Marvel's Avengers Baffles The Internet With The Terrible Decision To Slow Down Progression 

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YongYea Uukausi sitten
Because obviously what a game that's hemorrhaging players because of how grindy, boring, repetitive, generic, and tedious it is needs is more grind. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - HaDe Game - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT Scout - Theron Webb - Yue
Jake H
Jake H Uukausi sitten
@Diego J. P. Castellanos its as if the game had no content to keep ppl interested 🤔
Diego J. P. Castellanos
They must have considered that people don't last because they finish the game too quick hahahaja
Jake H
Jake H Uukausi sitten
@Lucas Mackey i would like to continue that game but wont untill they remove that sunsetting bullshit
Jake H
Jake H Uukausi sitten
Slow down the process and add xp boosters $$$
parodysam Uukausi sitten
@Norman Readdis still just as game-ruining imo
Streven 18 päivää sitten
"Lack of substance, lack of content" pretty much sums up this video and and much of your vapid click bait content. Keep them angry Yong! It's great for the algorithm. The added xp needed to get to 50 is barely noticeable in practice. Not sure why they made the change because it is really trivial. Had they greatly extended the grind I would agree with you but they didn't.
Sean Rutherford
Sean Rutherford 20 päivää sitten
Considering it’s a bloody Avengers game, can I say I was annoyed that I couldn’t play the campaign with my mates and that the missions we could play weren’t worth it in the end?
Lightning CBW
Lightning CBW 21 päivä sitten
You literally can’t tell the difference when you play the game. This is a bit of an overreaction.
Freeplay Gaming
Freeplay Gaming Uukausi sitten
I got this game when it released because I had hope for it..... big mistake the gameplay was fun but the story OH GOD THE STORY soooo cringey I don’t think I ever cringed so hard in my life god i didn’t care for the ms marvel character before and now I want to punch her in the face
Rifqi Rahmatullah Luqman
Isn't it like Starwars Battlefront in the past years? You can only unlock the heroes after you grind lol
Azzzle C
Azzzle C Uukausi sitten
every marvel game on mobile phone is better than this game sadly
Skorpion Uukausi sitten
Not to burst bubbles, but slower progression in itself is not an issue. They should've added stuff to actually have something to do while progressing. Not that difficult.
vogonp 42
vogonp 42 Uukausi sitten
Why does everyone seem to be making the exact same mistakes now of days.
Adriel Uukausi sitten
As someone who recently hopped back into this game. Yong you literally have no fucking clue or knowledge as to what you’re taking about and it’s clear you didn’t even go 30 minutes into researching to inform yourself. You can level up a character from 1-50 with about 3ish hours of gameplay. If that doesn’t tell you that a change in progression is needed then i don’t know what will. Not defending this game either as it is in very poor shape but let’s just not sit here and pretend that it’s reasonable to fully level up a character and unlock every one of their skills with 3 hours of gameplay
Cristian Aviles
Cristian Aviles Uukausi sitten
I low key wanted to play this game with trailers before it dropped, really glad I Dodged a rough bullet.
Eddie Volver
Eddie Volver Uukausi sitten
Everyone loves talking about this game when it's something perceived negative trending for it this was not a bad thing the game is really easy and the progression is pretty rapid them expanding things for leveling will probably feel more like an accomplishment now
Garik Uukausi sitten
Confusing to new players? What new players?
JuuTheGamer Uukausi sitten
i understand the frustration but i believe this game can still be redeem & honestly i dont mind the extra grind tbh but come on devs thats the last thing ya should worry about
Tom Vu
Tom Vu Uukausi sitten
Development costs for such a generic game???
c widd
c widd Uukausi sitten
I was more likely to buy the stress box before you pitched it
vide0gameCaster Uukausi sitten
Good let that garbage title die! Square Enix needs to focus on good IP!
Vulcanic Uukausi sitten
Maybe it's a good thing that my pc can't run basically any newer games, I don't have to risk dealing with AAA garbage like this.
ThatTyGuy Uukausi sitten
"New players can find leveling too fast confusing" oh, honey.....there are no more 'New Players'
ThatTyGuy Uukausi sitten
We need to add variety to the game, what do we do? Add hawkeye Ok, nice what else Also add a female hawkeye? BRILLIANT
JimmyTheLoon Uukausi sitten
This has to be one of the biggest fuck ups in gaming history.
Vec Uukausi sitten
Anthem 3.0
Comet Streak
Comet Streak Uukausi sitten
Best superhero game is Saints Row IV
Eldritch Truth
Eldritch Truth Uukausi sitten
All 9 of the players who play this game, won't be happy.
Curtis DeCoste
Curtis DeCoste Uukausi sitten
It’s the board room answer to: “Our game is empty, unsatisfying and has no end game.” “Can we slow down how quickly people get to the end game then?” 👏 👏 👏 Give this man a $20 million bonus 😂
RealComp5 Uukausi sitten
This game needs a Snyder cut
Kris Hall
Kris Hall Uukausi sitten
Well you better get ready for another anthem because this is looking like anthem all over again Not listening to the community making changes that no one asked for
Ineedmoney Uukausi sitten
It’s too confusing for people seriously. That just seems like an excuse to drag things out which is going to make people get bored of the game fast over playing it longer.
Predatory Sith
Predatory Sith Uukausi sitten
YAY! The 7 people that still play this dumpster fire, will be extremely happy
Predatory Sith
Predatory Sith Uukausi sitten
Just like Anthem. Drive players off with a bad game and keep them away with consistent bad decisions
Star Ship Siete
Star Ship Siete Uukausi sitten
I know I'm probably the millionth person to point this out. But, had SquareEnix just focused on a solid singleplayer experience this game would've moved.
llAntimatterll Uukausi sitten
Yes, because the tiny amount of people that still play this game now have to be even more miserable. Brilliant way to keep a fanbase and redeem yourself, Crystal Dynamics XD..
zioncommand Uukausi sitten
Would it be financially smart to get the game at a low price then? Since the launch price was 59.99
Kwayke Uukausi sitten
Why did Square even accept to make this game that had no chance of ever being profitable again due to ridiculous licensing and maintenance fees?
Tee Simmons
Tee Simmons Uukausi sitten
This is why i wait until i run out and buy a game on day 1
TwoCentReview Uukausi sitten
Spider-Man announced as Playstation exclusive, making everyone mad, because all other versions are now worth less. Spider-Man delayed so now not even people who exclusively wanted the Playstation version and didn’t care about the controversy aren’t happy. Next gen upgrade will not entail progression migration. (How is this still a thing?) More grind! -Honestly, does someone have a standing bet to make the worst live service ever? Like that the amount of money they gain by winning far outweighs how much they invest? If that’s the case, I suppose that Avengers is a masterpiece...
NotaVoltorb Uukausi sitten
Maybe their intention is to slow the grind down so people play longer. That ain't gonna work for most peeps
dereksjourney Uukausi sitten
I'd blame no-lifers for a lot of this, they have to nerf progression on a lot of games due to boys who sit at home all day and night doing nothing but gaming. Those of us who get off work and want to game for a few hours have to suffer from it. Go outside kids...
Valcross Uukausi sitten
People still play that crap game 🎮🤦
Awall Digital
Awall Digital Uukausi sitten
Taking loot away from players and making games more grinding is never something that works. They should take a page out of the playbook of Diablo three. More loot, more loot, more loot. Make the game is easier to progress in and give them more rewards and GAMER’s will stick around. It’s really fucking simple.
Brandon Dimopoulos
Brandon Dimopoulos Uukausi sitten
Wasn't Hawkeye suppose to be released in October???
Wouter de vries
Wouter de vries Uukausi sitten
WoW (specifically talking about retail) is the only game where players complained about too fast skill progression I think. That's why Blizzard was reluctant on releasing WoW Classic, because they didn't think that was what players wanted. "You think you do, but you don't".
Blakes Vidgamagame Diaries
It's obvious they arn't listening to the players and fans of marvel and video games. Being someone who both enjoys games and marvel, I was excited to hear that this was coming out and was on my list of must buys. BUT..I always listening to and read reviews across the board before purchasing a game. It didn't help either when we found it was going to be live service. This doesn't mean its going to be bad..it just raises a flag of caution..a wait and see condition. After reviews came out, the same notes were being thrown around. Grindy, time investment, lack of things to do, A mobile game free to play element. So I left it, didn't even bother to start. I was hoping that maybe I find it for cheap/discounted. Maybe it's worth $20? Maybe...but after hearing they are increasing the grind. I mean Come on.
AnotherAlfa Uukausi sitten
Oh look, another nail in the live service's coffin, what a lovely day.
Adam M
Adam M Uukausi sitten
I don't buy products from a company which treats meg like an idiot, and you so called "fans" shouldn't do it too. Trust me, the world would be a better place of blind fans didn't stay blind. Who thought, huh?
Federico Gómez
Federico Gómez Uukausi sitten
"Stretching that grind even thinner" Genshin Impact is that you?
Tywren2 Uukausi sitten
I walked away from this game when they put in, and started pushing Rubberband Girl. She's an obnoxious character in the comics, and was obnoxious in the ads, so I voted with my wallet.
Ecko Stream
Ecko Stream Uukausi sitten
Marvel Avenger 28k peak player :P Good Job "AAA'' Million of dollar development game... Valheim, 5 people team, Peak at 500k+, 5 million sold in a month... No real marketing budget...
Dis Game Cheats
Dis Game Cheats Uukausi sitten
Its just an excuse to stretch out the skill tree progression because that's most enjoyable part. There is no true EndGame content at the moment and it's still not ready. They're hoping the distracts players for the coming months with custom HARM rooms and slow xp. Let players fight custom hordes of enemies aside of missions to scratch that combat itch and stretch out upgrading until they can get content out, because the 150 grind is 100% pointless right now.
Phenurio Uukausi sitten
Opens video.... Wtf is this shit? Yong : I'll see you guys next time.... Yong out!
Tigery1234 Uukausi sitten
I just wish they gave me my money back and it will be all good
One Punch
One Punch Uukausi sitten
Can we increase the level progression in these videos? 15 minutes to give a 2 minute update.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Uukausi sitten
The funniest/saddest part is the views in this video is probably 50 times larger than the active community in the game itself
Raker Maxwell
Raker Maxwell Uukausi sitten
SE: "Oh shit we're about to fuck this up, we should probably have Yoshi-P save our ass... again."
Adonis Aviles
Adonis Aviles Uukausi sitten
Marvel's Avengers baffled the internet when they made Kamala Khan the main character. Kamala Khan isn't a thing. Kamala Khan is never going to be a thing. Stop trying to make Kamala Khan a thing.
ShadowLynx777 Uukausi sitten
Imagine actively trying to murder your own game
Victor Pleitez
Victor Pleitez Uukausi sitten
Such a dumb tactic to raise their player count.
Jonathan McNamara
Jonathan McNamara Uukausi sitten
The second major video game crash is coming. Its coming so hard.. There isnt a single mainstream studio that isnt fucking up. Not a single one. Even CD projekt fucked up ... Who is left? FromSoftware? Blizzard, Bethesda, Valve, Visceral, Bungie, DICE, Maxis, etc. Etc. All gone, dead, or shadows of themselves..
CekoJuna Uukausi sitten
“Our game is dying. Why?” “One of the problem is that they’re leveling too fast” “Okay, let’s reverse that” *Logic*
HULK SMASH Uukausi sitten
Oh, I forgot about this game. I'm going to continue with the forgetting.
Malidictus Uukausi sitten
See, I don't get this. The argument made sense at the start. Rather than higher levels requiring more XP (which isn't necessarily "good" so much as "tradition"), all levels took the same amount of XP. Oh, so you're going to redistribute the the XP needed to level up such that lower levels are earned faster in return for higher levels being earned slower? Like the reverse of what Blizzard did for Overwatch? "No, actually. We'll just slow level progression down and make it take overall longer." To quite the Street Fighter: Third Strike announcer - "Yeah, that makes sense!" They're boosting grind to paper over lack of content. Simple as that.
Kyber Knight
Kyber Knight Uukausi sitten
On the flip side. Square Enix/People Can Fly Outriders Demo had over 10,000 Steam players as of 3/7/2021. That should tell them something if they're paying attention.
Arthur Staufackar
Arthur Staufackar Uukausi sitten
They had the bread and the butter and they still fucked up, that's impressive.
Judge Dread
Judge Dread Uukausi sitten
Triple AAA publishers/devs do the right thing? HA! No.
Mark Drake
Mark Drake Uukausi sitten
next week: "hey people, we included xp boosters now for just $9.99 per hour! :D
Kevin Santos
Kevin Santos Uukausi sitten
are ppl really still playing this shit?
Julian Dixon
Julian Dixon Uukausi sitten
I want my $60 at launch back😢
brsubwayfc Uukausi sitten
Players: Where is the game? SE: I used the game to destroy the game
Tick Tock
Tick Tock Uukausi sitten
these devs are so out of touch they just need to give everyone a refund there fighting a losing battle
victorzvyagin360 Uukausi sitten
Soooo........ what exactly Do we get for spending Even(!) more time on levelling? As Murray said, "I am waiting for the Punchline"
tlove21 Uukausi sitten
Simply put, it was a money grab, and I saw that from the first demo. The marketing was blatant as well, and what loss they experienced is due to a lack of vision. There are games out there with 1-3 man developers that are much better.
Vinay Shenoy
Vinay Shenoy Uukausi sitten
2020 was great for people who don't buy games before/at launch.
Ryux shi
Ryux shi Uukausi sitten
My brother still thanks me for yelling at him becaus he wanted to preorder this.
Luke V
Luke V Uukausi sitten
my money is it is going to go f2P...
- 42 -
- 42 - Uukausi sitten
You're just a hater, the new content is going to be so amazing that players will love to have their xp progression extended. How can you not have faith in the game after its stellar launch?
Polymorphing Uukausi sitten
I hate shitty games like this one
Fenrisúlfr 1217
Fenrisúlfr 1217 Uukausi sitten
The lineup should have been Thor,Captain America,Iron Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and The Scarlet Witch... ☀️🐺🌙🐺 Yeah that sounds good too me...🤟
Fenrisúlfr 1217
Fenrisúlfr 1217 Uukausi sitten
I haven't played it yet but I see a lot of pre-owned copies in GameStop already.. ☀️🐺🌙🐺
bigchunk1 Uukausi sitten
It's confusing and overwhelming that a developer would decide to stretch basic and boring gameplay across such a long grind.
Jayden Craig
Jayden Craig Uukausi sitten
I actually have played games where they overwhelmed with moves and features to fast so they weren’t really explained and I think they should have been spread out But Avengers is an example of the exact opposite of that
ssatkd Uukausi sitten
What baffles me is to know that there are still people playing this. Good luck to those
SteveGames Uukausi sitten
Wow... companies REALLY don't want to give people a reason to buy the new consoles, huh?
DJ Sans
DJ Sans Uukausi sitten
Square Enix is busy making outriders so there putting more time in that game sadly
Hassat Hunter
Hassat Hunter Uukausi sitten
Marvel Avengers baffles internet by not being dead yet, also by suddenly reminding us all it WAS a thing.
lAmDreary Uukausi sitten
R13 PODCAST Uukausi sitten
Love the channel bro,I used to do security at Konami back in the Metal gear solid 5 days! lol
Nath Lines
Nath Lines Uukausi sitten
You don't get it. They gotta sell exp boosters somehow, man.
Sapphir Uukausi sitten
Well its not like people could care less about piece of shit game like this so why not milk the stupids.
Tiger 131
Tiger 131 Uukausi sitten
This is a good example of killing the remaining playerbase you have
Seth Grey
Seth Grey Uukausi sitten
So many live service games have failed even when they weren't particularly bad (I'm looking at yout The Division 2), yet AAA studios are hellbent on trying to mimic Destiny (which itself was so standing on its last legs that Bungie had to reverse its sunsetting to get people to feel a modicum of excitement). Honestly it baffles me.
Christopher Alanis
Christopher Alanis Uukausi sitten
take Yoshi-P from FF14 and FF16 to Avengers to help fix the game, jokes aside but they do need someone that KNOWS wat to do because this game is turning into a FF14 scenario... i think
W-G snow
W-G snow Uukausi sitten
Good thing outsiders demo came out. Would suck to see it die because of no player testing.
JaiOnline Uukausi sitten
Good. Normalize not feeling bad for companies that release a bad game and continue to actively ruin it.
Noah Roll
Noah Roll Uukausi sitten
They can do this if the game is F2P
BuDz TV Uukausi sitten
With all the money these companies have, for some reason they don't have any long time, experienced, older gamers ( me ) working for them as advisors . Shit even the average gamer could easily call out red flags quickly like : 1. Not a server side game / No anti-cheat ? ( easily edit any value including "skill points lol" and currencies in character game save ) 2. Mundane repetitive mission structures/progression/content 3. Items and gear have no visual or cosmetic change , basically just stat sticks/invisible clothes 4. The game not quite knowing what it wants to be , a hero/looter live service ? a single player marvel game ? ( the latter with no cheesy lazy gear and RPG progression systems probably would have served this title better off. Who knows it probably would have still been mediocre Basically its funny to watch the disconnect between companies who make games and gamers who play them.
iamrathercool12121 Uukausi sitten
Slowing down to let it die...
Septimius Severus
Septimius Severus Uukausi sitten
People still play this? I guess it didn't die as fast as Anthem but still...
gonace Uukausi sitten
Don't worry they'll listen to the few players left and release a monetized XP-pack!
Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson Uukausi sitten
500 to 700 hundred people will not keep this game going. We ALREADY KNOW what will happen here... This game is dead in the water. Period. Why even waste money on it to add anything? It's over. Look at the scoreboard folks.. The game is over. It's a blowout. It's gonna end up on an episode of Nerdslayer or Matt McMuscles. RIP Avengers live service trash. Hope the money y'all spent on voice talent was worth it!
Frederick Kruger
Frederick Kruger Uukausi sitten
This game I not going to survive the current gen launch it's barely making with last gen.
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