Marvel's Avengers Faces Scathing Feedback As Hawkeye DLC Fails To Impress & Rekindle Hope 

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YongYea 21 päivä sitten
I legit don't see a path where this game recovers its lost audience if it's taking this long to release such little new content and if the gameplay loop still remains a drag. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [BIG BOSS] - callmevocal - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Joseph Lavoie [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Sarano - Shepard Gaming - skyrimfan14 - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT Scout - NEO JASON VAMP - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
Aizen2468 8 päivää sitten
@jonas dixon terrible people? Have you seen their business model? Would you like me to make a list for you on the crap they've done with this game? This game gets more views on people ACTIVELY hoping it fails, than people who actually have any interest in playing it....and that's because of the really awful choices they've made around it. Loyalty as a consumer is nice and all, but blindness from sticking your head in the sand and attacking everyone who isn't ALSO burying their head in the sand isn't going to change the really crappy choices they've made.
jonas dixon
jonas dixon 8 päivää sitten
@Jason Todd nah I don't experience that sorry for you
Jason Todd
Jason Todd 8 päivää sitten
@jonas dixon You and your mate is not 'plenty'. The game is dead on every system...
jonas dixon
jonas dixon 8 päivää sitten
All of y'all are terrible people woooow, it's so sad
jonas dixon
jonas dixon 8 päivää sitten
@Aizen2468 wow
Preston Graham
Preston Graham 18 tuntia sitten
Well nooo Crizap. And they got you people to pay for that junk game more than twice now. Hahaha
Not2be4gotten02 3 päivää sitten
When the reviews are as repetitive as the gameplay
corey smalls
corey smalls 6 päivää sitten
Smh..I knew to stay away from this game..so many of my friends on Facebook was trying to get me to buy it(most are casual gamers)...outriders has more recurring players and that game has got hella bugs and problems..smh..game industry is going backwards..how is it possible games had less bugs and glitches 15,20 yrs ago..its like the release broken games on purpose..this why I like/Dislike online gaming..it let's them release a game 85,90% done and finish the rest with patches later...shits wack
Rana 7 päivää sitten
Like hawkeye once said "Dont give me hope" is pretty accurate.
Miguel lilly
Miguel lilly 7 päivää sitten
Should be called barely live service at this point.
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez 7 päivää sitten
LmAoo no one was ever going to come back to this game cause freaking hawkeye came out 😂😂
keelo brown
keelo brown 8 päivää sitten
Everyone says the game has potential... it really doesnt. Theres so many issues with the game on every level that to make the game good, it would need to be remade into an entirely new game.
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller 10 päivää sitten
Everyone is so harsh on this game, and it saddens me. It really isn't THAT bad, like I get the criticism, it ain't exactly a 10/10, but everyone acts like it's the worst game they've ever played. I get it, this kinda game isn't for everyone, but everyone talks about it like it's objectively bad in everyway. I love this game, and I feel bad for the devs who have to hear this constantly. I really don't want this game to enter an early grave, because I can see so much potential in it. They'll that reach potential as long as the plug isn't pulled, but with all this backlash, I worry that's exactly what'll happen.
Ernest Gil
Ernest Gil 12 päivää sitten
You're still waiting for that Marvel money to come to give a glowing review like you did with Cyberjunk 2077 huh? Keep on shilling up!👍
Dethlok719 12 päivää sitten
They need a highway charter, not a road map.
Cam Doyle
Cam Doyle 13 päivää sitten
“But the game has so much potential”
mrbigman006 14 päivää sitten
They really thought 1 dlc character would revive a dead game
J Money
J Money 14 päivää sitten
I am Sooo Playing Through The ENTIRE game Again!!! With the Xbox Series X on Performance mode this Amazing Story is Finally Realized!!! I can't wait to see where they take the story next. It's just an Absolutely Incredible Experience and I am Sooo Grateful to the developers for continuing to push to make this one of the Best Marvel Stories and experiences EVER 👏🎮🥳💯
TonyG718 14 päivää sitten
I love this game. Never changed my statement on that to regardless of the current narratives within media, whether major or indie/positive or negative.
redrooster303 14 päivää sitten
Stop already! It's dead!
KyoshiLonehearted 15 päivää sitten
This is what happens when you make a game that only serves to satisfy endless corporate greed. A lot of people blame Square and especially the devs, but I am certain that Disney is the reason this game exists as is. Disney simply wants an endless money generator, exploiting the Avengers IP to do so. The marketing campaign for the game was corporate incarnate. I am happy to see it imploding on itself.
Benjamin Trout
Benjamin Trout 16 päivää sitten
The big tell not to buy this game at the time they announced it: Kamala Kahn.
G. Rogowski
G. Rogowski 16 päivää sitten
2:00 KHAANNN!!!!!!!!
Mello Rebel
Mello Rebel 16 päivää sitten
I'm convinced the last few people playing this game are bots 😐
Lmao What
Lmao What 16 päivää sitten
Why is no game includig MMO elements into them. The little different map genome pods suck in avengers make be a big city and forest and shit let me walk around go somewhere
Dereenaldo Ambun
Dereenaldo Ambun 16 päivää sitten
Might as well pull the plug at this point.
blacksage81 16 päivää sitten
So glad I dodged this bullet.
James Foster
James Foster 16 päivää sitten
This is what happens when a game is made by a marketing team.
Manny 02
Manny 02 16 päivää sitten
The real avengers are the poor editors who have to play this game to write an article about it
Jay Syon
Jay Syon 16 päivää sitten
Same missions even after this long. Gets real boring after awhile. Their idea of variety is making levels more annoying and more traps. Enemy types lame AF like the adaptoids and shock troopers with auto lock on far range stuns and ranged moves. Instead of making you feel good and proficient for overcoming and figuring out enemies, gameplay feels cumbersome, getting cheap shotted and interrupts flow of battle unlike Spider-Man or Batman. All the load interruptions and pointless scenes waiting at checkpoints and it still takes forever to load.
Geralt Of Bolivia
Geralt Of Bolivia 17 päivää sitten
We all owe fallout 76 an apology for thinking that it could forever be the most greedy and out of touch game ever made.
Geralt Of Bolivia
Geralt Of Bolivia 17 päivää sitten
You know your game is bad when ghost recon breakpoint is more fun than this.
Moon Raven
Moon Raven 17 päivää sitten
Live Service games need to die in all fairness.
Deity of Gods
Deity of Gods 17 päivää sitten
*all they had to do was capitalize on Wanda and Vision. Where tf are they???*
Danny Stopford
Danny Stopford 17 päivää sitten
Imagine hinging the hopes for your game on Hawkeye of all heroes...
Ace Anarky
Ace Anarky 17 päivää sitten
It’s funny how they’re selling Hulk’s Maestro Skin for $15 in their store rn
Satisfactory1Up 17 päivää sitten
It’s Hawkeye nothing special 😂😂😂
irish chancer
irish chancer 17 päivää sitten
Anyone else worried about outriders ??? Square enix has a stake in that to
irish chancer
irish chancer 17 päivää sitten
Did I not already watch this ,
NiceGuy NoBan
NiceGuy NoBan 17 päivää sitten
From live service to no service
David Corrigan
David Corrigan 17 päivää sitten
Everyone's least favourite MCU character was going to change the fortune's of this game. YEAH RIGHT!
Bryan oppong
Bryan oppong 17 päivää sitten
I bet someone in the comments section is saying to 5 players that are still playing or people are still playing this oh great fighting more robots I don’t understand if you don’t like the game play something else or move on is like you guys are running out with Criticism
Schwarz Chaosico
Schwarz Chaosico 17 päivää sitten
I have almost played it everyday since it is launched back in September last year, however, I can’t stand this game any longer as it is extremely boring now , lol Unless, they add A LOT more heroes, villains sector, modes (something like civil war: 4 vs 4 PVP, treasure hunting, race and fight to get regional flags / points battle,...etc), making the game can really be a multi players co-op is the most important, since this is what the team of Avengers / super heroes are about, fight alongside the others, I don’t want to play just one new character for 2 weeks and abandon the game until the next update ...
Mark Collins
Mark Collins 17 päivää sitten
I won't play a superhero game unless it has either an open world or character creation. This is just a linear story going from set-piece to set-piece, 1 run, and you don't need to play it again. They may try Hawkeye once, then what?
Steve W
Steve W 17 päivää sitten
Im still not going to waste money on this title. I will wait until it is free to play and if i like it, i will think about spending money on it. Going free to play is the only way to generate intrest with new players.
Sam 17 päivää sitten
I think If they had picked a different character more people would jump in. Let’s be honest. Who cares about Hawkeye like that? They should’ve prioritized black Panther. Now that would’ve gotten a lot of people.
JonK 17 päivää sitten
Such a disappointment
X X 17 päivää sitten
Don't you americans have more important things to worry about than this absolute stupidity?
Jayce Bee
Jayce Bee 18 päivää sitten
I had high hope for this game , after playing it I was not impressed.
9BeastKing 18 päivää sitten
Kate bishop and hawkeye are NOT echo fighters and they don't play similarly at all.. anyone who's actually played the game knows that, also what other brawler looters exist?
Pure Mgtow Paladin 2
Pure Mgtow Paladin 2 18 päivää sitten
People still play this garbage? There's always a sucker.
cursedsummoner 18 päivää sitten
"Patch 1 with 1000 fixes" - this is one of those early access games, right?
9BeastKing 18 päivää sitten
I really like the concept of this game. They just keep fucking it up with how they're treating the game.
Justin Stoll
Justin Stoll 18 päivää sitten
Maybe this will put an end cap and finally kill live service games.
Daniel Carragher
Daniel Carragher 18 päivää sitten
The life support plug needs to be pulled on this crap game. In an interview the lead game developer said that in an future update. You'll get to play missions with four of the same characters. Which leads you to believe that the problem that they created, in that a mission has to be composed of different heroes. Which tells me that they are trying to make it so that when Spider-Man comes out you can all play a mission as him. But they launched an unfinished game with problems, and failed to meet their own goals for hero release. And by the time anything major comes out it will be too late. So cut your losses and put this game out of it's misery.
ThoryFan824 18 päivää sitten
They need to just revamp the game to be a more focused single player affair
Linke Socke
Linke Socke 18 päivää sitten
Hawkeye was not gonna save this. Almost noone reads or watches the avengers for hawkeye. I am sure he has fans, but I'm pretty sure it's just a very small group among the Marvel fans.
David Brown
David Brown 18 päivää sitten
It also blows me away these companies continue to do the same shit over and over and over.
David Brown
David Brown 18 päivää sitten
I tried hoping back in. Man is it fucking boring. I think I played 45 min total
That Vision
That Vision 18 päivää sitten
I feel like this game would’ve been fine had it took up the ultimate alliance type gameplay because this game is ridiculously garbage
ttrop 18 päivää sitten
where is spider-man
Dream Syndicate
Dream Syndicate 18 päivää sitten
Live service for this game was a stupid idea. The gameplay ecosystem- from loot to leveling was ultimately what made me quit playing. They really need to make serious QOL adjustments to the game and have more variety in the enemies, loot variety and other adjustments. I would have preferred a robust single player experience with paid dlc packs over what we ultimately got.
John Mc
John Mc 18 päivää sitten
Stop talking about numbers wat other outlets have said & get into the gameplay right away, Yong. Otherwise you'll be Owwt.
Zephyr Prime
Zephyr Prime 18 päivää sitten
I don't even understand how you can fail to make a live service game, especially with a popular ip. Making a profitable live service game is so easy, if god damn Warframe can succeed how can Avengers not?
C T 18 päivää sitten
I want DCUA DC Ultimate Alliance! The combat is Avengers is good but my god it got boring really fast. I was unable to finish it. Compare that to me playing Marvel a ultimate Alliance(MUA) 3 times on xbox360 And recently on Xbox One.. and I got it on PC recently but haven’t tried it or the mods yet.... -I can’t believe how bad gaming is today with live services and bad decisions and anti-gamer Policies like Warcraft-3 remaster not on,y sucking but killed the original Warcraft-3 in the process.. - This is why YongYeah is sooo important and valuable,e to gamers..... /respect !!!
Edward Chantler
Edward Chantler 18 päivää sitten
I played the beta for this game. If it went free to play, I'd still probably not play it.
David Saul
David Saul 18 päivää sitten
I'd actually forgotten this game even existed before I saw this video and I can't be the only one.
Terry Brown
Terry Brown 18 päivää sitten
The only thing about this game people looking forward to is Spider-Man and black panther frfr
richard james
richard james 18 päivää sitten
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 18 päivää sitten
I couldn’t even get further than two hours in the game
Nate Ludlow
Nate Ludlow 18 päivää sitten
I played the first 5 minutes of the new story and said “This is still the bull crud repetitive game I played a year ago!” And then uninstalled
I'm just a regular tincan
I'm just a regular tincan 18 päivää sitten
Square enix avengers is a flop of a game. The world: what no way? How could a game that didn't use mcu popularity to sell itself, have copy pasted enemies and a lack luster story ever be bad?
Dale Macarena
Dale Macarena 18 päivää sitten
So square enix still doesn't get all the hate EA gets ?
Gabby VG.
Gabby VG. 18 päivää sitten
I'll ask the same question that I asked when trying this game out,.. How do you F***-Up Avengers? How? And I knew when I saw the Hawkeye previews that it would SUCK TOO
NH808 18 päivää sitten
I have been enjoying the game and playing on next gen makes it so much more enjoyable. I hope they add at least 1 magic user before they end support.
Stanis Kucharski
Stanis Kucharski 18 päivää sitten
The more I step away from gaming the more obvious these situations are from the outside. Saw one add on TV of all places and just audibly laughed. Entertaining game 👌
Leonard Hammond
Leonard Hammond 18 päivää sitten
Love hearing this game fail again and again. Eat shit devs
Jermaine Stewart
Jermaine Stewart 18 päivää sitten
They can still fix the game, but it won't be a quick fix. It will take about 1-2 years. The way to fix it is to convert it from a brawler game to a game based on teamwork. Also, each character should have strengths and weaknesses, and this is the part that will take the most amount of time to change. The whole point of the Avengers is teamwork, because one hero can't do it alone. Of course they should allow a single player to beat the game, but they should emphasize teamwork.
Rob Chuk
Rob Chuk 18 päivää sitten
I've been playing the game since the holidays, and it was fine, but now the Hawkeye update has made some performance issues a bit worse. I'm suddenly noticing bugs that I wasn't before
Alex Aselia
Alex Aselia 18 päivää sitten
Free to play. Or else, fail.
Snow axe
Snow axe 18 päivää sitten
The 30 people still playing this game rejoiced,
Trauma 19 päivää sitten
More like: "Birdeye" wtf?
Glitch Online
Glitch Online 19 päivää sitten
Comment for the Algorithm Gods!!!
Brandflakes Wiley
Brandflakes Wiley 19 päivää sitten
Hawkeye is so fun to play, I got the game for 30 bucks, worth it. There's so much negativity in gaming today because of gamers
Brandflakes Wiley
Brandflakes Wiley 18 päivää sitten
@Eduardo Campos I'm not gonna argue, let people enjoy what they enjoy, it's worth 30 bucks to me
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos 18 päivää sitten
@Brandflakes Wiley yeah so let's just compare the number of players at launch to now, the majority of players saying it's not worth it, the dev promises, the bugs, lack of variety and many other things. I mean, I love Marvel/Avengers but this game it's just disappointing, you have to be blind to not admit that but hey it's fun to play
Brandflakes Wiley
Brandflakes Wiley 18 päivää sitten
@Eduardo Campos u can think it's bad and be wrong too
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos 18 päivää sitten
You can have fun playing it but that doesn't mean it is a good game lol...
Brandflakes Wiley
Brandflakes Wiley 19 päivää sitten
Me and my friends have been having alot of fun with the game
Albatorwow 19 päivää sitten
Hawkeye-related dlc disapointements? Whodathunkit?
Michael Corteen
Michael Corteen 19 päivää sitten
All they had to do was make a semi open world rpg where you could play as the avengers going round fighting aliens etc
Mug Man
Mug Man 19 päivää sitten
Tbh I’m not surprised in the least
OchosiGod 19 päivää sitten
Why would you bring Hawkeye no one cares about em
taterboob 19 päivää sitten
They’re just now getting around to Hawkeye? Jesus, they don’t have time for baby steps like that. They’ve got to start breaking out the big guns like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men if they want to save this sinking ship.
Paul Farrer Music
Paul Farrer Music 19 päivää sitten
I'm still bummed that they ruined the Avengers IP, and decided to put out this mess as opposed to a new Deus Ex game. I mean I know Mankind Divided got some stick, but I enjoyed it, and would choose a sequel a million times over this fuster-cluck.
Sapphir 19 päivää sitten
This game lost most of its audience with its first gameplay trainer and price reveal. This game looked so massively underwhelming.
Grizzly Productions
Grizzly Productions 19 päivää sitten
There was a Hawkeye DLC? Huh, never even knew.
chicken 19 päivää sitten
great. i really wish ANYONE trying to make a LIvE SeRviCe games gets failed.
KingRezz 19 päivää sitten
So I've actually heard nothing but good things from the new update to the game from a lot of different sources, weird
Heide Knight
Heide Knight 19 päivää sitten
What do you think about Outriders? Try the free demo yet?
Jastin Balanquit
Jastin Balanquit 19 päivää sitten
Remember the lady Square Enix Hired and had the AUDACITY to lie to us STATING "NO MICROTRANSACTIONS" 🤦‍♂️
Jastin Balanquit
Jastin Balanquit 19 päivää sitten
The story was an amazing continuation to what Kate Bishop started 👌 But as usual the game is bland and the only thing new they added is ONE MAP 🙄 Hawkeye doesnt have a free outfit when you get to level 50 🤬 And the free challenge card level 39 outfit is SHIT.....they couldn't give us an appropriate outfit for hawkeye??? At least Kate's level 39 challenge card outfit was 🔥 I am starting to waver with this game even though Spiderman is only for Play Station 😕 After spiderman arrives and i max him out in level, power level, and challenge cards.....I am gonna replay the whole story and dlcs and then finally move on from this.... Chances are Gotham Knights will do the same I fear 😑
Jastin Balanquit
Jastin Balanquit 19 päivää sitten
Edit: 🤬 It says when you replay everything, you are asked to delete all your progress and start again from square one 👎 I guess after i max out Spiderman (the supposed last character) Officially deleting this game and hiding my game disc, never to be used again
ryan. 19 päivää sitten
if i want a fighting game ill go back and play the batman games, they are far superior/looks a hell of a lot better/ AND IT WORKS
Triglav 19 päivää sitten
Ya know, this is one of those times where I disagree with Yong and probably lots of other people. Would I recommend this game for $60? No, wait for a sale and grab it then. The game has improved though since launch where its more stable compared to the Beta and Launch. I waited and didn't buy on launch too and got it on sale. The devs are releasing the heroes/heroines as free DLC which is pretty good considering the climate of how everything that comes later is usually paid DLC. Sure the initial roster was just six characters, but we are getting new ones for no expense to us plus a bit more story each time. Also that fanbyte article has some fallacies about Kate and Hawkeye being the same character. Sure they both use arrows and a sword, but they get different skill sets and heroic abilities. For example, Hawkeye can heal his team mates with a recovery arrow and he travels via a grapple arrow to swing kind of like spider-man around on cliffs and poles where as Kate uses a blink teleport and she can place down a decoy that can be blown up after it lures people in. Hawkeye also gets an arrow that guides itself around and hits every enemy for a duration as his Ultimate where as Kate can get explosive charged arrows and deal damage in a large area to groups. Its not a simple matter of Ken and Ryu, the mechanics are the same sure, but the way their powers work are not. I won't really get too deep into this argument because I simple don't have the time but we are in a time period too where games are all being launched in uncompleted states and being sold that way. Cyberpunk 2077 was definitely a case of that and they got punished for it, severely, for not being more upfront about it. Other devs do it to show what they are trying to achieve and encourage people to support them with the offer that they will keep working on it. Devs generally have to earn good will these days to keep the game going as well as profit and from where i'm standing, Cyberpunk disappointed me but Avengers at least didn't lie to my face about what they were doing.
bear798 19 päivää sitten
It's insane that avengers, one of the biggest franchises of all time, has such a lackluster trash game
Ben Solo
Ben Solo 19 päivää sitten
Fr one of if not the biggest franchise in the last 10 years
Saif Khan
Saif Khan 19 päivää sitten
It's because we have got Kate with better sword play before Hawkeye
Mister Turk Turkle
Mister Turk Turkle 19 päivää sitten
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez 19 päivää sitten
Marvel Fans "Look how they massacred my boy"
I’m sorry.
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