Kojima/Blue Box Conspiracy's Hasan Kahraman Reveals Himself, Denies Theories, Delays Trailer App 

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YongYea Uukausi sitten
At this point I'm definitely more in the camp that this is not related to Kojima, but still, very strange set of circumstances with this game and studio. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Joseph Lavoie [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Nathan Roll - Sarano - skyrimfan14 - Solomon J. Twiggs [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
PixelPusha Uukausi sitten
Yong, "Conspiracy's" isn't plural. "Conspiracies" is plural. That apostrophe can mean either conspiracy+is or it can be singular possessive, but either way it's not plural as you intended in the thumbnail. Maybe it was autocomplete.
Hades1468 Uukausi sitten
Some people are tweeting that he could be high end cg
MrKnaives Uukausi sitten
@Jericho Jack What's wrong with that? Wiki is usually the best place to find info of the game.
Alex Netherton
Alex Netherton Uukausi sitten
Yong, love your videos and have been watching since the before times of MGSV. :) I gotta say though, I think Hasan is just tugging at heart strings. It honestly doesn't make sense for Hasan to dispel the rumors by posting videos of himself making a claim. Why not show the dev team or do a quick insider look at the studio to prove he's not at Kojipro? Idk man, it just doesn't add up. xp
Josh Starks
Josh Starks Uukausi sitten
@Illusive Kennedy Yong has no credibility left.
DanUltimax 9 tuntia sitten
if anything this game just seems more fishy on the side of development if anything. not even talking about this potentially being mgs or silent hill, its just that this studio is so weird with hardly any information on them, and yet were just supposed to believe this game is gonna run in 4k 60fps with these super high end graphics? even if this isnt silent hill or mgs and really is just an indie studio this is probably one of the biggest jumps ive ever seen by one. but again, theyre being picked up by sony and a triple a art company for whatever reason.. so...
My Opinion Doesn't Matter
My Opinion Doesn't Matter 3 päivää sitten
It look like the app will be a playable trailer. This Hasan guy is obviously an actor and told to look tired
alex a
alex a 17 päivää sitten
let's hope the whole thing will get that game more buyers
Wes T
Wes T 21 päivä sitten
I don't think the brain transplant doctor looking like the doctor in Phantom Pain was a coincidence. Where did you get that information? I thought it was a very clear reference. No connection whatsoever? How could you even make that claim? Even if Kojima/the team who made that character model said that it was an "accident" doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a connection there. That's likely just to avoid the legal trouble. I don't doubt for a second that the man who presumably performed the (MGSV Spoilers) memetic "brain transplant" of BB into Venom Snake was an intentional look alike for a guy who actually performed (or tried to perform) brain transplants.
首雷都欄 22 päivää sitten
As a Turkish I can understand several things about it. Let's get this straight! In Turkish, "Hasan" is a name, 破産(Which is pronounced exactly! same: Hasan) means bankruptcy-insolvency (Symbolizing KONAMI-KOJIMA dispute and Silent Hill P.T. failure). "Kahraman" means 主人公(Protagonist) or 勇者 (Hero) in Turkish which as I can understand stands for Kojima himself.
DeVoe Empire
DeVoe Empire 25 päivää sitten
This is could be just like one of those failed mmo kickstarters where blue box Is promising a lot but it won’t get anywhere near done.
StrangerOman 25 päivää sitten
I miss the suspension music for this type of videos. xD
xevious21 27 päivää sitten
This is the weirdest situation that I've ever seen. I don't even know what to think anymore.
Sinking 27 päivää sitten
Hideo may as well buy out Blue Box now!!!
Stormcutter 59
Stormcutter 59 27 päivää sitten
Honestly something doesnt smell right with all of this. Blue Box is way to conspicuous for a company working on a big Triple A game from Playstation House. Seems too under the radar for a developer in their position. Hassan's video also seems a bit too half hearted as a reveal for me. All these attempts to sway doubts seem too half hearted and not to mention Kojima himself hasnt said anything to help the situation. If their was any desire to set the record straight, it would be much more official and direct than this. Mr. Sleeps here isn't convincing me one bit about anything. On top of all this the coincidences are too much for me. It's all way too fishy for me.
The World According to Armin
The World According to Armin 27 päivää sitten
Why didn't he share any photo ID? (of course with the address and sensitive info blacked out)
PainKiller100500 28 päivää sitten
His teeth are too white for not being an actor.
Rare Pepe
Rare Pepe 28 päivää sitten
This is just a small indie studio, all these videos fuelling the conspiracy are doing nothing but harm.
Lavard 28 päivää sitten
If you know a bit about body language you can tell he's trying to not to lie and is hiding something.
Bayu Yasutora
Bayu Yasutora 28 päivää sitten
imagine in near future Hasan making a video again, but Kojima suddenly step into the video smiling at us
L 29 päivää sitten
As far as the app that was supposed to release, is concerned, I find it incredibly weird that just a couple of days prior to its original release date, he was so sure that it was going to release on that day, and then on the day that it was supposed to release, suddenly gets pushed back like 2 months. How can you be less than a week away from the release of something and not be aware that it still needs an extra 2 months of work before it's ready? Either something very serious happened out of the blue, or we're getting rolled.
Minister J Lupine
Minister J Lupine 29 päivää sitten
I am now interested in this studio. Hmm 🤔 I'd like to experience their game now. Could be good experience.
W.2026 29 päivää sitten
W.2026 26 päivää sitten
@Ragna B You're welcome :)
Ragna B
Ragna B 26 päivää sitten
@W.2026 Ah, I see. Thank you very much!
W.2026 26 päivää sitten
@Ragna B It means "hero" or "savior".
Ragna B
Ragna B 26 päivää sitten
Because I don't speak Turkish and my Japanese are too limited for this, Kahraman means anything? Genuine question.
calahoon22 29 päivää sitten
Yeah it simply comes down to people having waaay too much time on their hands
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 29 päivää sitten
Probably made by kojima, Hassan denial probably because Kojima wanted it not to be reveal yet
JellyonBread Uukausi sitten
Bluebox: “We have no connection to Konami or Hideo Kojima” Yongyea and HK fans: “They’re being so cryptic. What could they mean?”
Dragontouched Uukausi sitten
It seems like this game is shaping up to be the proof that one in a million coincidences happen all the time.
Fernando Cruz
Fernando Cruz Uukausi sitten
It could be bizzare set of circumstances, but no one, not even you Young, is doing any favors by stoking the flames and fence sitting. It's honestly more tragic that everyone is heaping these massive expectations unto a indie studio that probably just wanted to build up hype for their breakout game.
Valhallen Uukausi sitten
You're part of the de-hype conspiracy, aren't you? I'm on to you Yong.
Derek Clair
Derek Clair Uukausi sitten
Im sorry, but there are WAY too many coincidences lined up for this to be nothing. Either way, some of Yong's most entertaining content recently
Shinigami Goddess
Shinigami Goddess Uukausi sitten
Long story short, this is either a shitty marketing campaign from a newbie incompetent studio, or a super troll by Kojima. We'll see...
HatCHeTHaZ Uukausi sitten
I think Hasan is just in charge of the App & it will be revealed as a kojima project
LittleMissBonnie Uukausi sitten
This shit will blow up in someone's face and we all know how stupid mad some "gamers" can get.
John Labuda
John Labuda Uukausi sitten
man the video, hes soudns like hes about to cry
Matthew W.
Matthew W. Uukausi sitten
Cult of personality.
Carlo Fettuccine
Carlo Fettuccine Uukausi sitten
100 % Kojima
Malytheria s
Malytheria s Uukausi sitten
Network of friends?......strands?
Malytheria s
Malytheria s Uukausi sitten
The app IS the game.
DbonRP Uukausi sitten
pretty sure this is just a shity survival game.
DarknesZ Uukausi sitten
my theory is that Kahraman is the dev who is working on the "trailer-app" for a silent hill game which is in development by kojima or something like that. but the fact that bluebox look like a placeholder studio for something else is really weird. why would a small indie dev get exess too high quality outsourcers and backing of sony for a shitty app..
DarknesZ Uukausi sitten
as if sony would share the same logo font and push this kind of stuff, this is something in the bush for sure, and why would jeff support a shitty indie dev like this. this smells like Kojima :D
jinratgeist Uukausi sitten
That Hasan Kharman video totally looks like he's being held on gunpoint! :D
John Williams
John Williams Uukausi sitten
CDPR board room: We can hire Keanu to patch our software. Decima board room: We can set a new bar of this kind of things.
bottleofwhiskey_ Uukausi sitten
God Schreier should just stfu already he is so annoying. Always looking for the biggest drama and reporting on it like some 2penny-Journalist.
zuura Uukausi sitten
The app is delayed until August, coincidentally, Hideo Kojima’s birthday is on August too, soo?
zyphe 29 päivää sitten
You know that guy. He always keep people waiting.
Mic Draypr
Mic Draypr Uukausi sitten
More like Blue Balls
Quiver Uukausi sitten
If it turns out this game is *not* Silent Hills, Blue Box is gonna get so much shit from people.
Frank Lazala
Frank Lazala Uukausi sitten
This is obviously silent hill
shutter Uukausi sitten
it has to be silent hill or else they'll put themselves in deep trouble for teasing people this much
SNESLIVE Uukausi sitten
They need to shit or get off the pot with the reveal. If they want the speculation to stop they wouldn't delay as they are. You can't convince me they couldn't show SOMETHING off right now just to get people off their back if that is what they want.
Bobby Boswell
Bobby Boswell Uukausi sitten
im of the mindset that it is a hideo kojima ruse just that tweet was because he realized his hints were way too unnoticeable before it but after posting it he realized it was way too obvious
Pawts Uukausi sitten
I guess you could say he just got bad KHARMA-n? Ba dum tss!
Pior O
Pior O Uukausi sitten
Highlights from real eyeballs don't work like this - the clip in the white turtleneck is absolutely some sort of deepfake/head swap, and I bet the performance is actually by Kojima himself. Also, PR at a tiny studio wouldn't work that way. And the studio head wouldn't act as if the release of an app depended solely on him. You all got Kojimaed !
AsaelTheBeast Uukausi sitten
Let's be real. We're never going to get a Kojima made silent hill game. It belongs to Konami, and last I heard, Kojima and Konami weren't on good terms. People are getting their hopes up over something they *have* to know is incredibly unlikely. I kinda feel a little sorry for Hasan. He's about to get buried under the weight of the internet for something entirely not his fault.
Combo John
Combo John Uukausi sitten
P.T. is better than Silent Hill.
Matt May
Matt May Uukausi sitten
Abandoned = PT. Go to AbandonedTheGame FIplace channel. There’s a video on there titled “Till Death Do Us Part”. The video is a distorted version of the hallway loop in PT and there’s even a sample from the radio in PT that plays during the video
Corona-chan Uukausi sitten
Or the less playful and more serious tone could just be a change of tactics by Kojima. There's no way to tell.
Cwise85 Uukausi sitten
This game is already dead now and Hasan knows it. The gaming industry is like ground zero for lessons in managing consumer expectations. You need professionals to deal with these gamer folk.
panamakira Uukausi sitten
Dude why do you guys keep clinging to saying this might still be Kojima lmao. Your videos and speculations is going to hurt a small indie studio badly because there’s no way to come back from this once it turns out not to be true. Clickbait.
Jaime Veloso
Jaime Veloso Uukausi sitten
I just hope this conspiracy theory doesn't hurt the developers... When the game comes out and it isn't SH related (which I don't really believe it is), I hope they aren't mistreated by the angry lynching mobs on twitter and other social media. If you still believe it is, just play along and don't bother the developers, and if it really is a new SH, very well, celebrate and do whatever you want... if it isn't, check if you like the game and if you don't, just leave the developers alone.
Bearded Swordsman
Bearded Swordsman Uukausi sitten
I think Kojima would joke a different way. You can't run the same gag too many times before people are going to expect it
NonBinary Champ ง
NonBinary Champ ง Uukausi sitten
WAIT! They revealed themselves and *explicitly* stated that they are not Kojima?? That's *EXACTLY* something Kojima would do!! Silent Hill is coming baby!!!
Aesthetic Mirror
Aesthetic Mirror Uukausi sitten
My biggest fear is that they get dead treats because it turns out that they had nothing to do with Kojima but “the Gamers” won’t be able to handle reality
Andrei Ulyanov
Andrei Ulyanov Uukausi sitten
It still is very fishy to me. Just show the gemeplay and all the rumors will disappear. But what do I know? I was one of those who were convinced that the premise of Death Stranding would be that it all happens in the Boss's mind.
Cristiano Marsil
Cristiano Marsil Uukausi sitten
What if Kojima/Blue Box contacted Yong and asked him to play along? XD
beerasaurus Uukausi sitten
Hassan, he's a deep fake for sure!!
Cantor Yakov
Cantor Yakov Uukausi sitten
Trust in KojimAnon!
dawyrm Uukausi sitten
What if Hasan Kahramans reveal was created with Unreal Engines Metahuman 😂
Crimson Uukausi sitten
His delay announcement video is an obvious lie
Khang Nguyen Luong Quoc
I swear if this game Kojima or not, quality not live up to the hype/conspiracy people will burn it in a fire dumpster.
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen Uukausi sitten
Why are the developers video so professional every time also
T Aot
T Aot Uukausi sitten
Like ive said before. This conspiracy has more lore in it than Kojimas games. Looks like i was right. Nothing but a consiracy
Kizaru Uukausi sitten
Justin Pedini
Justin Pedini Uukausi sitten
Now I think youre in on it ;)
DEATHTHEKID Uukausi sitten
also fyi, konami switched over to unreal engine 5 so technically if kojima has been in talks w konami it would be made on UE5
DEATHTHEKID Uukausi sitten
let’s be honest does hasan look like a game dev? he’s doesn’t look anything like any other game dev on earth he’s very lean and wears nice clothing. plus he keeps looking away from the camera at something.
DEATHTHEKID Uukausi sitten
Anyone else notice that hasan and the nuare studio guy were wearing black shirts
Roger Arteaga
Roger Arteaga Uukausi sitten
I don't buy any of this
Dragoner Productions
Dragoner Productions Uukausi sitten
This just sounds like a marketing thing, it's obviously him and it's silent hill... Can't wait to play it!
The PS Saga
The PS Saga Uukausi sitten
Blue box: we have no relation to silent hill Audience: 🌝
TimHortonHAW Uukausi sitten
Honestly after the way Konami treated Kojima do you really think he would ever work with them again? I've had shitty employer's that I just walked out on before and would never go back for whatever reason.
RememberCitadel Uukausi sitten
Kojima or not, when the truth (or lack there of) behind this beautiful trainwreck I hope we get a Internet Historian video on this.
Mike Legault
Mike Legault Uukausi sitten
Hassan is a deep fake. Lol
LightBrand Uukausi sitten
I think if I run NUARE and one of my artist drew Blackwidow's foot I would shamelessly advertise that we worked on Marvel's Avenger. Same goes for all AAA titles and don't bother mention any indie games
Zvrra Uukausi sitten
This is SIlent Hills or a dimension inside silent hill.
Flyin' Ryan
Flyin' Ryan Uukausi sitten
Didn’t Kojima decide to stop using the fox engine and use unreal instead?
Mijime Piero
Mijime Piero Uukausi sitten
It can't be a regular indie game. Why on earth would Sony partner with a company that has done nothing? Owning it would be one thing but this is something entirely different. I don't really care about Silent Hill anymore, and I don't care if this specific thing is a Kojima game but something else is at play here. It's either a complete fuck up that's being rectified or it's a ploy by a big name.
Adam Snee
Adam Snee Uukausi sitten
Thank god Silent Hills is still dead
ripghotihook Uukausi sitten
I would love for Kojima to just come out and say," it's not me, but after looking into the game I really want to see where it goes."
Joe Romero
Joe Romero Uukausi sitten
why do I think this is a damn Deepfake.
vivek95 Uukausi sitten
because it is
Lex Radu
Lex Radu Uukausi sitten
Actually the use of Unreal Engine is another fuel to the fire that it might be Kojima working with Konami again on Silent Hills, since Konami have moved to Unreal 5 for PES 2022. Konami has moved on from the Fox Engine, so it makes sense that the next Silent Hill Game would use Unreal 5 instead of Fox.
Kettelino Uukausi sitten
Not saying that this is Silent Hill or anything but the whole situation is very fishy. Why is that small studio getting so much support from Sony, Nuare and others? If they couldn't even get a trailer together that shows the actual game? Why does bluebox webpage not show any information about the studio? They have developed other projects before so they should be able to provide some sort of portfolio on their website... Then they're making a lot of promises for an indie developer without being able to show anything at the moment. The trailer app gets pushed back several times and delaying it on the day of release with a mediocre statement is really not a good look. I am all for well developed games, however, as a professional developer you have to manage expectations. If they are really just a small indie developer that got caught up in this net of coincidences then they will suffer greatly. Although I feel that there is more behind this, even if it is not Silent Hill but something else.
ivanaviNiebla Uukausi sitten
Doesn't matter what this turns out to be, this has already been a lot of fun :D
MrSundayNighttt Uukausi sitten
This has got to be a Very Elaborate Stunt by sony. If Kojima turns out to be behind this all That would blow out anything Microsoft did at e3!
Amuria Iris
Amuria Iris Uukausi sitten
Hasan Hasan, you naughty boy 😌 Hasan is an actor if I ever saw one XD !
grossindecency Uukausi sitten
Well of course he says he's not Kojima. Kojima says he's not Kojima.
Big Boss the KittyCat
Big Boss the KittyCat Uukausi sitten
Well whatever the game turns out to be. It looks decent anyways
Mr. K
Mr. K Uukausi sitten
The one I can’t get over is the name. Dude, it’s not just that “Kojima” translates to “Kahraman.” THE ENTIRE NAME means the same thing. Something like “Beautiful Hero/Warrior.” I’m saying his FIRST and LAST name combined have the same meaning as HIDEO+KOJIMA. Hasan is a common name, and Kahraman is a common name too, but the combination of the 2 COMBINED with all the other coincidences.... I just can’t get past that yet. I COULD end up being wrong... but I’m still not off the Kojima train. Though I’m less certain about it being Silent Hill. I’d also point one more thing out. I saw Kojima and/or Guillermo del Toro in an interview (I forgot the specifics) say that they setup the mystery within PT and they made the riddle (about it being SH) complicated very mindfully - they obfuscated it to the point that they _intended and hoped_ for the riddle to take a few weeks for people to figure out. They were taken by surprise by how fast people figured it out, and they wished they’d made it harder to crack the demo riddle. That obviously doesn’t have anything to do with Abandoned, but I’m mentioning it because Yong pointed out how “on the nose” and obvious the Phantom Pain marketing stunt was. So, I can “verify” that Kojima wanted the PT riddle to take longer to figure it out. Thus, it’s not completely implausible that Kojima would up his riddle game.
Temetyly Uukausi sitten
Maybe Kojima doesn't want to ruin his future schemes by setting a precedent for disassociating explicitly😅
Mr. K
Mr. K Uukausi sitten
Y’all see he was playing “Telling Lies” Lol. It’s a real game obv, but it is a fairly short game I think and people have suggested that he should’ve gotten at least one of the common trophies which only take a handful of minutes to get. So their speculation is that he opened the game just for a few seconds to get it to show up in his play history... cuz it’s called “Telling Lies” lol. Who knows. Apologies if he already covered this in the video, I just started watching.
Temetyly Uukausi sitten
It seems like they leaned into it for the hype, then realized it would end badly if people were disappointed - which makes the delay make more sense, given they could be looking to delay said disappointment till things die down, or given they knew what they had would never live up to the hype and end badly. Guess we'll see, it's fun haha - I hope people don't riot if it does end anti climatically - it's about the journey or whatever 😄
Luke Bartolomeo
Luke Bartolomeo Uukausi sitten
Is there any relation to the Haunting: Blood Water Curse on Steam and PS5? It was apparently also Blue Box and then went to some other studio Createc? It even has some parallels to Abandoned and also utilizes the same font in its titling. Also Hasan's username is still tied to the Haunting game despite it going to Createc? A lot of strange discussion with Hasan on Steam boards regarding the Haunting game.
KotCR Uukausi sitten
When brand recognition exploitation marketting goes horribly wrong lol. ...or right...because we're all talking about it...so...great success? Actual ties or not.
Nano Crowley
Nano Crowley Uukausi sitten
Watch how plenty of gamers get so mad at blue point when they see the trailer and it’s not silent hill. Even though it’s their fault, like always, for generating hype and purposely ignoring blue point’s previous post about it not being silent hill.
NinjaFlip11 Uukausi sitten
I still believe it’s all a big gaslight, I could be wrong but haha if I’m right no company lead is going to come out and be like “Yep you caught us” Also, these guys are asking for conspiracies by playing this form of teasing and how strange this is.
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