I want to kill Chaos. 

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YongYea Uukausi sitten
I don't think I've made myself clear... I want to kill Chaos. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Joseph Lavoie [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Nathan Roll - Sarano - skyrimfan14 - Solomon J. Twiggs [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
general Othinel
general Othinel 18 päivää sitten
Every single time you get Badd news about a game in your future videos. I want you to do one thing. say this news was provided by chaos help me kill chaos by subscribing to this channel and then we Can kill chaos.
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 28 päivää sitten
I know you are probably not going to read this, but I was wondering, what kind of headphones are you using? I was thinking of buying new ones and I like the mic quality of yours.
Big Bang Attack4561
Big Bang Attack4561 29 päivää sitten
How many times did you have to try this before you could do it with a straight face?
Joe Fawley
Joe Fawley Uukausi sitten
Damn. This was xbox's one chance at a quality release :(
gigadrayco84 Uukausi sitten
Okay, I'll admit it. I laughed out loud.
Sugewin 4 päivää sitten
Not gonna lie, you are an underrated voice actor.
very epic
very epic 6 päivää sitten
chaos moment
Ponch Seltzer Boi
Ponch Seltzer Boi 6 päivää sitten
The fact that a oppai sama did this is completely based
Woo 6 päivää sitten
I remain unconvinced
V 7 päivää sitten
Emperor's blessings, yes!
FandeJay 9 päivää sitten
I've come to maka an announcement: ...I want to kill Chaos!!!!
Eureka 10 päivää sitten
This practically sounds like a kingdom hearts character
The Boss Breaker
The Boss Breaker 12 päivää sitten
Google: "How to kill chaos?"
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne 14 päivää sitten
Mum said it’s my turn to kill chaos
Thelastfirewatcher 14 päivää sitten
Yong was never the same after the gruesome death of his good friend the English Man.
Mediocre Mason
Mediocre Mason 15 päivää sitten
Soaphy 16 päivää sitten
This was so powerful!
Creepy Hollow
Creepy Hollow 18 päivää sitten
Mediocre Mason
Mediocre Mason 15 päivää sitten
Eon The Alien
Eon The Alien 16 päivää sitten
Any Name
Any Name 19 päivää sitten
Yeah! Let's kill chaos! Kill chaos! Kill! Chaos! Blood for the blood god!
Super Rupee
Super Rupee 20 päivää sitten
"Killing Chaos is like a hunger. A thirst. And a turn on but we don't talk about that."
ExDragonMaster 21 päivä sitten
I wonder how many takes it took to go through this entire copypasta without laughing.
iNINJAgamer 22 päivää sitten
When he finally meets face to face with Chaos and decides not to kill chaos. Lol or rather just be friends.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 22 päivää sitten
Chris Voiceman vibes, ngl.
Abhinav Prasad
Abhinav Prasad 23 päivää sitten
Holy shit. I made that post just to save the copypasta, didn't expect anyone to voice it. Really cool.
general Othinel
general Othinel 18 päivää sitten
@Oppai-sama I see you are a Man of killing chaos as well.
Abhinav Prasad
Abhinav Prasad 22 päivää sitten
@Oppai-sama thanks for writing it lol
Oppai-sama 22 päivää sitten
I am the original writer of the copypasta
Mammon 23 päivää sitten
Chaos reigns
Jose O
Jose O 23 päivää sitten
I feel his pain. I want to kill Chaos over and over and over again and when I do it i would lose my mind because thats all ive thought about. I feel his pain.
Jose O
Jose O 23 päivää sitten
I like this. Why not obsess over it
Snowblade 24 päivää sitten
Welp....... I think I have alcohol poisoning.....
Aaron In Style
Aaron In Style 24 päivää sitten
I don’t know about you guys, but I think he wants to kill chaos.
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord 25 päivää sitten
Anyone else have sonic flashbacks while watching this?
Agatha Harkness
Agatha Harkness 26 päivää sitten
I think scarlet witch would have something to say about that🤨
ChosekLazzaria 27 päivää sitten
Why kill it when you can fuck it? In all seriousness, i think you do pretty damn good voice acting.
Stefan Stoeckel
Stefan Stoeckel 28 päivää sitten
Replace chaos with people and suddenly it takes a really uncanny turn 😁
Orion Gear
Orion Gear 28 päivää sitten
That ending! 10/10 😂
Hexenkind1 28 päivää sitten
I think he wants to kill chaos.
Psion 28 päivää sitten
Auditioning for the next Emperor's TTSD are we? :P
Bouleon Bravera
Bouleon Bravera 28 päivää sitten
Great vid but you barely even mentioned chaos or the amount of wanting to kill him. thanks for the vid XD
Minister J Lupine
Minister J Lupine 29 päivää sitten
LMAO!!! Yong, keep being you. This was just, AWESOME!!!
Justin natural
Justin natural 29 päivää sitten
This was so good that I cringed
Barret Wallace
Barret Wallace 29 päivää sitten
Kratos from Final Fantasy
The94Venom 29 päivää sitten
Chaos stole all the food in Dreamland!
Rosco 29 päivää sitten
Now switch up Chaos with Loot boxes, and it actually makes sense
George Kessler
George Kessler 29 päivää sitten
Why don't you tell us how you really feel Yong? Lol
Ultimavalor 2
Ultimavalor 2 29 päivää sitten
I get the feeling this man really wants to kill Chaos. Or is there another reason to all this?
Arowmorth Uukausi sitten
It would be halerious if Jack actually change his mind later on. Chaos is also a Freedom after all.
R E Uukausi sitten
"It was a valient effort, but the official trailer still said Chaos more times" ;)
Koe Lee
Koe Lee Uukausi sitten
What I learned from this video: 1. I want to kill chaos 2. Yong has really nice teeth
Gary Akins
Gary Akins Uukausi sitten
Wow man the voice skills are legit, even better than i expected.
Larry McMorris
Larry McMorris Uukausi sitten
Overlord Chemm
Overlord Chemm Uukausi sitten
"No other character can come close to relating to how much I want to kill chaos" *Jonathan from SMT IV has entered the chat*
bdoleza Uukausi sitten
"But most of all...I'm gonna Kill Bill." --Uma Thurmond
That Japanese Guy
That Japanese Guy Uukausi sitten
Chaos has me waking up in a cold sweat.
Asupernaruto1 Uukausi sitten
What if chaos want to Kill you back?
Oppai-sama Uukausi sitten
Not If I kill him first
David Lesher
David Lesher Uukausi sitten
Fricken loved it man. Final fantasy got nothing on that.
David Lesher
David Lesher Uukausi sitten
Fricken loved it man. Final fantasy got nothing on that.
TorQueMoD Uukausi sitten
uhhh.... I'm confused. lol Who's chaos? Someone from the Darksiders franchise?
Oppai-sama Uukausi sitten
New final fantasy
rene salas
rene salas Uukausi sitten
yong may be this isnt your type of news but today wisard of the coast send a mail telling that Magic Legends will Shutting Down on oct 31
BigDuck Uukausi sitten
TiagoWazzup Uukausi sitten
Wait what does he want to do to Chaos?
Papa Bear
Papa Bear Uukausi sitten
Make Video on Magic: Legends hahahah
Steven Swadinsky
Steven Swadinsky Uukausi sitten
Doomslayer: The Epic Anime Action Horror Gunfight of Bitter Hatred
Christian Farren
Christian Farren Uukausi sitten
No joke-- and I apologize in advance for the floodgates I'll probably open with this comment--between that title and Yong's narration, I honestly thought this was a Warhammer 40K video.
Daniel Sua
Daniel Sua Uukausi sitten
superb voice acting!! chaos is dead!!!!
Midnight Respawn
Midnight Respawn Uukausi sitten
Everything needs to be predictable and make total sense, life will never get boring if random chance is removed from existence. Sarcasm mode: 74%
FrozenSolid131 Uukausi sitten
Truest Blue
Truest Blue Uukausi sitten
Samuel Juanputra
Samuel Juanputra Uukausi sitten
Is this a Warhammer reference? :s
Psychodisco Uukausi sitten
Your voice is beautiful
K3 K4
K3 K4 Uukausi sitten
Hmm. I think he might want to kill Chaos.
cyanidematt Uukausi sitten
Great voice acting dude.
FFXティダ Uukausi sitten
They really need to put Nomura back to character design and hire good writers. Gameplay aside (you can like it more or less) the stories after FF X have been either just plain and bland or overly complicated just for the sake of it (FF XIII trilogy)
hian Uukausi sitten
Chaos says he hates capitalism. Yet he participates in it. Curious.
Boi Chaoz
Boi Chaoz Uukausi sitten
Was frightened for the first few seconds ...he then explained it was another individual 😲😱😅
Han D Handerson
Han D Handerson Uukausi sitten
" *_Chaos downvoted this._* "
くんマフムード Uukausi sitten
Chaos: you can not touch me, I'm hiding behind 7 layers of chaos emeralds. *obligatory Sonic Adventure joke.... sorry, I will see myself out now*
Black Corp
Black Corp Uukausi sitten
Soooooo ... what you're saying is ... you support chaos ?
Black Corp
Black Corp Uukausi sitten
Joe Fawley
Joe Fawley Uukausi sitten
Damn. This was xbox's one chance at a quality release :(
Stefan Vasic
Stefan Vasic Uukausi sitten
At this point I am rooting for Chaos.
Partial Bullet
Partial Bullet Uukausi sitten
Chaos = Freedom Killing Chaos = Killing Freedom Killing Freedom = Communism *COMMUNISM DETECTED* Communism = Enemy of Freedom Enemy of Freedom = Death
general Othinel
general Othinel 18 päivää sitten
(Target sighted): Chaos, for the defilement of freedom and For giving me a Badd time. you are sentenced to death.
Feras Alfares
Feras Alfares Uukausi sitten
This is gold
Adeptus Yagoncius
Adeptus Yagoncius Uukausi sitten
The Man Emperor of Mankind be like:
YenRou Uukausi sitten
Hide your kids. Hide your Chaos.
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson Uukausi sitten
Anyone else think they need to hire him as the voice talent for a major motion picture?
Vega Lucas
Vega Lucas Uukausi sitten
I thought listening to tv channels in Indonesia is worst.
Shneldon Uukausi sitten
Getting heavy Brendaniel vibes off this video.
Ruby T
Ruby T Uukausi sitten
I got new name for this game I call it Final Nioh: Edgy William in "CHAOS" Land
Lexyvil Uukausi sitten
You know the writing is bad when they forcefeed the player into hating chaotic villains rather than let that hate come naturally over the course of the experience from playing the game. Kefka's chaotic nature felt amazing like that.
Gabriel Morin
Gabriel Morin Uukausi sitten
The War Council looking at Roboute Guiliman wondering what goes on in such a mighty being's mind. Roboute Guiliman:
David Chooi Xian Loong
David Chooi Xian Loong Uukausi sitten
I relate to this on an extremely personal level. but instead of chaos its me.
ka_shots Uukausi sitten
I have a hunch he wants to kill Chaos... let's call it intuition.
Punisher6791 Uukausi sitten
for the love of god, someone please hire Yong for Voice over work.
Matt D
Matt D Uukausi sitten
Damn, this is pretty good
Titus Uukausi sitten
Chaos GG.
cobra-gladiator Uukausi sitten
Seighart89 Uukausi sitten
I'm almost sure that you want to chaos but I'll need bit more evidence 😆
Bygone Hope
Bygone Hope Uukausi sitten
Professor c-c-c-chaos
Thandon S
Thandon S Uukausi sitten
I'm starting to think that maybe this is a hard-sell advertising tactic.
FarohMyThrone 25
FarohMyThrone 25 Uukausi sitten
Lmfao was listening to music in the car and this came on and I couldn’t turn it off Thanks for the laugh and “wtf” moment, made my day 🤣
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Uukausi sitten
I hear you my friend and fellow comrad in arm's. However,i have learned the hard way. Chaos can not be killed. Can not be stopped. He....It.... is immortal. For where ever people are waging war upon each other. Or nature unleashes her anger upon us. Chaos will be there. In the midst of it all. And when all is said and done. Chaos will be gone. Vanished with out a trace. And when there is a time of peace. Chaos will be watching. Waiting. Scheming. Plotting when next to strike. And how much desvastation Chaos can create. This video is priceless. Awesome work Yong. Gave me a good laugh and inspired me to write this on the spot. I doubt it's any good though.
Guardian Xenos
Guardian Xenos Uukausi sitten
ROFL! Made my day! Thank you!
J. Ahz
J. Ahz Uukausi sitten
If two guys were on the moon and one killed Chaos with a rock, would that be rad or what
LightJak007 Uukausi sitten
I need to kill Chaos
Nasci Uukausi sitten
Yong "DO YOU HEAR ME CHAOS!?" Answering machine "I'm sorry. Your call has been forwarded to voice mail. Please try again later."
Kissshot Acerorion Heartunderblade
Love the Dexter attire
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