Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced - The Great, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 

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YongYea 24 päivää sitten
Definitely some very welcome quality of life enhancements, but not the Switch Pro people were waiting for. Looks like we're waiting longer. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): www.yongyea.com PATREON: www.patreon.com/yongyea TWITTER: twitter.com/yongyea TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Joseph Lavoie [BIG BOSS] - Charlie Galvin - Devon B - Jonathan Ball - Nathan Roll - Sarano - skyrimfan14 - Solomon J. Twiggs [BOSS] - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - MD archenangel - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - The Brothers Tiegs - Theron Webb - Yue
holamoco17 22 päivää sitten
There arw no good things about this, it's all bad, NINTENDO SCAMMING YOU FANBOYS
gfear24 23 päivää sitten
If you use it a lot in portable mode, get a Switch Lite for $150 less.
Toku76 23 päivää sitten
Did you see the guy playing Splatoon using the app on his phone? I bet Splatoon players who saw that were cringing.
Adolfo Burgio
Adolfo Burgio 23 päivää sitten
What a shit!!
Azhrei2000 23 päivää sitten
Still don't care until the switch gets the Mass effect trilogy... And it should have had OLED to begin, my fracking Vita has it.
Hernando Vallejo
Hernando Vallejo 2 päivää sitten
People can't wrap their heads around the fact that Switch is midway into a generation and it will likely get replaced in 4 years for more powerful hardware. Having "Pro" games that don't run properly on older Switch models could be a slap in the face and a backfire that speaks from the old 3DS times when the "New 3DS" came around with new games older models couldn't play... making this batch of games a very limited run because they could not alienate the whole bunch of guys who bought one before. This was a no-brainer from the start. OLED is not made to appease Pro-fans (who will never be satisfied, regardless of how good a change would have been), is made to re-sell the success of the current one to newer users.
Melvin Mckinney
Melvin Mckinney 11 päivää sitten
I don’t know why the editors, writers, gamers or anyone is surprise. Nintendo have always done things their way. I think they hung up the rat race of console power competition back in N64 days. They just don’t want to compete in that space. We may never see a switch pro. Switch 2 or whatever and no amount of publish articles is going to make them do it either. Their end goal to separate themselves from this getting crowded gaming space. Tried and true experiences and gameplay is their bread and butter with their first party IPs. It has always been that way for them. The Wii was not a CPU / GPU powerhouse but over a 100 mil brought it. That’s where they live to keep from being another Xbox or PS on the shelf. We need to accept it. And I think it make sense for Nintendo. Valve just put a portable Xbox on the shelf.
Pacman 12 päivää sitten
Despite there’s no upgrade in performance which is ultimately disappointed, I was going to get this one.. until Steam Deck was announced. So a big win to Valve, I preordered a 512GB unit already.
Captain Sweden
Captain Sweden 12 päivää sitten
720p and 64gb....its like traveling back to year 2006.
REDISJUPITER 13 päivää sitten
I really doubt a Switch Pro is going to come around any time soon. This new one is fine imo, maybe a performance upgrade would've been really nice, but the over-hype definitely didn't do anyone any good. It's a good option for those without a Switch though, so I'm probably just going to get this new one since I never got one
Kotoryyk 15 päivää sitten
*laughs in Steam deck*
Diego Acuña Hurtado
Diego Acuña Hurtado 17 päivää sitten
Nintendo: Announces OLED Me: *Awfully shakes in dread and then imagining them singing the "it just works" song*
Inazuma65 17 päivää sitten
Idiots will buy the shit outta this, so why bother to make it any better or fix things? Nintendo thinks their customers are morons, and they are right, sad to say.
Riven326 18 päivää sitten
I disagree. It's typical Nintendo. It's the shits.
Josh_ Miester_X
Josh_ Miester_X 18 päivää sitten
GodDAMN you Nintendo and I JUST bought a Switch a couple months ago.
TheSylky 18 päivää sitten
Afroamerican not black, yong
Frank Allen
Frank Allen 19 päivää sitten
Never once used it in handheld since launch so never had joycon issues
Kori Jenkins
Kori Jenkins 19 päivää sitten
There are phones more powerful than the Switch at this point. Just as an example, the Genshin Impact devs are struggling to port that game onto the garbage Switch, yet it runs fine on phones. Inexcusable.
MrEggNog 19 päivää sitten
Is it going to have joycon drift? lol
DrewSpacely 19 päivää sitten
This right here is an L, Nintendo’s falling way behind at this point with this one.
Gaming Oracle
Gaming Oracle 19 päivää sitten
A bigger screen isn't that good tho, they never bothered to up the resolution so games like the Witcher are going to look even more blurred then ever before. I can't stand Nintendo, they never make modern hardware, it's constantly inferior crap that's pretty cool in concept but hardware wise is outdated by years the day its announced
kaintkk 20 päivää sitten
Nintendo being nintendo again, small player who dont want to take risk lol
WeeD85 Yezz
WeeD85 Yezz 20 päivää sitten
I think it's a good move. As 3ds discontinued, switch can easily slot into portable segment in the future if Nintendo do make a new console that isn't portable. Maybe that's what Nintendo planning all along? BTW, as I love my ps vita oled, I'm sure gonna grab this one!
D-alpha101 20 päivää sitten
10:13 they've done this before for the New 3DS if I remember correctly.
Ken McLean
Ken McLean 20 päivää sitten
honestly.. i havnt liked nintendo since advanced. my biggest problem with these hand held nintendo devices is the cost. why would i buy a switch for $400 when i can buy a ps5 for the same price. i bought 5 ds back in the day.. 2 ds.. 2 dsxl and a dsxl “new” that i have one game for.. what a waste of money. this new device just looks like a cash grab.
Sagiri Izumi
Sagiri Izumi 20 päivää sitten
They probably realized the price difference between a performance upgraded console would be pretty wide, show weaknesses in past games and be too different from the previous Switch that it would be a different console. They’re crushing the other 2 consoles, so why mess too much with it?
Cbiscuit 20 päivää sitten
Nintendo switch now made with 50% less slave usage
Moon Presence
Moon Presence 20 päivää sitten
no point in me getting the new model, i play my switch on my TV, so the OLED will be pointless lol
Dragonfist900 20 päivää sitten
To be fair, the pandemic probly had something to do with the chip shortage with regards to the lack of an upgraded processor I'm still gonna pick one up, since I want to own both to see what exactly the differences are
Allen Ewasiuk
Allen Ewasiuk 20 päivää sitten
I expected it. I don't believe in rumors. I'm also picking it up.
Draggobuttboi 20 päivää sitten
I'm so glad the switch isn't my only gaming device, hopefully once risc-v takes off someone else can do the concept better.
くんマフムード 20 päivää sitten
add to that, the interior is probably still shit and you will have pins desoldering and internal components falling off the motherboard, the exact same shit that bricked my Switch beyond repair.
RickandElon 20 päivää sitten
I love Yong!
Mayank Verma
Mayank Verma 20 päivää sitten
Nintendo is never gonna give a crap about the consumer and in the long term it will bite them in the ass. $350 for a Nintendo Switch is absolutely ridiculous. Here in Canada it's gone up to $450.
Dragonfist900 20 päivää sitten
Meanwhile Sony is charging 400 for their PS5; yeah not exactly sure what you're point was here
Chris Hewitt
Chris Hewitt 21 päivä sitten
It really is just a refresh. I see why Nintendo wasn’t really shouting at the rooftops in regards to the changes…
Mike Es
Mike Es 21 päivä sitten
Ugh the system is longer, I won't be able to use my current mount for pro contoller
Simon Rockstream
Simon Rockstream 21 päivä sitten
Can we AT LEAST have some fucking ANTI-ALIASING and LOCKED 30FPS. IT'S FUCKING 2021... No, we can't because Nintendo is fucking pathetic and ignorant and stuck in 1993.
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho 21 päivä sitten
Question. We know that the new dock can receive the older model. But can the new model be used in the older docks? Does anyone knows that?
H3in3k3nx 21 päivä sitten
An oled screen without upgraded hardware just sounds pointless.
Wario 21 päivä sitten
You people are never getting a switch Pro the switch still has almost five in its life before Nintendo needs to release any hardware to replace it.
labiq1896 21 päivä sitten
Another case of fans overhyping themselves with rumours...
Dameon Edwards
Dameon Edwards 21 päivä sitten
Wait wait wait... just a new screen and less ports? Hahahaha we can not be this gullible as consumers
AllState Guy
AllState Guy 21 päivä sitten
Nintendo making games :) Nintendo making business decisions :(
Enslaved Gamer
Enslaved Gamer 21 päivä sitten
Vita was OLED from the beginning...
Flaqko 21 päivä sitten
Still no achievements
Emulcool 21 päivä sitten
All those QOL are worthless when A zelda game still run like sh*t . The most important things are how the games performs and nintendo just didn't care
hicobra 21 päivä sitten
That lan port is it megabit or gigabit as the one i use from my old Wii is a USB2 to megabit lan. I hope it's gigabit as we are in 2021 and megabit can not be a thing anymore.
brickbatz 21 päivä sitten
I'm having the same drift problems with Xbox controllers. I have at least 6 controllers that drift. Both 360 and One models. I figure why should Microsoft fix the problem when they can continue selling new controllers.
ahmad connor
ahmad connor 21 päivä sitten
The switch amateur
SVGLNR 22 päivää sitten
Wake me up when they actually release a big upgrade to their internal hardware.
Severinsen 22 päivää sitten
So Switch Pro next year then. This is just the same pattern as the DS/3DS.
Lucas Chudleigh
Lucas Chudleigh 22 päivää sitten
Looking at anything Nintendo releases is like holding the triangle iPad from The Office. It may have similar technology to something intelligent, but it’s a long, LONG way off. Fuck this company. Make them go bankrupt and make way for someone who knows how to do something other than release ten year old games with half the content for twice the price.
Lucas Chudleigh
Lucas Chudleigh 22 päivää sitten
Waiting for Nintendo to make intelligent product releases, is like waiting for an ethical politician free of corruption to take office. It is never going to happen. I’ve spent my last dime on this shit company with the Switch. No more rewards for bad products.
SS4 Gerru
SS4 Gerru 21 päivä sitten
Seeing this second comment of yours I really wonder... Obviously it's not worth the upgrade but you take this opportunity to bash at the Switch as a whole which doesn't make sense. You're not obligated to buy the new one it's just a refresh.
DariusQ 22 päivää sitten
I expect that a Switch Pro is still coming so I'll wait until the next upgrade. For people who don't already have a Switch this is the one to get though.
Giaccommander 22 päivää sitten
I gave up on Nintendo with the WII U Sometimes I "what If..." the PS-Vita would had better games and more support by gamers. I have 3 at home but it never got a chance to break selling-records because of the games... That´s why Nintendo can sell 15 years old Hardware components to their Fans ...
NetHandelWampa1 22 päivää sitten
Have you ever noticed that in video game commercials that if a guy is playing a girl the girl ALWAYS wins? Ever noticed it? You will now
darkling6 22 päivää sitten
Feels like a pointless upgrade. People wanted better hardware and instead we got a bigger screen and a bigger kickstand thanks Nintendo lol
Kwayke 22 päivää sitten
It's cute. That's about it, nothing offensively bad but nothing absolutely necessary either
A.R. Hedden
A.R. Hedden 22 päivää sitten
A big fucking disappointment is what this is.
Lord Marlotta
Lord Marlotta 22 päivää sitten
Dude, that is not a substantial edition to the screen. This is a weak... I hesitate to say upgrade because it isn't. This is pathetic on Nintendos part.
ChallengerDrakava 22 päivää sitten
For $200 the switch lite has a better screen, it may be smaller but it packs more pixels per inch so you get a more crisper image, the oled model just stretches out the 720p image thus making the image more blurry and washed out , also you get to see those fat pixels too lol. Bigger is not always better.
General Butterscotch
General Butterscotch 22 päivää sitten
All they had to do was say "improved battery life" and I would have bought it in a heartbeat. As it stands though? Still on my radar, but I could only justify going for it if my current Switch breaks
Bes 22 päivää sitten
DPI for the OLED Model is still over 200 so it will looks nice and sharp
acheron16 22 päivää sitten
I'll just wait for the next Switch upgrade before I buy this console
JAGAB1 22 päivää sitten
New house? Tour?
Das Institut
Das Institut 22 päivää sitten
I am so not interested in this thing. I already have a switch. It works as intended, no need for another.
Delightful Squirtle
Delightful Squirtle 22 päivää sitten
TBH, games can stay 720p for me if the image quality itself improves. that being said, this switch sure is a letdown if you had any expectations.
MDCox202 22 päivää sitten
If you already have a switch I can’t imagine getting this one
Banana Child
Banana Child 22 päivää sitten
Great for someone who hasn't bought a Switch yet. But disappointing for anyone who already owns one.
JayyKellyXIII 22 päivää sitten
Another lame, underwhelming Apple-like cash grab to sell to you sheep to delay putting out an actual upgrade.
holamoco17 22 päivää sitten
Nintendo scamming you all 😂😂
Seth_Andretti 22 päivää sitten
Semipro Hey
Semipro Hey 22 päivää sitten
Feels like a quick cash grab, squeezing every last drop out of such an old system
Doctorgeo7 22 päivää sitten
Nothing particularly ground breaking or new, but it is an improvement. I guess
BKneroEntertainment 22 päivää sitten
Nintendo CEO- " We put bigger screen, so you pay me now mo 💰. Now go away!" Hardcore Fans- " Yay! I will pay any amount like the tool I am."
james poole
james poole 22 päivää sitten
I'll wait for their next console release...
Dr. Shakib
Dr. Shakib 22 päivää sitten
And it'll sell millions regardless.
Clavitz Rain
Clavitz Rain 22 päivää sitten
Don't be mad at Nintendo. Be mad at the idiots spewing the baseless rumors of a Pro version. I never bought into the bullshit. Nintendo wouldn't bother with a Pro. They'll just release a new console when the time comes.
SantianoBe 22 päivää sitten
Haven't bought a 720p screen in over 15 years, not gonna start again now. Incredible how Nintendo can fuck up hardware every single time. It's a gift.
Devasta The Seeker
Devasta The Seeker 22 päivää sitten
Nintendo fans: a useless system for someone that owns a switch already? I'll take 50
TheArby913 22 päivää sitten
Shame that for this switch version that they aren't doing anything about the joy cons. I still don't own a switch but would love to get one but I don't want to get one until they do something about them first.
The Artisan
The Artisan 22 päivää sitten
if you think about it the Series X is cheaper than the Oled Switch model... yeah.. and Microsoft is losing tons of $... meanwhile Nintendo profits on each piece of hardware sold...
RedeemerBlood 22 päivää sitten
Still won't be buying one. It takes Nintendo an eternity to come out with games that aren't rehashes of older games.
Darlon 22 päivää sitten
At least Nintendo learned from the New 3DS.... Also, no support for wireless headphone?
K7TZ 22 päivää sitten
2 years from now switch oled light will come out
Chris McSchwifty
Chris McSchwifty 22 päivää sitten
I’m only disappointed there was no update to the joy-cons. Overall happy with the refresh
ALoner Guy995
ALoner Guy995 22 päivää sitten
I dont have Joy Con drift
Moon Lambo
Moon Lambo 22 päivää sitten
You had me @ white joycons. Literally the reason I am buying it.
Marlo Haseq
Marlo Haseq 22 päivää sitten
All these people complaining until they see that oled screen in front of them. It is absolutely mesmerizing. I’m getting to watch videos on FIplace and Hulu alone lol. Obviously those games will look beautiful as well.
Ryan S
Ryan S 23 päivää sitten
Retail price of $350, but you can get yours today for the low, LOW price of just $2000! Silicon shortage + scalpers = you ain't gettin' one unless you're a rich asshole. On the plus side since it's not really a performance uplift, people like me who don't like un-docked play anyway don't really care. You can also get an external 15" display and it's not really sacrificing portability if you already carry around a 15" laptop. The ONE THING that would've been a deal-maker: HEY NINTENDO CAN WE PLEASE USE BLUETOOTH HEADPHONES WITHOUT AN ADAPTER. THANKS. F**k your built-in LAN port. Seriously.
nekodesigner 23 päivää sitten
The new kickstand looks right out of the Microsoft Surface
risa adyatmika
risa adyatmika 23 päivää sitten
Nintendo switch oled, the good, bad and worse. The good: the screen. The bad: its just switch v2 +new dock. The worse: the joycon will win the 2021 drifting championship without your input. In my opinion........
DrayArcane 23 päivää sitten
This sounds like cap for Nintendo, this switch is just a money grab for the zealots.
TheFallenStarlight 23 päivää sitten
Nintendo should give us an option to purchase the OLED Switch Tablet to be sold separately without the Joy-Cons, LAN Dock, and wires. Just the OLED Switch Tablet itself. Edit: For only $250, just for the OLED model Switch Tablet.
Tommy Television
Tommy Television 23 päivää sitten
it will also have the soc of the switch lite/2019 switch with tegra x1+ 16nm vs the 2017 switch with the 20nm tegra x1 it also has 64gb onboard memory vs 32gb for the other models.
TriippyHD 23 päivää sitten
I don’t understand why they don’t put out a system that can play their games in 60fps at 1080p. 60fps handheld botw would be a game changer.
Jacob Macomber
Jacob Macomber 23 päivää sitten
This seems pointless. Why bother making an entirely "new" console if all that's being changed is a few very minor differences?
PjaxKorea 22 päivää sitten
Cuz nintendo fans will buy it
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 23 päivää sitten
64gb in today's standard is pretty low. Even mid range phones from chinese brands have 128-256gb storage for $350 price
Andreas Ojdanic
Andreas Ojdanic 23 päivää sitten
Crap. Same old gpu
gfear24 23 päivää sitten
The OLED model is literally the exact same Switch with a slightly better monitor. It has the exact same specs otherwise. The Switch Lite is actually a better product than this...FOR CHEAPER. If your OG Switch is on it's last legs, maybe move to a Switch Lite. It there is nothing wrong with your OG Switch and are thinking of getting this anyways, SAVE YOUR MONEY and buy an XBox Series S for $50 cheaper.
K K 23 päivää sitten
So if I do not have switch, is worth to buy this or maybe wait for next year new console and not waist money on this and games?
MicrowavablePotato 23 päivää sitten
Lol, the dock is a joke. It's basically a Rasberry Pi in a plastic shell that feels super cheap.
Kaique Gerais
Kaique Gerais 23 päivää sitten
one thing i don’t think people are talking about is OLED has near perfect latency and response time so this switch won’t run at higher refresh rate but it doesn’t matter cuz this is actually better then that
momentsmeanmore 23 päivää sitten
I don't know how to feel about this new model. I have a lite but I don't play the Switch enough to warrant buying a new Switch. I wouldn't mind having the full functionality of the hybrid console but I think I would just get an OG Switch. I'll definitely be picking up Metroid Dread though!!