PlayStation Accidentally Leaks They Acquired BluePoint, Studio Rumored To Make MGS Remake 

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YongYea Uukausi sitten
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Krystian Dzik
Krystian Dzik 20 päivää sitten
@javierortiz82 It will propably release on other platforms becouse: MGS2 MGS3 MGS PW released on xbox MGS3 on nintendo 3ds, MGS V on pc and xbox, MGR on pc and xbox MGS1 and MGS2 released recently on pc MGS games are not only Playstation games besides konami have agreement with xbox and microsoft so next MGS game woul propably be multiplatform.
Reddit Reader
Reddit Reader 28 päivää sitten
Dude why dont you pronounce metal gear the way you used to: "metal gE-ear"
Daniel Damasceno
Daniel Damasceno 28 päivää sitten
@DemonLord OTRT YES please!
Daniel Damasceno
Daniel Damasceno 28 päivää sitten
@Burnsy McBurn hahaha very funny bud. But we all know such place as the Konami dungeons don't actually exist. Now if you excuse me, imma put my pHELPs hat on and keep on peace walking!
DemonLord OTRT
DemonLord OTRT 28 päivää sitten
Well as long as we get a Legends of Dragoon remake i dont care
YoCan 6 tuntia sitten
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 3 päivää sitten
I like bloober. They make decent horror games, but they don’t make masterpieces. Visage, an indie game, is the closest to silent hill pt that is out there. Scariest game by far and a masterpiece
BiRo 7 päivää sitten
I will never stop playing mgs if it comes out.. please dammit!! That's my fucking childhood!
Daredevil Poet
Daredevil Poet 7 päivää sitten
I’m not buying it unless David Hayter’s in it.
RagingRejectTV 11 päivää sitten
Please have someone continue Suikoden!!
Diego Acuña Hurtado
Diego Acuña Hurtado 17 päivää sitten
Like many will say and probably said "I believe the source once it's really out in the public eye and be true" After all this is Konami we're talking about and Konami mostly doesn't hesitate to give you the middle finger
Krystian Dzik
Krystian Dzik 20 päivää sitten
4:49 Metal gear solid isn' playstation exclusive for a long time konami have agreement with xbox and microsoft. MGS2 came out on xbox, MGS twin snakes on gamecube MGS3 on nintendo and xbox MGS PW on xbox MGS V on pc and xbox and recently MGS 1 and MGS2 released on pc. So only MGS4 is playstation exclusive. Besides if it came only on xbox konami would earn less money and cut off fan base from this game.
Krystian Dzik
Krystian Dzik 20 päivää sitten
Metal gear solid will never be sony exclusive becouse konami have agreement with xbox and microsoft. It has to be multiplatform game or it will never come out. Besides if it is Ps5 exclusive I'm not interested.
XerowidX 21 päivä sitten
What sucks is there really is one more mgs game that could be made with an original story, a final chapter. One last chance to put the ip to rest... The story of THE BOSS and the birth of not just her child but special forces itself during world war II If there is a god i pray he hears what im saying. Have a good day folks
Brick ConTROLLer
Brick ConTROLLer 22 päivää sitten
Konami should be making a ReMake of MG1 and MG2.
Banana Child
Banana Child 22 päivää sitten
*Blue* Point rumored to remake MGS 1. *Blue* Box theorized to make a new Silent Hill game. Both of which are IPs owned by Konami. Hmm... Yeah. I see no coincidence there. Moving on.
Juan Campos
Juan Campos 23 päivää sitten
Ps5 Metal Gear Collection remake just same games whit better graphics and movie scenes better than ever take my 200 dlls
Got CHEESE ? 24 päivää sitten
Nick L
Nick L 24 päivää sitten
Honestly I really hope Bluepoint is making a Silent Hill remake. They’re great for mgs sure, they’ve proven that in the past, but it seems to me like only they could do a game like SH2 justice. Their best work has been on games with a crazily thick atmosphere (Shadow of the Colossus/Demon’s Souls) and I can actually see them nailing it while making the series golden age available to new players. Would probably bring a tear to my eye. Cause bloober team… damn. What a shame.
Smooth Gorilla
Smooth Gorilla 24 päivää sitten
I hope they remake Legend of Dragoon
ALL1NERD 24 päivää sitten
Why an MGS remake?! A Metal Gear 1 remake makes more sense!
CannibalCowboy51 24 päivää sitten
Hey look, blue....box...... Hmmm🤷‍♂️
jose enrico
jose enrico 24 päivää sitten
No such thing as "accidental"
レストルyel 24 päivää sitten
Remember when konami has bomberman, silenthill, suikoden, metalgear, contra, castlevania.
Dan Healy
Dan Healy 24 päivää sitten
If David Hayter isn't snake we riot
Wyatt Nance
Wyatt Nance 24 päivää sitten
Hopefully it gets a better treatment the the FF7 remake that just kinda got pushed out and abandoned during the early days of the pandemic.
Media Pool
Media Pool 25 päivää sitten
good work.
cryingmushroom47 25 päivää sitten
Was it really an accident?
Andy Reyes
Andy Reyes 25 päivää sitten
Your videos are bad and you should feel bad for posting clickbait
worken360 26 päivää sitten
Can't help buy notice you wine and complain a LOT.
Danny 26 päivää sitten
I hope we have ALOT more dialogue in the MGS1 remake. Some of the bests moments is listening to the codec conversations. I hope miller does return but as himself first before being killed. Then have liquid impersonate him for the second half of the game. Imagine the conversations he could have with Snake.
King Timon
King Timon 26 päivää sitten
MGS best series for all time ♥
Kyle Reese
Kyle Reese 26 päivää sitten
Why can’t we have a remake of the first and second metal gears
özgür kaderoğlu
özgür kaderoğlu 26 päivää sitten
uh I feel like remaking mgs1 is a horrible idea tbh
V Vendetta
V Vendetta 26 päivää sitten
Can we just get a new bloody roar and castlevania sheesh 🙄
Jeano Gato
Jeano Gato 26 päivää sitten
I'll believe it when I play it.
J Hoang
J Hoang 26 päivää sitten
Hope they remake God of war series. 1,2,chains, and ascension.
Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone 26 päivää sitten
The last time that Konami outsourced the Silent Hill franchise, it was to some obscure Czech studio (Vatra) who made the worst Silent Hill game ever: bad game mechanics, bad animations, bad graphics...Konami killed the franchise with Downpour.
ifStatement 26 päivää sitten
Everyone is doing remakes. This is what happens when money is the priority and no one wants to take risks. So am I looking at playing remakes for the rest of my life? PS6 MGS re-remake, PS7 MGS re-re-remake, PS8 MGS re-re-re-remake. The suits in charge have finally found the winning formula for games: [console title] ["re-" x the number of remakes]remake. Fucking ridiculous.
Ellliot 27 päivää sitten
No Kojima, no metal gear. He is the brain & heart of that franchise.
Overlord Kozak
Overlord Kozak 27 päivää sitten
If that's true, and after the work Bluepoint did with Shadow of the Collosus and Demon Souls, and previously making the MGS HD collection, we can only expect nostalgia tears for endless hours
Sakujo E-Sports
Sakujo E-Sports 27 päivää sitten
I will add one more thing. I think Kojima might be aware of the blueprint remake of MGS and this is why in his DS director's cut trailer he heavily referenced MGS. in fact in the trailer when Sam picks up the box, there is a writing which says "handle with LOVE". as if he is sending a message to blueprint studios to handle MGS remake with love.
Luigifan64 27 päivää sitten
PLEASE Konami, just give SH to Bluepoint so that we can get accurate remakes of SH 1-4. They've done a fantastic job with Konami properties before, but no, instead it goes to Blooper Team, who are undoubtedly going to fuck it up. I have no confidence in them creating a good new game based on SH after seeing how shit a job they did with Blaire Witch. Not to mention their original properties are all mediocre/bad games just trying to re-create what SH2 did, but poorly.
John J
John J 27 päivää sitten
I want a metal gear 2 solid snake remake, would be more interesting then MGS 1
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza 27 päivää sitten
So Sony turning PS5 generation into a remake console? Jim Ryan is eating too many memberberries
Louis 27 päivää sitten
Yea I'm gonna have to say no thanks to any new metal gear games remake or not.. let it rest
Molin 26 päivää sitten
Hell no. MGS1 on something like Fox Engine is goty material.
Sclusive 27 päivää sitten
Great clickbait Yong
pegeta 27 päivää sitten
omfg you decided to wash your clothes, I'm so proud of you
G Bear
G Bear 27 päivää sitten
Silent hill games that are made outsourced usually don’t turn out well ..... only team silent can pull it off
The Dark Tyrant
The Dark Tyrant 27 päivää sitten
Har game
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 27 päivää sitten
👀👀👀 if we get metal gear remake (msx) Yong Plays better make a come back
God Chaos
God Chaos 27 päivää sitten
My dream is they create a open world Metal Gear game like Phantom Pain when you go to multiple locations around the world without all those side missions.
royalderick 27 päivää sitten
Grand news!! Hope it holds up.
Bruce Forte
Bruce Forte 27 päivää sitten
Bloober. BluePoint. Blue Box. Hmmmmm.
Devil Strider
Devil Strider 27 päivää sitten
I still can't play MGS4 on my PS4 or PS5.
20/20 Podcast
20/20 Podcast 27 päivää sitten
The metal gear remake news is a bit of a reeeeeeach bro
seizon sha
seizon sha 27 päivää sitten
Running out of ideas and trying to use nostalgia to cash in on fans. The original metal gear was good for its time and should remain where is it as the writing and characters is painful by 2021 standards. I have no doubt graphics and gameplay would be spot on. As for me Sony should focus on original games and forget dead franchises.
xx Levar
xx Levar 27 päivää sitten
We only can hope and never give up
jackarack 27 päivää sitten
5:15 I played the first time Metal Gear Solid 2 on the Original Xbox (I hate that I just can't say Xbox One). The Version is called MGS2 Substance maybe some people remember.
handsinthefire 27 päivää sitten
IF they actually come out, I would like the full MGS series on PC....I don't buy consoles much anymore.
Lok zai
Lok zai 27 päivää sitten
I see dante
Diego Soriano
Diego Soriano 27 päivää sitten
I also noticed that Hideo Kojima has been tweeting about Metal Gear Solid recently. (He hasn't tweeted about MGS in a long, long time)
Lars Terner
Lars Terner 27 päivää sitten
We need a new Silent Hill and MG , enough with the goddamn remakes
Cyanide 27 päivää sitten
Yeah i dont really care, all i care about is whether or not this is a FOR SURE thing, and what peasant machine i need to buy to get it.
Intandem DJ
Intandem DJ 27 päivää sitten
The correct route to take is to outsource production to KojiPro.
Dubul Ordon
Dubul Ordon 28 päivää sitten
No one cares its not Kojima
Costadinov 28 päivää sitten
Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear 2, Medium... all of them are okay games, though, they are a far cry quality wise of any of the better Silent Hill games. I hope they can do it, but I'm not holding my breath.
Arturius 28 päivää sitten
Please..please I want this to be true....and Sony please buy Metal Gears rights from Konami
C4M1C4SE007 28 päivää sitten
Siii Accidentalmente... Publicidad Subliminal LaLiLuLeLo 100010010101100111000101001101101011010101010000011110001110010101010
Yu Narukam-bae
Yu Narukam-bae 28 päivää sitten
They're gonna mess it up. NO HOPE
Raine 28 päivää sitten
bluepoint updated their twitter profile to state clearly that they are fully independent and self-funded
Imyourdad 28 päivää sitten
They should make metal gear more like gta online
J 28 päivää sitten
pretty sure Konami and not playstation owns Metal Gear so i dont know why people are acting like metal gear belongs to playstation
jekblom123 28 päivää sitten
I hope it's METAL GEAR they remake. See a young Solid Snake on one of his first missions in the jungle.
Black Smith
Black Smith 28 päivää sitten
A metal gear without kojima ? Who want that ?!
CBlade0 28 päivää sitten
Soon I won't have to share ghetto videos about genius MGS2 commentary and friends can learn for themselves. That, and, 2 can get a fair shake without the marketing controversy and realize how mind-blowingly ahead of its time it was.
Fernando Faria
Fernando Faria 28 päivää sitten
You sound a little under the wheather.
Captain Splatter
Captain Splatter 28 päivää sitten
They should remake metal gear instead.
Naive Daysダニエル
Naive Daysダニエル 28 päivää sitten
Oh man I was just talking about a remake of snake eater. I tried playing it again for the first time since it came out and I couldnt get over the control scheme and fixed cameras. I've been broken by the standard mechanics of modern day games
Molin 26 päivää sitten
Same here. Tried it a few months ago, felt very clunky. I need a modern version of it.
Raijin Alex
Raijin Alex 28 päivää sitten
Opulent Prophet
Opulent Prophet 28 päivää sitten
My favorite game of all time... This will go down in history if this is true. The amount of playthroughs I'll be doing once this masterpiece once it drops.🙌
Paplo 28 päivää sitten
Blooper team making a Silent hill game, can be the worst thing to happen, how Konami chose them over Kojima or Team silent
Nerf Herder
Nerf Herder 28 päivää sitten
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 28 päivää sitten
No Kojima? Not Metal Gear. I don't care if it's the best game ever. I'm not playing it unless Kojima-san put his enchanted splooge on it.
Rishy Rish Diamondogs
Rishy Rish Diamondogs 28 päivää sitten
Lol Sony will remake a konami game will remake a game that removed Kojima how will that payout work silent hill seems more reasonable being you can just remake the originals
Simon Turner
Simon Turner 28 päivää sitten
I'd rather they remade Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 tbh. Twin Snakes was a perfectly acceptable remake of MGS and we don't need another one.
subzero9024 28 päivää sitten
New mgs 6 here, new mgs remake / remaster there… I’ll believe it once it’s actually out 🤷🏽‍♂️… I don’t even care if there’s an official trailer, I have a gut feeling this is gonna be delayed or never get to see the light of day lmao 😂🤦🏽‍♂️… but if it’s legit… I will buy it.
Eil Raunay
Eil Raunay 28 päivää sitten
A year later when the rumour died... "They played us like a fiddle"
wOrldXploRe 28 päivää sitten
Remake of Alienation FTW!
spacehamham 28 päivää sitten
Yong could you comment on your back inversion table in the background? Was thinking about getting one!
G1GRIM LOCK 28 päivää sitten
Stadia has 2.4 million players @yonghea 🤣
Manaka Kisaragi
Manaka Kisaragi 28 päivää sitten
But I thought that a "reliable leaker" said that MGS Remake was an XBox exclusive...
Arthur Hosey Jr.
Arthur Hosey Jr. 28 päivää sitten
And they know what they doing too! I hope my body can take it 😁
Logan Bly
Logan Bly 28 päivää sitten
Maby this will be good for a certain ps1 lost gem game blue point said would make a good possible project in the future... *Do you still remember, all the time that has gone by?* *Do you still believe that, love can fall out from the sky?*
DemonLord OTRT
DemonLord OTRT 28 päivää sitten
Well as long as we get a Legend of Dragoon remake.
torqueblue 28 päivää sitten
Ugh, a remake? Nothings new anymore I guess.
Primal OnSlaught
Primal OnSlaught 28 päivää sitten
a remake of MGS5 !!!
Jeremy Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez 28 päivää sitten
Does anybody know what headset yong is using ? The mic sounds incredible. Would love to get one
ms81 28 päivää sitten
Why not just make a new metal gear game? We've had remakes.
Prequel with The Boss?
Sylum 28 päivää sitten
Bloober, BluPoint.............Blue Box. AHA!!
iago 28 päivää sitten
Heh. I'm imagining someone trying to remake MGS2 Sons of Liberty in the present day. It would probably get censored on account of its censorship themes, hahaha. Which would be ironic when you remember the 9/11 issue with the original game.
Loli Grabber
Loli Grabber 28 päivää sitten
So thrilled to hear Sony got their filthy hands on it
Trindalas Valadaros
Trindalas Valadaros 28 päivää sitten
Unless it’s just a legitimate remaster, and they don’t f with the gameplay/story, I’m not interested. That said I won’t buy another console anyway and I doubt they’ll put it on pc considering their typical attitude, so I probably won’t get to play anyway.
juned ali
juned ali 28 päivää sitten
I hope blue point do justice to this game, plus I would love to see a sequel in the series, maybe a mgs 6, as long as someone can make the story engaging, doesnt always have to be kojima, am sure there are lot of talented directors out there, look at yoko taro and tetsuya nomura, there game are crazy in it self wiv stories, and I knw there game is differebt genre but I still have hope the series if its given to the right peeps
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