the copies they have of McAfee !
a_ndy 8 päivää sitten
Hope this happens to Ubisoft
WatarouDesiderus 9 päivää sitten
I was gonna make a comment talking about how EA's been doing this to players, glad to see you beat me to it YongYea lmao
TRG 9 päivää sitten
Haha ok
K M 9 päivää sitten
Can someone also ask these hackers to blackmail EA into fixing the titanfall DDoS
Iulian I
Iulian I 9 päivää sitten
Luis E Morales Falcon
Luis E Morales Falcon 9 päivää sitten
Acter abandoning support for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition I won't be shedding a tear.
CyanDumBell 9 päivää sitten
wish they hack the loot box to be 100% guarantee
Johnny Jazz
Johnny Jazz 9 päivää sitten
You actually have to be a fool to believe ANYTHING EA says 😂
Archangel_Omega 9 päivää sitten
this is what you get for what you choose to neglect in titanfall 2
Justin L
Justin L 9 päivää sitten
N O I C E. Couldn't have happen to a nicer company.
rahil hasan
rahil hasan 9 päivää sitten
well with all loot boxes and money milking issues by ea it was bound to happen they were specifically targeted for the animosity they have in the gamers community
AwesomeSpaceStudios 9 päivää sitten
Ea is still getting ducked over....dam.
Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles 10 päivää sitten
I hope the hackers just get paid from EA and leak all the info anyway.
Kevin Li
Kevin Li 10 päivää sitten
It feels like big companies have always relied on the threat of lawsuits as their primary form of defense. Now that it's not effective against these people, they're completely screwed
Excessive Speeds
Excessive Speeds 10 päivää sitten
damn your glasses are crushing your fucking skull
FruitlessEagle 10 päivää sitten
For once I'm proud of hackers in gaming platforms
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR 10 päivää sitten
Time for EA to start using Unity...
ArianHolland 10 päivää sitten
Best moment in 2021
subtlewhatssubtle 10 päivää sitten
Thing is, if any personal data *is* found in that breach, that is going to be a stonking huge GDPR violation.
all_late_gamer56 11 päivää sitten
Oh no,what are they gonna leak? Fifa 2022?
Duross Murray
Duross Murray 11 päivää sitten
Steal everything. There's not one person here that wants anything good to happen to that company
Brayden H
Brayden H 11 päivää sitten
Can I not get a notification for a fucking video 4 days after....I already watched it.
Sorres24 11 päivää sitten
I've noticed that every time you cover an EA news you wear a shirt that quotes "sense of pride and accomplishment." Lol maybe is just a pure coincidence. Keep up with the good content Yong!
Altered Penguin
Altered Penguin 11 päivää sitten
I do not feel bad for EA
Creamy Goodness
Creamy Goodness 11 päivää sitten
EA: "This won't affect us." What do you mean, EA? We can now release FIFA 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 ourselves for no charge with EA quality.
Elysian Citizen
Elysian Citizen 11 päivää sitten
Personally, I feel like the only thing different between EA and the hackers isn’t the fact that they’re manipulating people for profit, but the fact that the hackers can only do it the dark web while EA is allowed to do it in broad daylight.
Cortez Pates
Cortez Pates 11 päivää sitten
let's call it pride in business
Cortez Pates
Cortez Pates 11 päivää sitten
smh wow so a company who thrives off bs is now being bs lol
Burhan Budak
Burhan Budak 11 päivää sitten
They should just release the data, would cost EA more.
Ian Rotten
Ian Rotten 11 päivää sitten
Hey, surprise mechanics in capitalism, that's what's going on here.
Shadowy Dark
Shadowy Dark 11 päivää sitten
I feel sorry for people. I don't feel sorry for corporations..or corporate stooges. You can only squander good will so many times, EA. You burned that bridge a long, long time ago.
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four 11 päivää sitten
Like Government Agencies and Oil Company pipelines, WHY are they accessible to the public?
Christian Dixson
Christian Dixson 11 päivää sitten
karmas a bitch aint it
Jerome Fuerte
Jerome Fuerte 11 päivää sitten
[Everyone liked that]
Dullahan 12 päivää sitten
I hope EA pays the ransom, and the hackers still release the source code of their engine xD
Dude 5050
Dude 5050 12 päivää sitten
Jaydemo 12 päivää sitten
"Surprise Muvaf..."
Frankie Jr
Frankie Jr 12 päivää sitten
I’d feel bad if it was literally anyone other than EA. Those who say GOD doesn’t have a sense of humor here you go.
D8 L8
D8 L8 12 päivää sitten
I hope they go the same route as the titanfall hackers. Tell them to make a real football game for god sakes
Jaxon Holden
Jaxon Holden 12 päivää sitten
Nobody likes EA. But this is still wrong, and very concerning. We’ve seen CDPR hacked, Capcom hacked, EA hacked… maybe more I’m not aware of? This is getting ridiculous.
captainplanet25 12 päivää sitten
Lata 12 päivää sitten
Pressing F on the worlds tiniest keyboard
SunRedux 12 päivää sitten
Good news, everyone!
dannyd5050 12 päivää sitten
And ?
Eve-nly Day
Eve-nly Day 12 päivää sitten
I don't want any players and hired devs to get involve but I'm just hoping for the worst for the EA higher-ups. We all know that they deserve more than just getting their company data stolen.
HCUhardcoreUnited 13 päivää sitten
Hope they realize. What they've done is a extreme felony. The FBI/HLS won't rest till it's resolved.
Hank Storm
Hank Storm 13 päivää sitten
I am extremely interested if this source code can provide proof of scripted/planned gameplay in fifa. and the malpractices with the packs their drop rates.
Hank Storm
Hank Storm 13 päivää sitten
Good. Let them burn.
sir1junior 13 päivää sitten
I want the source code for Battlefield 2 and Dragon Age Origins.
simbriant 13 päivää sitten
I wouldn't be surprised if this is EA six months from now: "Due to our increased security costs, we are now increasing the price of our base games to $100 each."
gbdeck200 13 päivää sitten
LBRY company peertube non profit - separate servers Bitchute - video quality not as good Dtube - similar to lbry Dailymotion - a classic Vlare
Abdel Hassan
Abdel Hassan 13 päivää sitten
While it's funny to make fun of EA for this situation the comment section needs to understand that EA selling lootboxes is legal. The fault lies with the consumers here. Don't buy the games that have lootboxes in them which will lead the whales to not pay for microtransactions which will lead to losses which is the only thing EA understands. It really annoys me when people say that EA and other companies are the only ones at fault here. Do not missunderstand me I hate microtransaction especially in paid games and I didn't buy any game that had them. Even if they were "cosmetics" only. For example I refused to get Overwatch for that reason and got a lot of shit for that. So there you go. This is the logical way things go. This is the industrie the consumer created. Don't complain to me about microtransactions if you bought the game.
The Half White Dude
The Half White Dude 13 päivää sitten
If ever a company to deserve this it's EA
Tsabrakar 13 päivää sitten
It would be great if somebody would reveal how loot boxes are working and what are the odds.
Delta flash
Delta flash 13 päivää sitten
This does put a smile on my face
AdachiAndMarie 13 päivää sitten
This better not affect the dead space remakes and dead space 4
Trik Stari
Trik Stari 13 päivää sitten
I can't think of a more deserving game company.
Andy Minshull
Andy Minshull 13 päivää sitten
This is not extortion, its a surprise mechanic
theacteurporno78 Ameziane
theacteurporno78 Ameziane 13 päivää sitten
That's the best news I've heard in a goddman while ! Wonderful
tyraal1 13 päivää sitten
Never been happier to see ea burn. We should pay the hackers to fuck with them even more
dollahbill510 13 päivää sitten
It's quite presumptious to imply that EA actually cares that their customers data is being stolen. They just released a surprise mechanic. For the one time fee of 19.99 EA will secure your information from the hackers.
Joel 13 päivää sitten
Maybe it will officially come out that they copy and paste their games..
Keegan Haddow
Keegan Haddow 13 päivää sitten
Drip feeding them content for cash hey? Legends.
David Walsh
David Walsh 13 päivää sitten
I just love how everyone is sh*tting on EA. Everybody hates them it’s great. 😂
Cosmic Traveler
Cosmic Traveler 13 päivää sitten
Hahaha wheres their sense of pride and accomplishment now ??!! Hahaha the revenge of the “surprise mechanics” f you EA !! Karmas a cruel mistress i love her hahaha
misfortune architect
misfortune architect 13 päivää sitten
how can i get this frostbite 3 source code
Danut2 13 päivää sitten
"EA's getting blackmailed" Oh no. Anyways
RagingSharkShade 13 päivää sitten
i hope those hackers Demand High Numbers... EA needs to Pay for all the Sh*t they have done to us
TCO Creation Studios
TCO Creation Studios 13 päivää sitten
Why hack EA? Why not hack Activision?
FPrimusUnicron 13 päivää sitten
the hackers should just release a mod or whatever that makes everything in game free, that will sure get the attention of EA
BABYBBUNNY isaac 13 päivää sitten
Surprise extortion is fun and ethical. There is no evidence pointing towards the harm it can cause on EA. We simply deny all evidence there is to surprise extortion.
AngryEchidna 13 päivää sitten
I wish they demanded reformation to their monetization (especially their sports games) rather than ransom money
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