Kotaku Insists Pokemon Go Eggs Aren't Loot Boxes, They're Fun Presents... And It Goes Very Poorly 

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SOURCE 2: www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-03-12-pokemon-go-now-shows-the-possible-contents-of-its-loot-box-style-eggs
SOURCE 3: Kotaku/status/1370430024801607686
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YongYea Uukausi sitten
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Serps 23 päivää sitten
A surprise mechanic thats not horrible? How can this be....
Alonzo Cameron
Alonzo Cameron 27 päivää sitten
@Brycen Ronnie Wow! Took roughly 10 mins but it actually worked!
Brycen Ronnie
Brycen Ronnie 27 päivää sitten
Dunno if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPwn. Just google for it :D
King Emerald Greenheart
King Emerald Greenheart 28 päivää sitten
Bad take on a game you never played.
Media Pool
Media Pool 28 päivää sitten
not sure why people would buy loot boxes in the first place.
7Marx7 21 tunti sitten
"The game's eggs are a system that offer the player no meaningful advantages." I've been playing this game since Sept. 2018, and can disprove their statement right now: Lucario and Garchomp are two highly-valued, powerful pokemon, and you can only get them from purple, 10km eggs. I'd say having these pokemon gives you a significant advantage in raids, PvP, etc. As for the yellow, 7km eggs, it has likely been a couple of months since I hatched an Ice-type Darumauka, the rarest hatch from those eggs, and I hatch batches of yellow eggs on a near-daily basis. To elaborate on another point made in the video: Pokemon that are hatched, or caught from raids or research rewards, tend to have better stats than those simply caught in the wild (guaranteed 2-Star-rated or better). This goes both ways, though, as pokemon good for PvP tiers with limits on power numbers tend to be caught in the wild.
Johan Päivä sitten
Buy a remote raid pass instead you'll get a way better mon then any incubator. Incubator would be one of the last things I'd buy. Or community day tickets are a better buy aswell.
Johan Päivä sitten
Also shinies are cosmetic
777SilverPhoenix777 3 päivää sitten
To be fair Yong, the competitive scene is non existent at this point since the hackers are so rampant in matches. They have infinite shields and are able to spam their charged attacks. The strongest Pokémon in the game won't do shit against them. TBH I find the eggs annoying, they interrupt game play to the point of making me lose wild Pokémon. So I often times would only have 1 free egg going just so I wouldn't be interrupted all the time. Without the government you won't win the loot box war unfortunately.
_Paws_ 6 päivää sitten
As a Pokémon Go casual player, I can see that they are loot boxes but I am not going to spend money on a very casual game. The events and certain activities give you enough coins; free game money from just playing the game.
Lucky SGI-5k Arrow
Lucky SGI-5k Arrow 7 päivää sitten
13:21 "... far better ways to find those monsters elsewhere." Yep. Just buy a 3DS or Switch and play the mainline games. Better content and cheaper.
The Makaveli
The Makaveli 10 päivää sitten
They are not ‘fun presents or surprise boxes’ if you have to PAY for them. When was the last time you had to PAY for a Christmas present 🎁
SnappyJon 10 päivää sitten
We need to keep a public record of all the development companies, publishing companies, and the CEO's who led these loot box and micro-transactions business models. Just so we all know who to avoid and never do business with going forward.
LiK 10 päivää sitten
LMAO, the lootbox stress thing cracked me up
syikin 11 päivää sitten
Love the stress loot box. But anyways, thanks for highligthing this issue. I am new to this topic... a little late ;p.
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker 12 päivää sitten
KOTAKU are dead to me ever since GamerGate.
Paya Chinglish
Paya Chinglish 14 päivää sitten
Casinos are just fun things!
Aml 2020
Aml 2020 16 päivää sitten
when you sell your soul, it shows in your action.
sam sejavka
sam sejavka 17 päivää sitten
Yr technically right, I suppose.... but, having played pogo since its inception, there is really no 'paying to get in the fast lane' hatching eggs. i promise you. Compared with the worst examples of loot boxes, eggs are pretty weak tea, and it feels wrong (though, as I said, technically right) to compare them thus
sam sejavka
sam sejavka 17 päivää sitten
When Niantic makes a cash grab, they hear about it in no uncertain terms from the community. If you want to have a go at them, there are way worse examples.
Stickman Gaming
Stickman Gaming 17 päivää sitten
man im sick of getting Trubish from TWELVE KILOMETER eggs, i had a Garboddor long before these fucking things hatched, this trash from such a long arse distance egg is a spit in the face.
Kepala Monyet
Kepala Monyet 18 päivää sitten
0:37 Wrong, Yongyea. The plural for Pokémon is "Pokémon," not "Pokémons."
Aliyah Tucker
Aliyah Tucker 18 päivää sitten
Did anyone else see a Pokémon go commercial?!
Steve L
Steve L 18 päivää sitten
It appears from this article that the writer and Kotaku's editor for approving said article are completely lacking in a basic education by claiming that this is not loot boxes. This is clearly loot boxes, as you are unaware of what each egg holds and you can purchase the egg.
Pranesh Rao
Pranesh Rao 19 päivää sitten
I guarantee that this writer got paid to write this article. The article tries way too hard defending the loot box
Dazmon Womelsdorf
Dazmon Womelsdorf 19 päivää sitten
Eggs are not loot boxes lol your trippin and repeating someone else's opinion. Lol what a joke channel.
Mark Critelli
Mark Critelli 19 päivää sitten
@Yongyea I've been watching you for years And you made me lose respect for you disrespecting Pokemon Go I can tell you for a fact that the eggs are not loot boxes nor act like a casino I'm a level 41 player I've been playing the game since release and I never once spent a dime in Pokémon GO there are so many ways you can get free coins and save up your free coins very easily and buy the incubators I bought many incubators and many many raid passes without spending any money those who spend money in Pokémon GO are there lazy players that don't want to sit there and walk so don't even try and disrespect Pokémon Go and say that it has loot boxes in it or act like one cuz it does not and only affects lazy players that don't want to walk don't want to do gyms and earn free coins and use those free coins to pay for the intubators or on gym passes You are able to play 100% free unless you're lazy. I watch all your videos and I'm very disappointed in this video thumbs down I bet you don't even play Pokémon GO if you did you would know it's not a loot box mechanic
riu uit
riu uit 19 päivää sitten
What?! Aren't you surprised by the mechanics? That's all they're saying...i don't know why people hate EA so much...tee hee.
paulgotik 19 päivää sitten
I prefer way more this type of monetazation than having to pay to play the game or than having to pay a subscription. As long as the items in the loot boxes aren't essential for the core game play I'm complety fine with it. People would protest about any kind of monetization that they could make for the game. If they stopped lootboxes and asked for money to play the game people would complain. If they sold pokemons in a store without any kind of randomization people would complain. If you have to pay some kind os subscription base people would complain. There's not a single way they can monetizing the game without people complaining. I prefer way more to be able to play the game for free and have access to every core feature of the game for free and only having to pay to have a possibility of extra special things than having to pay for the entire game experience or having to pay for items necessary to play the game. For what I've seen the only people complaining are the ones who want to get the ultra rare pokemons and don't want to waste more money, they don't seem to be people who where just spending some money and suddenly became addicted to the drug of pokemon eggs nor do they seem to be underage people.
paulgotik 19 päivää sitten
I never had problems with lootboxes as long as they aren't essential for the core game play. CS:go loot boxes where ok, people liked them. Some fishy websites tried to use this to scam some people but they weren't official sites, it's not like steam supported this kinds of sites. I played pokemon go for a long time and I didn't saw a problem with the eggs encubators. There's alot of thing that you can buy in the game that are "more essential" than eggs and they still envolve you spending money to have the "better prize". As a kid I played alot of games with loot boxes and I didn't speant any money on them. I don't see the big problem to be honest. People who spend tons of money on lootboxes are the same who buy every skins or comestic thing in the store too. The probability aspect of it doesn't seem to be the root ofthe bad spending habits of some players in my opinion. Look at skins in League of legends. Some people spend thousand of dollars buying them and they don't have any aspect of uncertainty to them. You pay for them, you have them. They still sometimes give you free skins to make you want to buy more. That is like giving a sample of some food for free so you buy that food.
Zachary Reed
Zachary Reed 19 päivää sitten
I don’t see free eggs as a problem. That is literally surprise mechanics. And not fake lie surprise mechanics. Look at marvel strike force, character collection games in general.
amanda cabrera
amanda cabrera 20 päivää sitten
Pokémon eggs are one of the easiest "loot boxes" to obtain for free to play players. But they also are not the easiest for free to play to open unless your a spoofer.
Richard DeVenezia
Richard DeVenezia 20 päivää sitten
But, now, what's worse... Stealing candy from a baby, or stealing candy from a bank?
l00d3r 20 päivää sitten
This is my argument in favor of loot boxes: It makes these companies an obscene amount of money. There. (Not a very good argument, I get it, but it is the ONLY argument.)
chris kennedy
chris kennedy 20 päivää sitten
I just use DeFit. I can literally hatch like 2 dozen eggs in a single day. If 2k eggs are included of course, if not then probably 12-20 if Im paying attention and that is only with the infinite incubator. DeFit doesnt touch the game itself, just Google Maps. Havent heard of anyone getting banned from it. If Niantic wasn't such a shitshow of a company that could be respectable, I wouldn't use it.
Neukx L
Neukx L 20 päivää sitten
I stopped long back
Treat San
Treat San 20 päivää sitten
I like how the 'You can find the Poke'mon elsewhere' Argument works with a Game where your 'LITTERAL GPS' locations ties you to what POke'mon your gonna find, and some of them litterally would require some people to go Well out of town/State to even get them in some cases. |D .... ya know? Like when the game first dropped and Kangaskhan was exclusive to Austrlia.... and I'm here in the US without the ablity to Fly out to Aussie for the 'Chance' to find a Kangaskhan... or the want to buy an incubator and try to hatch one of the random eggs for one... oh yeah, this was I think before trading/Vs Battling was a thing too... Can do it now, but the argument of 'It's jsut liek the game' falls short when If I asked a friend to send me a said Poke'mon they could pretty easily beable to send one jsut by breeding one of them with a Ditto or another one they cought.... instead of jsut picking up an egg and hoping that it randomly is 'the one I wanted'.
G 20 päivää sitten
I have no problem with loot boxes as long as you can easily earn them through gameplay and not something where you open one once every few days or a week if you're lucky. Overwatch for example i play a couple hours and by the time i finish i have 5 for the day and that's not counting the ones they give out for endorsements and for playing the daily game modes on arcade.
Steven Walton
Steven Walton 20 päivää sitten
As a hardcore Pokemon Go player that was running multiple accounts and loved the game, the ridiculous monetization ruined it for me. Thing is, the eggs aren't even the worst part. When Niantic teases that you can get a shiny pokemon from eggs, and people crowdsource thousands of eggs with a sub 1% rate, it is ridiculous. Niantic is a horrible company that constantly and repeatedly abuses their player base by making the same stupid mistakes over and over again. Doesn't matter if it is something that a F2P person encounters or something that someone drops $10s of dollars for, it still blows up in your face. Meanwhile, they went from having such little content in the game to having so much that it feels like a chore. All the while they hand shinies as the cool thing to get. Oh, and don't even think about encountering shiny legendaries. I had a backlog of raid passes and raided a couple hundred times across a few accounts, didn't get the first shiny but I sure know people like me threw money at it. Pokemon Go is just ridiculous and the only folks still playing it in my group are the older empty nesters that don't have anything else to do, they are true whales, driving around parks with 3-4 accounts per person, throwing a combined $1,000/month to play.
Marcus Meins
Marcus Meins 20 päivää sitten
I've seen this before XD!
Idiotic Tirades
Idiotic Tirades 20 päivää sitten
Sexual assault is also a surprise mechanic.
Brandon1267 20 päivää sitten
I used to be hardcore into Pokemon Go and It was very easy to get in game currency to buy the incubators and other "in game purchases." Yes i HATE HATE HATE microtransactions and it is definitely a gatcha, however if you know what you're doing it can be very easy to leave like 5 pokemon in 5 different gyms each day if you're in a good area and get a crap tons of currency the next day. After a few days of doing that you can afford pretty much any pack of items you want.
Owen Cother
Owen Cother 20 päivää sitten
A present for yourself that you have to pay for yourself? 10/10 kotaku.
ZimoNitrome 20 päivää sitten
Griffen Gaming sent me
CrazyDiamond 21 päivä sitten
Your logic is WAY off, doesn't even make sense.. And then there's your greedy merch pitch. Fuck off, dude. You've really fallen far.
Patrik Jakobsen
Patrik Jakobsen 21 päivä sitten
What you mean by percentage don't show your chance of getting the item? If i got 1% chance of getting something means i got 1 in 100 chance of getting it
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 21 päivä sitten
Lol next payday I am so getting a legit loot box from you lol
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 21 päivä sitten
Oh also I posted this to a few of my japan friends they were pissssssssed 😆 they had no idea this was coming
anthony willson
anthony willson 21 päivä sitten
Pogos loot boxes or "presents" are loot boxes not the eggs. The eggs dont change any in game but the items from the presents do. You can earn eggs and incubators by just playing. Not the "presents" or loot boxes
pipe 21 päivä sitten
Reddit the video
manolodavescribtv 21 päivä sitten
Until you have to buy incubators to hatch more eggs you get one free incubators but if you have a bunch of eggs you will be walking for a while
QUADM8SFPV 21 päivä sitten
why I stopped playing ,any game that does this loot box shit.
James Scott
James Scott 21 päivä sitten
The editor was paid for that article.
Maskman Five
Maskman Five 21 päivä sitten
Kotaku ...it's not a information service .... Its a pyre. A funeral pyre.
Kaose T
Kaose T 21 päivä sitten
Did yong yea just do a merch plug to let outrage on a loot box?
A.A.M.O Skullgirls
A.A.M.O Skullgirls 21 päivä sitten
Pride and accomplishment
DENNED V 21 päivä sitten
I thought Pokemon Go didn’t have “loot boxes” or even something of that sort in the game.
Kirt Gartner
Kirt Gartner 21 päivä sitten
Eggs are not Loot boxes because you get them like mad for free from gifts and spinning the stupid pokestops
Wandering Wraith
Wandering Wraith 21 päivä sitten
He’s implying that they are loot boxes since you can pay money to hatch them quicker with incubators.
Lazy Bum
Lazy Bum 21 päivä sitten
pay for a lootbox vs pay to open a "free" lootbox
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 21 päivä sitten
I've had a surprise mechanic once. Had to change my pants afterwards.
sterling7 21 päivä sitten
Y'know, there used to be this idea that articles would go through editors and proofreaders who might not just say "you forgot to capitalize here" or "this should be a comma, not a semi-colon", but, "Have you thought this through? Doesn't this article disprove its own thesis?" I miss that. That process prevented articles like this offering from Kotaku.
David R
David R 21 päivä sitten
I gave up on eggs the last time they did reginals, 9 to 18 eggs a day, each day for a week, for 1 pokemon i wanted, as the game still has bugs and issues i dont play it much now.
TheDextermat 21 päivä sitten
an ahole name Kotaku changed pokemon to pukemond.
HeyThereVader 21 päivä sitten
I love Pokémon go a lot. And have been playing since day 1. But even i disagree with Kotaku. I do feel they are no where near as bad as most mobile games. But still a problem for those who don't know how much to spend.
odiedodieuk 21 päivä sitten
cablecow15 22 päivää sitten
How is Kotaku a "major media outlet" 😂🤣 I've never experienced people that liked or went to their website
william householder
william householder 22 päivää sitten
About as useful as tits on a boar hog. - almost YongYea
Arthas 22 päivää sitten
When you have to walk your slot machine
Heartlessdragoon 22 päivää sitten
It's gambling. Plain as day. If you have to spend $100 to get 10 *CHANCES* to get your desired reward(Assuming you ever GET your reward), then it's gambling. Loot boxes need to be removed completely, that's it.
Sesijan Arjasis
Sesijan Arjasis 22 päivää sitten
As someone who plays this game rather hardcore, it's also blatantly lying in your face, and used simply to get companies off their backs. My case being that we've had a few events since this update has rolled out, and that event spawns will be mixed in with the pool of regular Pokemon, particularly the 5 kilometer distance eggs. Regular Pokemon will then be 'pushed' back from about 1-star rarity to tier 3 or 4, yeah? Well, I had to have been the luckiest player on the planet for the recent Nosepass event in particular, because out of about 20 hatched eggs, 75% of them were NOT event Pokemon, reminder a **tier 3** rarity hatch versus **tier 1**. And THEN, I just randomly managed to hatch a SHINY Vulpix from a random egg, which is one of the rarest hatches in that tier of egg (Non-event 7 kilometer) This spawned entirely from the infamous Dragon Week post GoFest last year, where they released Shiny Deino, and told people it was available in hard to hatch 7 kilometer eggs, not telling them it was a 0.5% hatch and still a 1/450 shiny rate on top of that. We had people hatch hundreds of eggs, spend hundreds of dollars in the span of a single week, and not hatch a single Deino. Out of 60 eggs alone I only found 1 Deino (I use an auto walker to hatch eggs more often, and went hard on Dragon Week.) They took the laziest step possible and it really hasn't helped at all. As a lucky *test player* of the feature, I forget I even HAVE the option to scan what's in the eggs as I walk to hatch them.
Sesijan Arjasis
Sesijan Arjasis 22 päivää sitten
And one final note, Axew. Axew itself as a species is one of the RAREST Pokemon to find in all of Pokemon GO, on a similar tier to Deino. Any of you who don't play, Deino is a Pokemon so rare most players will see one or two a couple times a YEAR. I have never even seen a freaking Axew, and it's more readily available in 10 kilometer eggs. Guarantee you people spent to try and get the 1% Axew hatch, considering you're more likely to hatch a Shiny over finding one in the wild.
Zeblackcat 22 päivää sitten
Controversial opinion here... but, sure. Eggs are lootboxes. But they're also entirely free. The incubators you can see as a key. However.. unlike most games. Your incubator isn't a consumable. The ones you buy with cash are. You can hatch more eggs at the same time, but you're still going to need to get them... which is completely free. Do discuss, I think this one isn't as black and white as to compare it personally. Feel free to change my mind (politely would be preferred)
Illogic Cubed
Illogic Cubed 22 päivää sitten
Don't stop the conversation at Incubators, Raids are lootboxes also. Whether you catch the raid pokemon, its stats, whether it's shiny and the rare candy reward are all random. I know that I did many raids not for the specific pokemon but for the rare candy. You can do some raids for free, but it's a pretty limited number for an active player. On top of that, Niantic has the practice of releasing a Pokemon to raids to get initial dollars, then they release it later as a shiny so you have to grind it again and whether you get a shiny from a raid is up to the RNG. People can spend their money as they want, but in most places in the US if you go to a casino they have to post the odds for each slot machine and they can't market to kids.
CEREUS GC 23 päivää sitten
Nah these are fine.
Josh'sCircle 23 päivää sitten
Did you just call Kotaku a major media outlet? lul
cambienvenu 23 päivää sitten
The wonderful irony of getting a Pokémon Go ad while watching the video 🤨
ValiantGoat 23 päivää sitten
An unbelievable article. Must have been accidentally published early, likely meant for April 1st...
Ak47 23 päivää sitten
nobody: kotaku: THIS POKEMON HAS A SOUL
TrueBlueYoshi 23 päivää sitten
I don't see the eggs as such a big issue, YongYea. Yes, factually you are correct on many points--but I've been able to be competitive without buying the incubators... Maybe I am an exception but I find great pokemon that are Red 3* (Max Stats) and even have a few shinies--more than I do on the main-line-game.
Troels Jeppesen
Troels Jeppesen 23 päivää sitten
If they were bought with currency you can only get by playing the game, then yes. They would be fun presents.
Shabazza84 23 päivää sitten
It's not "KOTAKU", it's "bad journalism".
Lianhua Xin
Lianhua Xin 23 päivää sitten
They're less like lootboxes and more like freemium.
Kamachi Akahito
Kamachi Akahito 23 päivää sitten
this reminds me of the fact that my country ban GTAV Diamond Casino because well, its a casino. however when we take a look at google playstore, that app is nothing short of entire Las Vegas
Krich Ratanataree
Krich Ratanataree 23 päivää sitten
That's how drug dealers work. Just saying...They give you that first high for free to suck you in.
a hel
a hel 23 päivää sitten
I figure loot box mechanics are just the game designers teaching gamers patience.
Choges 23 päivää sitten
These aren't loot boxes
Erwin Simpauco
Erwin Simpauco 23 päivää sitten
Sounds like a new addition to your merch: Fun Presents!
krystalfan 23 päivää sitten
rape isn't unwilling forced sex its fun spontaneous pregnancy
DisgaeaFan777 23 päivää sitten
Kotaku Tries it: Pulling an EA.
ALTAIR 23 päivää sitten
Sorry but pokemon eggs aren't loot boxes. I agree with kotaku on this
Art of Ranael
Art of Ranael 23 päivää sitten
I love how he punched the box
dolst 23 päivää sitten
I feel like I must be missing something here. I'm the last person on Earth who would ever want to defend Kotaku, but I thought loot boxes had to be purchased to be considered loot boxes. I know of no way to purchase these eggs in Pokemon Go. Is this a new development in a version of the game I have not received yet? I have never spent a single dime on Pokémon Go (or any other free to play game) nor do I ever plan to, yet I have hatched many eggs over the last 4 years that I have played it. Do I just not understand what a loot box is? Edit: After watching a few more minutes, I see he's admitting that it's "not exactly like a traditional lot box" because the eggs themselves are free, and that you can purchase additional incubators. But that's done using the in-game currency. And you can build that up without spending real money too. Calling it a "loot box" seems like a stretch to me. Surf Wisely.
Matthew Talbot
Matthew Talbot 22 päivää sitten
yea, you could grind your ass off to get the In-game currency, which is only available from the time gated gym mechanic. Or you can open your wallet, buy thousands of poke-coins, and get all the incubators you want. It takes ~8 hours of holding a gym to reach the max number of 50 coins you can earn per day. In the store, it costs 150 coins for a regular, normal speed incubator. Thats three days of holding a gym for that 8 hours each day, because to get the coins someone has to come along and kick you out of the gym after that time. The super incubator costs 200 coins. That's 4 days of waiting. And to top it off, the incubators you buy break after three uses, so if you don't want to spend anything, you'd better get grinding away. Suprise mechanics and fun presents my ass
SilverXslash 23 päivää sitten
I dunno, pokemon eggs are a good excuse to get my unfit arse out the door and take a walk every day
Austin Cannon
Austin Cannon 23 päivää sitten
They should have argued that they're eggs, and eggs aren't boxes, it would have sounded just as smart.
Tysiek! 23 päivää sitten
Gifts from poland
nightshade71986 23 päivää sitten
Models like in pokemon go do sperate the purchase from payout. This would feed way less into gambling addiction as it removes the instant gratification. Again it's still not great but better than most gambling in video games.
Bearded Feline
Bearded Feline 23 päivää sitten
because kotaku is in bed with the companies, duh.
Fractured Raptor
Fractured Raptor 23 päivää sitten
See. I could easily afford to throw thousands at a game. Thing is I don't. Why? Because I'll pay to get what I want. What I won't do is gamble on a system where odds are stacked against you to constantly give you what you don't want. I have no problem buying reasonably priced skins and such. I have a serious problem with loot boxes of any sort because they purposefully put odds ridiculously low and on top of that they throw so much useless shit into the box that it isn't even worth your time or money to attempt it. Just look at Apex. You want the skin but what you constantly get is battle stats for the banner, banner styles, stickers, emotes, voice lines. Shit you could care less about.
Michael Thomas Ireland
Michael Thomas Ireland 23 päivää sitten
Do you generally rant for so long. You said so much shit for 26 minutes in a video that could have been 5 minutes.
Vincent Thieu
Vincent Thieu 23 päivää sitten
Would trading card be consider loot box as well like MTG/Pokemon/Yugioh?
Blue★ 24 päivää sitten
If the thing you are "earning" has to be rolled and can IN ANY WAY be effected by money its a paid loot box
Brock Martin -SparKingTournaments
Its optional in that you .... literally can play some other game....
pkeod 24 päivää sitten
Time is money. When are you going to go after all games with random loot? It's just a casino but you're trading your time for slot machine pulls.
Sylvester Wallace
Sylvester Wallace 24 päivää sitten
When did presents cost money
Ryan S
Ryan S 24 päivää sitten
At 5:04 you pretty much hit the nail on the head: Kotaku is nothing more than a corporate machine that spits out propaganda for other corporate machines. Do people never wonder why all these big companies are in favor of Antifa, BLM, feminism, LGBT, and other "diversity" groups? It's to keep people at each others' throats instead of going after the real problems. It's to keep the heat off their own sorry asses. They never "actually" suffer the hit to their bottom line, it's just smoke and mirrors. Their losses are subsidized by their partners, and all they have to do in exchange is hock their cheap, crappy products.
Joseph Pezzuti
Joseph Pezzuti 24 päivää sitten
Uh when are we going to do less chatting about these illegal activities and more hands on with eliminating this fucking garbage ? I’m sick of seeing so much yap and no slap!
PowerCookie1 24 päivää sitten
I don't even primarily get pokemon from eggs
KROVOS 24 päivää sitten
I think the article was paid for.
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